Please list steps to increase awareness.

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  • Breathe and smile. Relax. Take a moment to let go, and just be. Enjoy it.

  • Do standing meditation, while waiting in line for a movie or bus or train. Just stand there, breathe, and awaken.

  • Whenever you sit down or stand up, stop and appreciate a moment of change, of freedom.

  • Whenever you cross a threshold, go through a doorway, or enter a room, see it as entering a temple and do so reverently.

  • Walk barefoot in the grass or an a thick carpet and feel fully each sensation with your toes and soles.

  • Walk on the edge of a beach, where the water meets the sand, with your eyes closed, feeling your way along, totally vigilant and attentive.

  • Walk slowly upon crunchy snow or autumn leaves, attending to the crackle of each step.

  • Sing, chant, or pray till you totally forget and lose yourself: then stop and drop into a moment of inexpressible isness, completely beyond concepts, stories and strategies.

  • Experience simple, repetitive work like sewing, embroidering, or even washing dishes as meditation in action, focusing totally on the moment in hand and nothing else.

  • Try doing manual labor in a sacred manner, just doing what you are doing as if it is the ultimate divine service, for it is.

  • When eating, chew each mouthful fifty or one hundred times, getting the most out of the food as well as being further nourished by the richness of each moment.

  • Try chewing one single raisin for several minutes and experiencing everything you can about it.

  • Before speaking, notice what motivates your words.

  • Set a beeper on your watch or alarm clock to ring every hour on the hour, reminding you to wake up and appreciate the miracle of every moment. Call yourself by name and say, "Wake Up!"

  • Recognize the Buddha-light shining in everyone and everything and treat others accordingly.

  • Enjoy the indescribable joy and peace of meditation.

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I use this list often..(The eating one and entering room ones help me a lot)be well


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jim 10

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Barry Allen ♦♦

love this answer , a brilliant description of how to be aware

(08 Jan '11, 18:35) blubird two

What a great list - Thanks for sharing. I'm sure there's something here we can all use :)

(08 Jan '11, 21:20) Michaela

Go to a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Breathe in through your nose, exhale through the mouth. Slowly, you don't want to hyper ventilate. Listen to your self talk until it slows down to a stop. This is the quietness between thoughts. In this state you will get introspection of your awareness. You will sense your connection with everything around you. You will get the answers to which you seek.


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The Knights Alchemy

The number one key to increase your awareness is to be a good listener in every aspect of your growing, and learning experience in life. If you can discipline your self to be a good listener, you would have increased your awareness by 75%, and you can probably increase the other 25% by adaptation.

You can create a daily routine for you’re self to teach you’re self exercises to train, develop and disciple the mind to be calm, and quiet. You can also quiet the mind through meditation to be still so that you can focus and listen better, and once you have learned these very simple skills, you would have trained yourself to increase your awareness beyond comprehension, and everything else will fall into place naturally!


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better then daily routine experiance everything and enjoy it. and when i mean everything is what other people think and feel around you how does that interact with you and other people. what is happening in the moment right now. and i agree with everything you said vee.

(11 Jul '11, 05:19) white tiger

I found by catching myself and focusing on the moment at hand I greatly increase my awareness. So, no matter where you are and or what you might be doing, whether you percieve it as pleasant or not, catch your thoughts (they usually like to wander) and force yourself to focus on the task at hand. Examine it as though you are totally absorbed by it. This works well with people too. Give them your full focus and attention. Avoid multitasking whenever possible!

Thank you, namaste


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enjoy life and every experience and meditate experience lucid dream and everything else you can experience.

so experience and enjoy


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white tiger

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Put the palms of your hands together and close your eyes. Feel your hands touching and ask quietley, "What do my hands feel like?" and feel your hands. Don't try to think or not think, just feel your hands. Do this for at least 30 seconds. Then ask quitly, "What does the chair feel like?" and put your hands on the arms of the chair and feel them. Do this for at least 30 seconds. Then look at something like a tree and say, "What does that tree feel like?" and touch it with your mind and feel it. Then do this with other senses, like, "What does that tree taste like?" Then do this with positive emotions like love. For love, start with the abstract senses so you don't get images of preconceived ideas. For example start with, "What does love taste like?" and "What does love smell like?" Don't try to fill in the answers, just feel.


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Fairy Princess

Martial Arts imitate different animals. Be a cat, they never miss anything. Soon neither will you. Blessings!


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