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What Is This About?

I'm going to be available live online for one hour on Wednesday, July 7, to answer any questions you've got relating to Manifesting, Law of Attraction etc.

Who Are You? Do You Really Know What You Are Talking About?

I'm Stingray.

You can see my Inward Quest profile here. You can read through my answers and then decide for yourself whether I know what I'm talking about :)

I'm also the creator/owner of the Manifesting Lab. The Manifesting Lab sponsors this Inward Quest website so that it remains free for everyone to use.

How Do I Register For The Webinar?

Click here to register for the free Q&A webinar

When Is The Q&A Webinar Going To Be Held?

It will be held on Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The time will be:

  • 1.30pm New York USA time (EDT)
  • 10.30am Los Angeles USA time (PDT)
  • 6.30pm London UK time (BST)
  • 7.30pm Central European Time (CEST)

Click on the registration link above to convert the time into other time zones. Alternatively, you could could visit World Time Buddy

Is This Q&A Webinar Really Free?

Yes, it's really free. There's no catch and there's no cost.

Just turn up, ask me whatever questions that you are struggling with regarding Manifesting, Law of Attraction etc. and I'll do my best to provide a helpful and practical answer.

Why Are You Doing This?

To be helpful to you.

Over the years of posting Law of Attraction and deliberate manifesting answers to this website, I've been noticing people struggling with the same old issues. I'm just providing an opportunity for anyone who's interested to get a little bit of guidance that might help them get some insight on what's blocking them with manifesting their desires.

What Will Be Discussed At The Webinar?

I really have no idea at all. You'll find out when I do :) It entirely depends on what questions are asked.

Do I Need A Microphone To Participate?

Ideally, yes.

And that's because it's much easier for me to help you if I can speak to you live and get really clear with you about what your question is. Sometimes someone may ask an initial question and, on probing deeper, what they really want answered turns out to be something different.

But if you really don't want to speak, you can just join the webinar and type your question in the available chat box and I'll answer you speaking live.

Will There Be A Recording Available Of The Webinar?

No. This will all be purely live and in the moment.

There won't be a recording, mainly for privacy reasons. If someone wants to discuss a highly personal issue, I'd like them to feel more open about doing so knowing that what they say won't follow them around the internet for years to come :)

For the same reason, if you're attending, please don't record the webinar.

If I make any of my legendarily-bad drawings/diagrams during the webinar, I will post them to this thread afterwards so you can review them, or burn them.

What Happens If I Attend The Free Webinar And Don't Like It?

You get a full and immediate refund ;)

Click here to register for the free Q&A webinar


Thanks to everyone for attending. As I said during the webinar, I'll try and make this free Q&A session a monthly thing if there's interest since it seems to be helpful to people.

Below are the slides from the session...

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alt text

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edited 07 Jul '21, 15:07

It will be 3.30-4.30am in my time zone in the dead of winter. If I show up, do I get some kind of bonus prize for my commitment?

(09 Jun '21, 17:02) Bluebell

@Bluebell - "If I show up, do I get some kind of bonus prize for my commitment?" - Your bonus prize will be that you will have my full permission to move to a country with a time zone that suits me ;)

I notice people these days are finding things quite tough from a vibrational point of view so if sessions like this one prove popular and useful, I'll try and hold more of them and try to rotate the time zone occasionally so that different people get a chance to attend.

(10 Jun '21, 04:44) Stingray

Hi! @Stingray last time in my question I used your name with wrong spelling ahahaha... (but later I corrected my mistake after you comment on my question ahahah... ) It's been so funny doing such mistakes my apologies for that but I would like to know was this webinar become successful that you've conducted or you've been disappointed like me on so many different programmes (not webinar but others things) I've conducted.

(13 Jun '21, 00:20) PERFECT GOOD

The reason I would like to know is because to feel just happy for you and for all others who attended your webinar. Please do not ask whether I've attended or not. I've not because of little various issues. That's it.

Thank you @Stingray

(13 Jun '21, 00:21) PERFECT GOOD

@PERFECT GOOD - "I would like to know was this webinar become successful that you've conducted" - I do webinars like this every week (sometimes more often) for those that want them on the Manifesting Lab. I guess someone must think they are successful otherwise I wouldn't still be doing them :)

(14 Jun '21, 02:35) Stingray

I thought of the same but that doesn't come easy because one should master so many things which can't be possible to mention them specifically. Which almost become impossible to many people & settle themselves with little in their life unlike you.

(14 Jun '21, 03:24) PERFECT GOOD

All the best Stingray. You do great everytime. For those that want my feedback....He's a magician mate. He's a magician.

(08 Jul '21, 07:18) Nikulas

We're all "magicians" @Nikulas my friend ;) ... "magic" is the putting into motion of natural forces that we all use everyday whether we're conscious of it or not ...

(10 Jul '21, 23:56) jaz

I am more than a magician Jaz. It is pleasant to hear from you.

(10 Jul '21, 23:58) Nikulas
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