Fork in the road

I’m coming to a fork in the road of my life. And I’m not sure what direction to pursue and I BELIEVE a decision as to what direction to take is important right now.

For the past year or so I’ve been seriously thinking of relocating. And the past few months my vibration or feeling about that idea has risen and is pretty high on the emotional scale. In short I feel really good about the move, even though I haven’t visited the new city. Ideally I’d like to move this year.

Ok, Now currently in my present city, my landlord would like to, in short, move me out and move another person in that can pay more rent. Which I completely understand and as I type this I can remember launching a desire that the landlord get what he was asking for in our interaction also. At this point I’m not sure if I should begin pursuing (looking for a new place to live and a job) in the new city or find a new place to live in my current city.

Of course there is a time line because the potential tenant wants to move in 30-45 days. Now for a little background on me. I’ve been working on my vibration and my overall feelings on life consistently for the past couple of months. And I’m getting better and better at focusing and allowing. I do believe that the universe is shifting to my new (predominate) vibration however I’m not sure how to handle the changes. From what I understand my inner being is guiding me, I just want to do my part. Is this a focus or an allowing moment that will align me with the clarity and understanding I desire.


Any help would be appreciated.

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Chris 2

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IQ Robot ♦

please, please please watch this,, idk what ur beleifs are but PLEASE look at this,, it is only less than 2-3 min long , please,, i think it can help u!!!

(27 Apr '11, 11:48) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Based upon our interactions in the past, I know you're a pretty experienced molder of vibration and know how to deliberately tune yourself into the Vortex so I think you're very ready to deal with whatever happens next :)

I find that the key with these deadline-based situations (and I've been through a lot of them!) is to keep yourself tuned into the Vortex as much as possible and try to avoid taking any action until it feels compelling.

It's that If it doesn't feel like 'Hell, Yeah!' then it's 'Hell, No!' principle that we've spoken about before.

But the important thing about using that idea, especially in situations like this, is to keep up your end of the bargain of keeping yourself in the Vortex as much as possible until that inspiration comes...and it will definitely come (at the right time) if you keep aiming towards that alignment.

I appreciate that, with deadlines looming, it can be a hair-raising experience :) ...but I have to say I've learned more about manifesting my life deliberately from these apparently time-driven situations than everything else put together...because my in-the-moment focus and self-awareness is usually at its strongest when I perceive that I'm making big decisions about my life.

There is a technique I've gradually come to adopt in these situations which I refer to as surfing your desire into manifestation. Might be worth re-reading that answer for some ideas.

The basic principle there is that the deadline is causing you to focus (so you need not put any more effort into that activity) so all your efforts should now go into soothing any uncomfortableness that bubbles up due to apparent indecision about your situation, or apparent fear of change, or any apparent obstacles that surface over the next few weeks. I personally start Focus Blocks for each individual bit of uncomfortableness that pops up, though EFT works very nicely too.

If you keep soothing, soothing, soothing yourself back into the Vortex regardless of external conditions then the Universe has no choice but to comply with your vibrational alignment and often unexpected and amazing things can happen to bring you some mind-boggling manifestations of what you are ultimately after.

I find that the greatest challenge with these kinds of situations is that lurking fear of change that so many of us have. And I've found over the years that just holding that "state of being" of alignment with your Higher Self (i.e. The Vortex) and just trusting that whatever happens while you are predominantly in that state always leads to somewhere better than where you currently are...if you allow yourself to go with the flow of it without getting fixated on any particular outcome.


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I must say I was excited to see your response. I appreciate your perspective espcially since you are somewhat famililar with my journey :) I understand what you mean fully. I honestly believe that this is a turning point in my life. I've been on a roll lately.This is the most allowing i've ever been(that I can recall). I have also tracked my progress along the emotional scale and i'm predominately in the Optimism to eagerness area, with peaks of genuine passion and joy for NO REASON AT ALL LOL i love it.

(15 Feb '11, 23:04) Chris 2

It's interesting to see my vibration rise over the past few months. From Boredom/contentment(when I begain tracking) to where I am now. Thanks again. I'll be adding new focus blocks soon. I've come to be very good at the focus blocks. It's interesting when I read a focus block that I used to react to in a strong way and now I'm like. "Whatever! no big deal"
One last thing. "Hell yes or it's Hell NO" has become a quote I live by and I sure with many people. And it has yeilded great results and experiences. I thank you and Abe for that! Excuse my rant. =)

(15 Feb '11, 23:09) Chris 2

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Chris. It's always nice to hear when someone has actually applied the principles systematically and seen for themselves how their life transforms...rather than listening to me yapping on and on endlessly about the supposed benefits :) Great to hear how things are working out - and it just gets better and better...and (as your improved "vibration" becomes habitual), it just gets easier and easier :)

(16 Feb '11, 07:31) Stingray

Yapp on Stingray! I find your yapping very inspirational. and I am glad that it is endless just like our journeys :D

(16 Feb '11, 15:06) ursixx

@stingray I like what Abe says, "Words don't teach, experience does, Funny we offer so many(words)" Thanx again!

(16 Feb '11, 17:39) Chris 2

@stingray After some vibrational clean up. And just feeling good things are really starting to fall into place. It's quite amazing. I really do feel like i'm surfing the wave of life!! I'm so eager to see what happens next. I'm finaly understanding things in a new what. The Universe is good!!

(17 Feb '11, 17:50) Chris 2

Great to hear, Chris. Yes, feeling good is really the key to everything :)

(17 Feb '11, 18:43) Stingray
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I just did it.

I just picked up and moved 4000 miles, I now live in the North West when 2 weeks ago I lived in Florida. I have never been here before and I didn't exactly have work lined up for me when I arrived. all I knew was I was staying with a friend at first.

For some reason I was not nervous at all. I made the decision to move based solely on my vibrational match with my feelings about it. I let go and trusted in the universe to just guide me. I even told people that "The universe has been taken care of me so far I see no reason why it should be different now"

Now 16 days later after my arrival to the Seattle area, I have a great job and I am moving into my new place in 2 weeks.

Everything is going swimmingly and I really feel like I am meant to be here.

I trusted my feelings, let go and just went.

Feels great.

Enjoy your new home!



answered 15 Feb '11, 19:26

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jim 10

WOW that's great!! I'll take your response as a virbrational match!! thanks Michael!!

(15 Feb '11, 20:04) Chris 2

Good for you....thanks for sharing your cool experience.

(16 Feb '11, 00:31) LeeAnn 1

Good to hear a success story.It will encourage others to take note of their feelings and follow their guidance.

(16 Feb '11, 10:14) Monty Riviera

From Florida to Seattle in the middle of winter you say? Yes it can only be internal guidance :) I am so happy for you Michael, you deserve all the best! Keep on following your heart!

(16 Feb '11, 12:27) daniele

hope you remembered to manifest wool socks and long underwear ;)

(16 Feb '11, 15:08) ursixx

very nice you are on the right path! we chose to be in this life and everything in it before coming here so drop the fear and enjoy this journey!

(27 Apr '11, 06:33) white tiger

also i have found out that sometime in life you think about trying something example to work some where and a fee year later someone calls you to go work there!with out you having told anny one about that!

(27 Apr '11, 06:36) white tiger
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You already know the answer to this question. And you have already made your choice. Trust yourself. There is a part of you that knows what to do. Let it happen, and don't question it.


answered 16 Feb '11, 10:35

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The Knights Alchemy

Chris you said a "fork in the road?" usually that involves a difference between two or more choices but you only talked about one choice and how you feel about it. Don't go by feeling or outside authority instead this is a big thing! Plot this all out on paper of how to best achieve this, you want to get as much left brain input on this as possible (pure logic with no feeling or judgment). Until you feel you are near exhausted and don't have an answer. At this point give it all to your right brain and let it go. You will have your answer maybe in as short as five minutes.


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Wade Casaldi

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Its scarey when you ask for change and then hey ho it lands on your doorstep. Part of you wanted the adventure (change) and the other part of you ( the old part) just feels the fear.......of change. The thing is to keep focused. You wanted the change and now comes the real challenge to TRUST. Keep it simple......ask the Universe for signs along the way. Make your request clear and keep your eyes open for signs.

Good luck and enjoy the experience.


answered 15 Feb '11, 19:51

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Susan 1

I am at a fork in the road. I have made a decision, or rather, a group of decisions, which are (I hope) (NO- I WANT!!!) to change my life to a different and exciting path. I am grabbing hold of my dream. I am going to do this.

To manifest it, I have begun to pray, to talk, and to make plans. It will happen! This is because I have asked God and the Universe to give it to me! Please watch and wait with me- I have set it all in motion, and have said, "YES!!!" to life. The fork, for me, is simple: stay rooted here, or grab that new future and go for it!

Thank You, God!

Blessings to all of you and especially to W.C.!



answered 16 Feb '11, 05:46

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fork on the road that is nice do what is the best for you left or right or walk straigh in the jungle if you want to! there is no wrong answer just different experiance!the journey is sometime more important then the target! so good luck on the journey!


answered 27 Apr '11, 06:46

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white tiger

This might be helpful....


answered 27 Apr '11, 08:47

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