It is said that the mind can do anything. But what is really the extent of that power? Can the mind alter the physics of things? Can we change the course of events that seem sent by God?

asked 22 Apr '10, 02:17

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There is no limit to the power of the mind and, to answer your question upfront, there is no such thing as a terminal illness...only terminal mental attitudes.

The reason that anything is possible is because any thought you think can be made into a dominant thought within your experience by giving more and more attention to it.

And the dominant thoughts you think (i.e. your beliefs) are reflected in your physical reality through the operation of the Law of Attraction.

So the next natural question that probably arises from this is something like why don't we fly? or why can't we walk through walls? or something similar.

And the answer to that question is that with sufficient desire, and alignment with that desire you could, but there is usually not sufficient desire. That is because there is actually great benefit in having a stable limited physical platform within which to focus.

So, though it is possible to transcend the physics of things, it is not something we generally have a desire to do from our broader non-physical selves.

To be able to ignore physical laws on a whim would negate the purpose of having this "limited" physical reality that causes us to focus so precisely.

It would be like trying to play a game or sport with others where each player is playing by different rules. And wouldn't that take all the fun out of the game? :)


answered 22 Apr '10, 14:29

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Are you saying that the more profound is the intention, the faster we break our own boundaries?

(22 Apr '10, 14:46) Robert

I'm saying we have no particular reason to "break our own boundaries". Remember that physical reality (for this particular Earth-based civilization) is just a consolidated interpretation of our vibrational sensors (the physical senses) is an agreed set of parameters by which we all play with each other on the gameboard of what we call physical life. There's little point to projecting yourself onto the gameboard if you are not going to play by the rules of the game

(22 Apr '10, 16:58) Stingray

Where is it that little point?in our mind?Is it the gameboard our mind or is the physical world?

(22 Apr '10, 20:32) Robert

Great answer Stingray. Just one question - can we really call the mental attitudes "terminal" when we always have a choice to change them?

(22 Apr '10, 22:54) Michaela

@Michaela - Quite right - you can change your attitude (your set of dominant thoughts) at any time you wish. It was just a bit of a tongue-in-cheek play-on-words that I couldn't resist :)

(23 Apr '10, 04:02) Stingray

@Robert - the gameboard is both a combination of our mind and the physical world. We have chosen deliberately to focus a part of our multi-dimensional selves into a particular agreed combination of vibrational frequencies which we interpret as physical reality. See this question:

(23 Apr '10, 04:08) Stingray

Thanks Stingray

(23 Apr '10, 11:13) Robert
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Consider this: the possibility is strong that the mind created the illness to begin with. That would mean, then, that it can also cure and irradicate the illness. There have been articles written in medical journals, about how a person who simply dedicated themself to a routine of focus on elimination of the illness, did, in fact, over time, and illness has been shown through testing to simply have disappeared. Many people who have been told that they only had just so long before they would succumb to an illness, through belief that their mind was able to reverse the condition (in the same way it developed it) have in fact done so and have amazed their doctors with the results achieved. This is not to say that it is simply sitting back and wishing it away. It takes work to bring yourself back from the brink. Perhaps it is a difference between knowing a possibility exists, and walking the path of that possibility.


answered 23 Apr '10, 03:15

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If you strongly believe in your mind that with God anything is possible, without the slightest doubt, any illness can be cured either instantly or gradually, through prayer. Even those diseases that people say have no cure can be cured this way. When you put your trust in God, He will surely never let you down, depending on the extent of your trust. God will never forsake you if really come with open hands(Mind). I'm a living witness to this on many occasion.


answered 22 Apr '10, 15:14

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I've seen it for myself. Indeed, mind can overcome any terminal illness. A work partner whom I wasn't well acquainted yet when I was just beginning my career. He was always so jolly and had a permanent smile on his face. It turns out I had an affinity with this old man not cause he was extremly interesting but he believed in mind power and strength in optimism. He tells that he had beat throat cancer a year ago just to set an example. This was after the doctor tells him that it is terminal. I still remember his words “ if I can beat this I can beat anything”


answered 24 Apr '10, 16:52

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