Consider: And what is our source of happiness, and does our source of happiness last?

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We are the source of our own happiness. Those that strive for happiness are not feeling happy and they are looking outside of themselves for happiness. Overall, happiness is a function of letting go and "being" happy with themselves. Life is. We feel all sorts of emotions during the day but we are the ones who choose how to interperate and transform those emotions. We choose the story that goes along with our emotions. For example, if you're stuck in traffic you get to pick if you're going to be angry or happy. You get to choose if it sucks or if this apparent adversity is ok. If you pick angry, then you are stuck if you choose happiness, then you turn on the radio, let go and accept. If being stuck in traffic continues to make you angry, then change your route, change the time you drive, or just stop driving all together. We always have the choice, I like to smile and trust in the process of life.


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I really like your last sentence, and I appreciate your answer. Thank you.

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Good question. If I am a co-creator then I am Co-Source and the Source of my happiness. Does it last? Whenever I am not happy, I through the Source create more happiness. I am not happy all the time. I find my thoughts going south and continue to have to reboot the whole enchilada. This is a funny paradox for me when everything is great I feel very happy. When things get tough I have to refocus, so that I can feel good. The Paradox is if I could stay happy a very high percent of the time I would probably only create good things to be happy about. I spend portions of my day just practicing being happy. I usually have everything I need at the moment if I stop and think about it. I get side tracked by the future and have to tell my sell that I have everything I need right NOW. Be happy now!!! Many Blessings


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Well you are not alone I think many of us have those moments. Thank you for sharing.

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(06 Jan '11, 17:34) Back2Basics

I am both the source and the striving for happiness. Appreciate happiness and do not concern about it lasting or returning. It arises when the conditions for it are present.


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A very thoughtful answer! Thank you.

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Good question Vee We are a mini source of happiness linked to a mega source of happiness.

I believe with a slight alteration to our thinking we can dip into the happiness bucket a little more aften.

Can we be happy all the time, well maybe, but then there wouldnt be any contrast in that.

I enjoy my steak and chips more when im hungrey!

I like a beer more when im thirsty.



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Monty Riviera

It is always a pleasure reading your answers! I am with you. Thank you.

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No probs Vee. I get a lot out of your questions.I have to search for the answer and the searching makes me think of stuff ive never thought of before. I learn more this way. Keep them coming.

(06 Jan '11, 12:49) Monty Riviera

I do not believe there IS a source of happiness. It is love and all is love, everything else is just a lack of love. Then that being said, happiness can not be a destination either.

If you substitute happiness with God/Love then it reads like this...

Are we a source of God or are we striving to be God? Can we be a source of what we are on a journey to where we are already at?



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Something to think about and of course you made a very interesting point. Thank you.

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Happiness is relative. It can't be pinpointed because it is based on perception. And perception is just an interpretation based on your personal history.


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Very good analogy, thank you!

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This is a quote,by Anne Frank, taken from the book "The Traveller's Gift" by Andy Andrews.I think this says it all -

"I know now that happiness is not an emotional phantom floating in and out of my life.Happiness is a choice.Happiness is the end result of certain thoughts and activities which actually bring about a chemical reaction in my body.This reaction results in a euphoria that,while elusive to some,is totally under my control. Today I will choose to be happy.I will greet each day with laughter."


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Wonderful quote, inspiring, thank you!

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Personally, I've come to realize that happiness is not something I either attain or strive for. Rather, it is something that is already within me that has become obscured by fears and limited beliefs.

To uncover the happiness that is already there, I think the greatest question we can ask ourselves is not what do I need to do or get? but rather what do I need to let go of to realize the happiness that's already there?


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Yes, we can look at happiness from a completely different approach. Insightful answer! Thank you.

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You're very welcome Vee :)

(07 Jan '11, 14:49) Michaela
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