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I thought it would be helpful to the users of Inward Quest to share this lengthy segment of the latest Manifesting Lab webinar titled Becoming Unhurtable.

In this video, I explain the vibrational dynamics of how we, as a collective global consciousness, have manifested a situation where much of the world's population is experiencing restrictions on their freedom, and controls on their behavior.

It might seem strange that a global manifestation can result in this way but once you understand the vibrational background to it, it becomes quite obvious how the Law of Attraction has operated perfectly to lead to this situation.

I hope you find the video helps clarify your understanding of what is going on.

So if you want to watch the rest of the webinar, where I explain what you can do vibrationally to improve the global situation, you can do so by signing up at the Manifesting Lab.

The Manifesting Lab teaches you how to magnetically attract the life of your dreams using the power of your thoughts

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I was inspired to respond to you post @delphine as this morning while meditating I had a very clear picture in my mind's eye of a dolpin's eye combined with an extremely uplifting feeling. I came here to Inward Quest to see if there were posts about dolphins and noticed your response to Stingray's post so thought maybe it meant something!. I just wanted to say that I highly recommend the Manifesting Lab. and that a lot of the material, if admittedly not all, can be accessed in written form via transcripts of webinars etc. so it may be worth your well trying it out.


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Nice sync stars, thanks for sharing that and about the Manifesting Lab. I shall consider joining!

(20 Oct '20, 04:20) Delphine

Love the video Stingray, well done. First one of your videos I've watched, I subbed to your channel. Very clear take on it all, and good reminder for me personally.

I don't know if your Manifesting Lab would work for me because I am hearing impaired and do better with subtitles, I don't think you caption all of your materials (youtube has the closed caption option).


answered 19 Oct '20, 16:01

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@Delphine - "I don't think you caption all of your materials" - Yes, you are correct. There is an underlying assumption within the Manifesting Lab that someone is able to watch videos and listen to the accompanying audio. There are automated transcripts along with the webinars but they are mainly for locating key passages within the webinars, rather than as a substitute for the audio track.

(20 Oct '20, 07:45) Stingray

@Delphine - I'll give it some thought but I don't know if there is an easy solution that would suit you right now. There's probably 100+ hours of audio/video in there (and growing steadily). Adding vetted subtitles to everything would be a considerable task.

(20 Oct '20, 07:49) Stingray

@Stingray, well the transcripts would be helpful to me.

My hearing situation is a bit hard to explain. I am deaf alright (from age 7), but cochlear implant surgery gave me much hearing again. I can hear your voice w/hearing processor. With complicated material I can miss some things. The transcripts would help fill in gaps. So it sounds like it would be worth a go!

Listening to video, I thought I detected an accent, am I right?

(20 Oct '20, 10:45) Delphine

I checked out the intro page. In your post here you say a new member gets 45 days free. At that page it says a week for $1 (and doesn't say what the cost is after that). Can you clarify? Thanks.

(20 Oct '20, 13:13) Delphine

@Delphine - "Listening to video, I thought I detected an accent, am I right?" - You could be right, or maybe your hearing processor needs adjusting ;)

(20 Oct '20, 14:52) Stingray

@Delphine - "In your post here you say a new member gets 45 days free" - That post is nearly 2 months old and the offer isn't available now. I've removed the reference in the post. For 6+ months, I gave everyone 45 days free. Initially, fairly sincere people signed up but, as time wore on, the offer was attracting more and more trolls and timewasters so I had to eventually abandon it, and charge $1 instead...which, because of human nature, gets rid of all of them :) Membership is $29 per month

(20 Oct '20, 14:59) Stingray

Alright, thanks for info. I may try it for a week. I would have to see how it works for me with the complication of my hearing.

I think you speak very well btw, I like your delivery as well as content.

(20 Oct '20, 15:04) Delphine

@Delphine - "I think you speak very well" - Thanks. It's the accent that does it ;)

(21 Oct '20, 03:41) Stingray

@Stingray I think now it's Australian accent :) Or maybe my hearing processor needs adjusting!

(21 Oct '20, 14:12) Delphine

@Delphine - "I think now it's Australian accent" - When I've been in the US, people have sometimes asked me which part of Australia I come from ;)

(23 Oct '20, 06:10) Stingray
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