I have two views of the future:

A. Humanity will slowly annihilate the Planet Earth, wars will continue forever until we go extinct, and man will vanish from the planet.


B. Man will get his act together, we will unite for peace, and someday will travel the stars, end poverty and disease, and get into balance with our environment.


C. You have another vision...what do you see for the future?

I see that we have come to a turning point in Human History. Which way will it all go?

Blessings, Jaianniah

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I choose to go with your second option Jai and I think for each of us we will perceive and experience what we put our attention on. I think as more and more people begin to wake up that it can only bode well for our species and it's survival. If we keep our attention focused on Love and as individuals do our utmost to practice that in our daily lives it can only have a domino effect and hopefully benefit all those we come in contact with thus inspiring them to pay it forward. I know to some this may seem idealistic but I prefer to see the glass half full on this one... I have faith in the heart of humanity :)


answered 13 Nov '11, 03:48

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I hope you are correct! Actually, I am very disappointed in my country (The USA) right now...We seem to be sliding in a strange sort of way...Something-perhaps idealism and hope-is gone for me...I wonder if other Americans feel as I do? I especially was very saddened by the end of the Shuttle Program...and I am not sure why. Thanks, Michaela>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(13 Nov '11, 04:01) Jaianniah

You're welcome Jai, I'm pretty confident I'm right on this one... people are basically good :)

(17 Nov '11, 03:25) Michaela

As the country develops technologically, I feel that the other countries will fall by the wayside because the USA will be so far advanced that the other countrys' weapons for war will be as ineffective against us. We continue to lead the world in technology and as we do so we inspire these countrys' to develop in science and technology to space travel and build robots and super computers. So I believe it seems as a split but the old will fade away as the out of style.

Here is a NewsWeek article by Niall Ferguson on the US economy that has a possibility of the down side to destruction for the USA.


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Wade Casaldi

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Sorry Wade but did I miss something in Jai's question?... I thought she was referring to the survival of our species and not to how much of a super power the USA is. Although I'd probably disagree a little on that anyway... no offense meant :)

(13 Nov '11, 03:51) Michaela

I was considering the survival of the human race based on technology. The idea is that eventually our technology will make it so war is a thing of the past. But with the possible collapse of our economy it could also go the other way and that would be bad for the world. I see the day when we first start to populate Mars if we do not collapse of course. If we do collapse like the Roman Empire that might be the beginning of the destruction of humanity, dropping into a dark age.

(13 Nov '11, 05:31) Wade Casaldi

America is not leaps and bounds ahead of all the other countries in technology. sorry to say.

(13 Nov '11, 14:20) Fairy Princess

I was just comparing America and Russia for technology when Jai saw me writing. At first, I assumed that the USA was of course the world leader in technology. Then Jai pointed out that much of our electronics and industrial parts are coming from other countries-China being the main supplier to the US right now. So that information made me think. Just who is really advanced? We may design things; we may invent things; but who is actually making these things? This is why we have such a bad trade deficit. Is the USA still #1? It is an alarming situation to me-a real wake-up call. :-(

(13 Nov '11, 21:08) Wade Casaldi
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bleak as in cold and sharp if we put out too many of those mind-thoughts,
or with universal compassion, the heightened awareness of unique resources,
and the lack of need to be in judgement of,
yes, how does it get to be


answered 12 Nov '11, 22:47

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I believe that we will have both many upheavels and than the peace we crave. Usualy it is allways darkest before a dawn but a dawn allways comes.

What humanity holds in consciousness so humanity evolves and if it seams that dark thoughts are predominant in human minds this will change. We are after all entering the age of aquarius and brotherly love and compassion is already felt all over the world. Yes this will have a domino affect and once a critical point is reached life will be a different ball game.

There are many chalanges ahead for the human race but if any speacies on earth can survive it will be the human race for after all we have brain power enough to know and change that which isnt working. We have evidance of this happening already as people stand together against greed.

The human race will survive but money, greed and abuse of human lives for gain wont so all those fat cats will have to find something else to occupy themselves with.


answered 13 Nov '11, 07:27

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Paulina 1

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