Most of us probably use the Western time system of 2011ce, January 11, 11:11am.

Do you use additional and/or alternate time & date systems?

For example: The 13 Moon Calendar, Astrology, Magickal Hours, Chinese, Arab, Hindu, Jewish, etc.

When did you begin and what do you get out of the system?

asked 11 Jan '11, 03:53

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Hu Ra

edited 11 Jan '11, 06:35

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Interesting question, no, I do not use additional or alternate time and date systems. The reason being, I did not think it is necessary in my case, and frankly I never thought of using it. But I would be interested to hear and learn from the other answers, why they are using it, and how they have benefit from using it!


answered 11 Jan '11, 04:46

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Inactive User ♦♦

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