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Thanks so much Gerald! Your answer has come out of the blue after 11 months since posting my question. I do appreciate the timing, as I really needed a sign to get back on track after a long self-searching time of being in a dark place. How did you know? Having Googled “Dark Night of The Soul’, I can see that this may have been my experience.

Going back a couple of years I let go of once enjoyable pastimes, which I had long held on to incase there, was nothing else. I knew there was more to my life.

To add to the ‘darkness’, a relationship I valued dearly ended. This was a deep Spiritual connection which I have never experienced with anyone else. We both knew that this Spiritual feeling had turned to a more emotional one and if we continued, too many people would be hurt. It was the biggest test I have ever had to face. A complete break was the only way. For over a year now I have had no connection with this person. We have both been very strong but I still find the loss hard to bear at times. I have a loving husband and family, which I need to be strong for.

My life has taken new directions as I pursue pastimes that I really want in my life. I still see friends who continue in my old way of life and am sure they must wonder why I walked away from what they still enjoy.

After your response I am feeling lifted to go forward and know that I had to go through dark times to get back to the light and move in the right direction.. I also realise that the bright light Spiritual love I am seeking from another is right inside me.

Hopefully peace is not far off. I am back to meditating and am thankful for this website.

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The poem and the wikipedia link

Saint John of the Cross: The Dark Night of the Soul (From Spanish) The Dark Night Of The Soul Saint John of the Cross translated by A.Z. Foreman

Songs of the soul rejoicing at having achieved the high state of perfection, the Union with God, by way of spiritual negation.

Once in a dark of night, Inflamed with love and wanting, I arose (O coming of delight!) And went, as no one knows, When all my house lay long in deep repose

All in the dark went right, Down secret steps, disguised in other clothes, (O coming of delight!) In dark when no one knows, When all my house lay long in deep repose.

And in the luck of night In secret places where no other spied I went without my sight Without a light to guide Except the heart that lit me from inside.

It guided me and shone Surer than noonday sunlight over me, And lead me to the one Whom only I could see Deep in a place where only we could be.

O guiding dark of night! O dark of night more darling than the dawn! O night that can unite A lover and loved one, A lover and loved one moved in unison.

And on my flowering breast Which I had kept for him and him alone He slept as I caressed And loved him for my own, Breathing an air from redolent cedars blown.

And from the castle wall The wind came down to winnow through his hair Bidding his fingers fall, Searing my throat with air And all my senses were suspended there.

I stayed there to forget. There on my lover, face to face, I lay. All ended, and I let My cares all fall away Forgotten in the lilies on that day.

The Original:

La Noche Oscura Del Alma San Juan De La Cruz

Cançiones del alma que se goça d’auer llegado al alto estado de la perfecçion, que es la union con Dios, por el camino de la negaçion espiritual

En una noche obscura, con ansias en amores imflamada, ¡oh dichosa uentura! sali sin ser notada, estando ya mi casa sosegada.

A escuras y segura, por la secreta escala disfraçada, ¡oh dichosa uentura! a escuras y ençelada, estando ya mi casa sosegada.

En la noche dichosa, en secreto, que nadie me ueya, ni yo miraua cosa, sin otra luz ni guia sino la que en el coraçon ardia.

Aquesta me guiaua mas cierto que la luz del mediodia, adonde me esperaua quien yo bien me sabia, en parte donde nadie parecia.

¡Oh noche que me guiaste! ¡oh noche amable mas que el aluorada!, ¡oh noche que juntaste amado con amada, amada en el amado transformada!

Y en mi pecho florido, que entero para el solo se guardaua, alli quedo dormido, y yo le regalaua, y el ventalle de cedros ayre daua.

El ayre de la almena, cuando ya sus cabellos esparzia, con su mano serena en mi cuello heria, y todos mis sentidos suspendia.

Quedeme y oluideme, el rostro recline sobre el amado, ceso todo, y dexeme, dexando mi cuidado entre las açucenas olvidado.


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A lovely poem. A late thanks from me to you.

(11 Jun '11, 09:29) Tisca

well for me the dark night of the soul is when you have so much suffering around you and toward you that there is no place else to go outward that you go inward!then inward(meditation) you start to understand cause and effect on you then you understand the futility of that darkness and put it to rest!(the turmoil of the mind)or (cleaning the temple) then you can find the narrow gate! (the physical sense go) and you see with out the physical sense and the golden light(the grace of god) come to you and you go in it. in that golden light that is infinite in all direction! there is full off small light of shape and form of different size and colours that talk to you. and the main light in the place is god.

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Many thanks 'white tiger' for an explanation that makes a lot of sense. In the darkness one finds the light again by clearing the mind. Letting go of the cause is the answer. In hindsight the process is clear. I will keep this thought as a valuable tool. I can see now how futile some scenarios can be and best left alone. The darkness is not so bad if it leads us to a better place. Bless you.

(11 Jun '11, 09:27) Tisca
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