Looking back I have noticed periods in my life when many good things just happened in many different areas of my life that I could never put together on my own.

On the other hand I have noticed periods in my life when many bad things just happened in many different areas of my life that I didn't put together on my own either.

As I think right now, about experiencing these things, it appears that there is more to the LOA than we may know, because I feel that I was no better or less when each period occurred.
Meaning, I was more or less a constant yet the circumstances were dramatically different.

I didn't see that big of a difference in myself or thoughts/beliefs between the two.

So I wonder if you have experienced the same and/or why you think this is?

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Your point is well taken, since I think these fluctuations are normal every day events in everyones' life. We all have to deal with the good in the same way as we have to deal with the bad. Basically, you will have to be solider, and die with your Boots on, or you can try hiding from your shadow, but it never works!

So, my dear friend work at being a good sports, and do the Juggling Act, win some, and loose some, and be merry too. Sometimes there is no answer for us to go by, but we always know what we need to do, both in the good times, and in the bad times!


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thanks, your answer really resonates with me.....

(07 Jan '11, 18:22) Back2Basics

I may be off the mark here but I'll take a stab at answering this - please feel free to come in disagree if I'm not on track.

I think B2B that we have to remember that with the LOA and manifestations there is a buffer of time involved.

What manifests in our Now moment is a result of where our vibrational setpoint was in past moments - some of those past moments we may have been in a good feeling place and other times not so good, so what shows up in our Now will be a reflection of that. This could be why you see such a big discrepancy in what shows up - you're looking at how you feel when the manifestation actually happens whereas the manifestation is a result of how you felt ( I don't think too many have mastered the art of instant manifestation).

How we feel right Now is creating our future - If we feel good Now, we can anticipate good things coming our way, if we feel bad Now, what is on the way will be in alignment with that.This may be part of the reason why there is such power in that Now moment.


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I would like to say that the past feelings were also not as dramatic as the circumstances, but you do have a great point that opens up a lot more question, at least for me...haha one at a time.

(06 Jan '11, 23:10) Back2Basics

Yes ,ive been in situations that clicked together and i ouldnt go wrong. Ive had periods of so called good luck that have rocked my world.

Then the negative has happened and things have worked out in a disasterous way.

Ive lost massive sums of money ( massive to me anyway ) and seen businesses go bankrupt,then ive gained things i wouldnt have dreampt of.All in series of events that i couldnt have planned myself if i had tried.

I havnt a real answer,all i can say that its happened to me.

After 18 months of real personal work and thought change im hoping that things will level out in a good way.

Im BEGINNING to see why but i cant be sure at this stage.

I know what you mean thou b2b.

I can absolutely identify with this.


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Monty Riviera

B2B hi,

I think it's about trust. Times when I wasn't in a bad place produced bad anyway. Mickaela and others keep telling me to take my good for granted and trust in the process or universe. Everyday each of makes a massive amount of decisions, about numerous subjects. For me anyway I have to continue to let everything be, know it will be good and trust. Keep laughing and seeking joy. Eventually Things will smooth out and be more like kind over longer periods. If I am right about this it will be rare that a period of time is held together by mostly bad things Many Blessings!


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@Back2Basics, If your are to have a great effect on others it is usually necessary to have hit the peaks and valleys

(06 Jan '11, 22:31) Tom
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