When manifesting physical traits do you put in effort or just let the universe deal with it ?

I'm manifesting for my dream body and longer hair at the moment.And I have seen many videos about how just letting the universe take care of it and it will be done .. which i believe of course but I have also seen videos about how you have to take action.

Personally I feel like if i take action the universe will take to thought that maybe I am taking action because i do not believe in its powers , which i do of course .

But i also feel that the manifestation might come quicker if i take the time out to workout or do a bit of extra hair care.

I do not know because I have seen it work both ways but I am still really confused and need a bit more understanding of how you guys see it. And if both ways are correct which way is better or may get me faster results? Or just better results in general.

To be honest I can wait on these things , they are not a big rush to me but I would still love for it to happen. Thank you in advance .

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a dream body and longer hair ... wow! just do exactly the same things as to manifest anything in your life, keep your vibs high, clear resistance, live in the present moment, be clear about what you want and be patient ... have fun :) by the way growing longer hair is very easy lol

(11 May '21, 01:01) jaz

so just let the universe deal with it ? and oo ok any tips ?

(11 May '21, 07:21) charity

the universe is always dealing with it :) ... the world is your oyster in other words everything is energy, consciousness and infinite possibilities or as Einstein said E=mc2 lol

(12 May '21, 01:44) jaz

ok so i need ur help lol , i scripted a manifestation and theres a detail i missed .. can i go back and add that detail or is it already taking action and just gonna happen the way it originally was for more details : i scripted getting my phone back from my dad this summer but i meant summer as in when i get out of school and not the actual start date of summer so can i add that or will the universe understand that i meant what i meant

(13 May '21, 18:26) charity

relax @charity you're the creator ... you can modify anything you wish

(14 May '21, 01:00) jaz

you are a m a z i n g !

(14 May '21, 09:43) charity
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Hi @charity I feel sure that if you practice what Dr. Joe Dispenza says in this video things will become a lot clearer for you


have fun :)


answered 14 May '21, 02:33

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