I assume for intuition to exist, there must be some sort of "covering"....

What covers knowledge from us creating "intuition", rather than knowing?

asked 25 Jan '11, 19:01

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Intuition is a communication tool for your spiritual self. Self talk is the the biggest killer of intuition. Meditation is the best at advancing your intuition. We hold our place in the Universe by talking to ourselves. By shutting our internal dialogue, we open ourselves up to the self talk of the spirit.

(26 Jan '11, 14:50) The Knights Alchemy
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In this time-space reality that we've agreed to participate in, everything happens in perfect timing and synchronicity. Without the time delay, it would be impossible for us to experience the 'Now' moment from different perspectives as all knowledge would already be known to us.

I see intuition and inspiration as signs, markers or reminders that call us towards a certain direction; a direction that we (from some level of our being) have pre-determined we want to go. If that were not the case, intuition and inspiration would not feel good and we wouldn't call them by those names :)


answered 26 Jan '11, 00:55

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Nice Eddie, it's good to have the world experiences unfold for us.

(26 Jan '11, 07:09) evelyn

a minimal development of our self-consciouness will cover/ hide our intuition,
while knowledge should help unfold it.


answered 26 Jan '11, 13:32

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