Have you ever used manifesting to materialize a physical object into existence?

Or is that not how it works?

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Barry Allen ♦♦

The Rosicrucians, in their higher lessons, teach a step-by-step method for materializing objects in this fashion.

But before you rush to sign up to find out what it is, I should point out that they only reveal it after many years of study and, by then, it's not the big deal that it can sound like upfront...it's a bigger deal to live a happy, fulfilled and abundant life. :)

Have I done it myself?

No, but that's because I haven't put in the time and effort to master the process. That was just me being lazy, not a fault of theirs - and I find there are more interesting things to do with my life than sitting in darkened rooms materializing objects that I could just go out and buy. :)

As a wise man once said why walk on water when you can use a boat?


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Why indeed.....

(25 Oct '09, 20:08) Vesuvius

Because you can. Why build a boat if you can walk on water?

(18 Jun '11, 12:03) Fairy Princess

Yes you can materialize a physical object. for example, You realize there is no bread in the house, your thought is to go to the store and get a loaf of bread. You then proceed to get in your car, drive to the store and purchase a loaf of bread. You arrive home and you have a loaf of bread.


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Hard to argue with that...

(25 Oct '09, 20:05) Vesuvius

Hmmm, basically you can say about any manifestation that it was "materialized" in the physical universe, because something that originated in the world of thought can now be seen in three dimensional "material" reality.

I guess what you are asking is whether you can materialize physical objects the way sorcerers from books and movies do...you wave your hands, you utter a mantra...mist and light form in front of you and then bang ... the object of your desire is there. I have no idea. I'd say, why not! There are some references to this in spiritual literature like when Jesus fed 5,000 people with just few loaves of bread and two fish or something like that. Also there was a guy in India not so long ago for whom his followers believed he could materialize small objects with his hands.

I think that as we get rid of our limiting believes and stiff ideas, manifesting becomes more and more magic-like. Until we get there the best thing we can do in my opinion is to enjoy the process of gradual "materialization" of desire in physical reality.


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The guy in India you are referring to is Sai Baba : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sathya_Sai_Baba

(25 Oct '09, 08:32) Stingray

Simple answer is yes you can although I have never done so myself. Toshiro has pointed out one example, Sai Baba in India who millions of people regard as their guru and who has manifested physical objects on several occasions.

My belief is that I create my reality. The world around me, the house I live in, the car I have, everything in my physical reality...I have created all of it. But we have become so used to the fact that these things just exist that we think we did not create them.

I like the example RPuls gave above about the loaf of bread. Basically, you have created the loaf of bread but you believed that you had to take action by driving to the supermarket and buy it in order to create it in your reality. Therefore, the universe matches your belief and you have to drive to the supermarket to get your loaf of bread.

Now, in the same way that you believed without a doubt that you can drive to the supermarket and buy a loaf of bread, if you could sit in front of your TV with an empty plate and believe that a loaf of bread will just appear on your plate, then the universe will manifest that and you will get your bread that way.

Its about our belief system. If you are asking whether you can manifest a physical object that you don't believe can be materialized, then you won't be able to materialize it.

Oh, I have manifested physical objects in my dreams..and my belief is that dreams are an indication of what is going to manifest in my physical reality if I maintain my current vibrational set point (dominant emotions), so you never know, I might manifest something soon. I will keep you posted.


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Pink Diamond

We are all materializing the world together. We all have this innate ability.

Awareness... Consciousness creation...


answered 17 May '11, 22:41

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