I am not very political and am interested in how (spiritually) events occur in the physical.

From a spiritual perspective, what occurred that made Obama the president?

asked 03 Feb '11, 20:19

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Very simple, he created his own destiny, and he sent his desire out to the Universe and the Law of Attraction manifested his desire, and he became the President of the USA!

The spirituality here is: to know thy self and to believe it and you will see it!

And of course Obama’s famous words: “Yes we can!”


answered 04 Feb '11, 08:10

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Wow Vee that is a good answer for such a edgy question, I was hoping I wouldn't see this question turn into arguments over whether Obama is good or bad and the conspiring forces that got him into power. lol No you gave a great non-biased and informative answer +1

(04 Feb '11, 09:42) Wade Casaldi

@ Wade C: I appreciate your comments, but I just wanted to keep my answer short, and sweet, and to the point! I would be interested to read other people’s point of view on this subject matter.

(05 Feb '11, 05:33) Inactive User ♦♦

That he did; he dared to imagine, create, and believe that he could do it. The Law of Attraction has so much to do with our beliefs, hopes, dreams, desires, goals it runs deep down into your soul. It is what we think, speak on a constantly basic and the magnetism that radiates out from you to others is so powerful. Some call it charisma whatever you want to call it. It draws people towards you like a magnet to help you on your way with your endeavor. Wow, the power of the mind is fantastic! I read somewhere that you have to change a deep rooted belief that is working against what you want.

(06 Feb '11, 10:33) flowingwater
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I do not believe he manifested his presidency as much as America manifested it for itself :)

Oh and a super-wonderful-fantastic-best-ever-marketing-campaign helped....a little


answered 06 Feb '11, 19:42

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jim 10

Abraham Hicks is spoken of highly now I'll give an answer fitting to the big picture, there were many that wanted him becoming president and so attracted him, there were many that feared him becoming president and so attracted him, plus he wanted it and so it was attracted to him.

Consciousness is amazing whether you want something or fight against it you get it whether you know it or not. lol

I remember hearing Ester talk of this "I want that guy, I don't want that guy, it is all the same." Who wins?, that depends on do you have more hope for your guy or more fear for the other person's guy.


answered 07 Feb '11, 01:11

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Wade Casaldi

never thought about fear on a larger scale attracting, good point...

(08 Feb '11, 00:55) Back2Basics

Oh yes fear is a strong attractor and creator, as I found out years ago and posted a old question on using fear for positive things. I go walking down an ally there is a dog, I fear oh no there is a dog what if it notices me, next it is barking. I fear oh no it sees me what it is comes after me, the dog starts after me. I fear what if this dog wants to bite me, I start running while the dog chases trying to bite me. Who is creating the person or the dog?

(08 Feb '11, 03:14) Wade Casaldi

Humm I need to start fearing money attacking me from every direction in every way! I can't get away no matter where I go money chases after me!!!! Wow that is so much better than that dog chasing me any day! lol

(08 Feb '11, 03:19) Wade Casaldi
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Yes, on one part I think he just create his own reality and dared to hope and dream could it be and than his final answer was yes he can,with the law of attraction working for him, but on the 2nd and 3rd part I believe Spiritually things were in the making before he, his mother and father were ever conceived. There are certain people in the fabric of time of humans that are predestine to do certain things both good or bad to change the course of history in a huge way. Example Moses or Herod the King. I believe this became placed upon him without his intentions but in time grew on him until he had to complete his "why am I here and what is my purpose", of adding to the history of life.

Now as his presidency unfolds in the fabric of time only God/Jesus or to some the universal consciousness knows ahead of time whether that is good or bad parse but only time and many years later of the unfolding of many things will we know up to a certain point how many different things has effect him, the Presidency,The White House and of course the People, The United States and The World as a whole will most things considering the chaos of things come out for the better. I for one continue to hope and for most pray that it does, for prayer changes things for Jesus Christ said all things are possible through him.

In time I hope he will be judge for his Intelligence, his character, his wiliness to learn, his wiliness to show compassion, understanding, help, and power where it is needed trying to make a difference for the better.

We need to send positive energies to this president to lift and raise his vibrational energies so that he may be closer in touch and become one with God so that he may be guided from a spiritual aspect towards improving this country, the people and the world. It is so needed.

I for one would not like to be in his shoes with the United States,the World, the people, and mother earth in such a chaos it is a hard burden to bear for a person if he sincerely cares about the people all over the world as well as the United States, and the people in the United States. It makes you want to be Solomon in the bible with all that wisdom from God knows so much of what to do and when as when he knew what to do with the two women who both claim to be the mother of a child and he found out who really loved the baby and was the real mother and what she was willing to give up in order to save her child's life.

Being the president of a country can be the most trying and hardest thing one man or woman can ever do. Especially if you are one person trying to make a change supposedly for the betterment of mankind without having all the answers or of knowing what are the right answers are and how to achieve them or who to really trust. So, I would say a lot of meditation and going deep within to find God/Jesus Christ or to some the Universal Consciousness to help guide you along the way!!!

The spiritual gifts would indeed come in handle to help heal mother earth, the people, the world and the United States of so much chaos and unbalance and unrest every where mostly.

I am sure for those that do remote viewing they know a lot of answers to a lot of question but still nothing is written in stone the future changes with every choice that is being made so you would have to remote view constantly to even half way keep up with what is actually going on. So if you do have that kind of power than please use it for the good to help humans all over the world including the United States and help mend the tear in the human fabric of humanity, please.


answered 06 Feb '11, 10:18

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Emotional stimulation


answered 07 Feb '11, 03:57

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