For a few days now I've been having forgotten memories resurface at a far higher concentration than normal, both of real world events and dreams.

No particular theme nor significance in the dreams or memories. No trends in content, varies wildly in time frames, emotion, anything. Only thing worth noting is many of the memories and dreams coming up are ones which haven't in longer than I can remember. Events which formerly I either might not have been able to recall in some cases since they happened.

They are appearing at random times during random activities, sometimes in the absence of thought at all. Does seem more likely the surfacing memory or dream has some correlation to a present moment observation or event, though definitely not a requirement.

Since the content is very chaotic my question is more aimed at the frequency. The pace appears to be increasing, other than that there isn't much to say. They don't seem to be serving any particular purpose, no express reason to be bothered by the majority of them. Just curious about their appearance.

asked 07 Jul '13, 01:52

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I think that's totally cool. Appreciate them for the insights they will offer you. They are there to serve you.


answered 07 Jul '13, 19:23

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Beach Baby

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