This question was raised by @lastplacefavourite, in response to @Grace's question [here][1] "But I can remember the "old me's" history and memories so I do not understand how this works, even though it is working and has helped me this flaw is itching at me. Also all my friends remember the times I have smoked with them, which leads to more obvious flaws in this method. I understand that time is an illusion and it is all really now but that doesnt seem logical when I and everyone who knows me still know what my past is. If it was all now I wouldnt be able to remember all the things I remember, I can see a distinction between things I am remembering and imagining such as my actual past and my imaginary past I am pretending to have had in order to be the new me that doesn't smoke. A picture of me smoking doesn't magically change to me in a different situation does it. Can anyone explain?"

This is what has been on my mind as well for sometime now, how do you blur that line and how does change take place when those around you also remember the past you want to change. If you are the person that did not have that past ans you are in new past, would the people around you also be with new memories?

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we all learn from making some mistakes and going forward. Go back to a situation where maybe you were kid and did something stupid. maybe we snatched a toy of another kid in a mean way. BUt now does it matter to you?? it does not. We have grown up and moved on. Its the same with other things. Its not big deal that you erase your memory completely of something of the past you have done that you don't want to be part of. just decide NOW what you want to be and thats it, you have decided on this new path and that's the new you.

Sometimes the past has a hold on us. Example someone close died. We want to move on but its hard. We try diff things but its hard to move on. IN those cases you should use different tools to temporarily get out of normal consciousness while trusting that Universe always gives you new ways and new possibilities. Also reading about re-incarnations and knowing how the universe operated etc will help you look at global picture then you will not have that strong hold. 100 yrs from now you and i will not exist in this form. we will be gone, maybe re-incarnate as some other form etc. So why make a big deal out of things we have done. understand that even the worst act we do - its ok. We did because we are ignorant. Important thing is NOW. How can i think and act right from now today?

when it comes blurring the mind, there are tools available that you can temporarily rub off the intensity of your emotions from the past. These are :Various type of meditations are there, some sounds meditations, some silent awareness meditations, some breathing exercises to take you out of your normal consciousness.

You should also pursue something that you love, maybe some hobby. these are advise given by Abraham hicks and Bashar etc. That will also take you out of your negative feelings temporarily while you are in the activity. and get your vibrations better. YOu will also form more trust in the Universe as it will bring more joy through these activities. Best thing is to do this in combination with meditation for 15-20 mins a day.

These are sometimes necessary when -ve feelings have a hold on us. its better to get into that super conscious field where we stop our analytical brain and through this field we get other intuitive inspirations and guidance. When you go internal and observe silence, or do some 3rd eye meditation etc then you are in touch with Divine consciousness that will guide you. So you always want to everyday do this which ever form of tool you like, and take advantage of that guidance which is Infinitely more powerful than just using our analytical mind. You want to use combination of your analytical mind as well as the Superconscious energy too not making the mistake of neglecting any one.


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put it to rest instead of
looking to blur the past,
learn to know your impulsive
unconscious reactions


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@fred I thank you for your knowledge.

(20 Nov '13, 03:34) PERFECT GOOD

Here is a old lecture/channel from bashar about creating memories worth a try :)

FUTURE MEMORY 7-5-88 Encino, CA

All right, I say many of you have heard of the idea of a tool called future memory, in order to create the reality that you want. We will be discussing this idea this night of your time. You may use that as your entitlement, if you wish, "Future Memory." But before we begin, I will say, "How are you all this evening of your time"?

We thank you for your participation, your participation in the understanding, the comprehension and the experience of the growth of your own beingness; and the changes and the impact that has upon your world. We thank you for the momentum and your energy.

Let us begin the idea of creating the future memory. It goes hand in hand with the notion of creating the reality you want in very specific terms. During the idea that you have called a workshop that we have recently conducted with you we discussed some very specific tools with regard for creating the specific kind of reality that you want to attract to your life. The creation of future memory is another such tool, one that can be used with quite a bit of precision, for, once again, it involves the imagination and the picture making capacity that your imagination has, but in a very different way: approaching it, as you say, through another doorway where you may have not yet placed too many guards, too many ideas of analysis that would prevent you from being able to use it in a very fluid manner.

Always, always when we approach these tools and these ideas with each and every one of you, we always do it from a different direction so that we can touch on as many possible ways as there are possible people, possible personas within your society; so that the same idea, the same energy, can be approached from all the different ways that there are to approach it from, from as many different ways as there are people in your world. So that each and every one of you will find the exact and most appropriate way that works best for you. Of course it is up to you to do this specifically within in your own meditations, within your own discoveries. But we are more than willing to experience with you the joy of discovering all the ways that you can look at the same one thing, the same one energy out of which all dimensions of reality are created.

Now, the idea of future memory basically is analogous to the idea of creating a scenario in your imagination that is in every way, shape and form, in every possible specific detail, the scenario that you wish to have in your life. We discussed this in the workshop as the idea of identifying strongly with your imagination scenario: creating the scenario, locking into the scenario with your emotions, identifying strongly with it, and then acting, physically acting, that scenario through to, in a sense, train your physical cellular structure to develop the habits that go along with the person who lives in the scenario you say you want to live in.

These are the ideas that we touched upon in the workshop, steps one, two and three: naming the scenario, locking into the scenario emotionally and physically acting the scenario through. But here this idea of creating Future Memory is yet another way to approach the idea of creating the specific scenario in your imagination that is representative of the life you want to live.We call it future memory because we use the concept that you have called memory to activate it. It is something that all of you are very familiar with; you all know how to basically remember something.

Now, very often you say, "Well yes, it is very easy to remember in general terms but memory is always of something that is past, something in the past, something I've already done." That is not always so; sometimes what you call precognition can, in another way, be called future memory. But the idea, the way we are going to discuss it this night of your time, is in using the mechanism that you already call past memory, with which you are all relatively familiar; and bringing that mechanism, associating that mechanism to the idea of projecting ahead in the following way.

Pick right now an idea, any idea whatsoever, of something you know that you have already done. It would be a good suggestion, shall we say, to pick something that you found enjoyable, so that you will be excited about it instead of lamenting it and bringing up the idea of guilt. We would suggest you find something in your past that represents a very enjoyable experience; remember it now, in the way that you simply, typically remember anything. Take a moment to do so.

As you are remembering this scenario, roll it around in your mind. You find yourself probably very easily identifying with it emotionally. It is a very simple thing to plug your emotions into it because, as you say in your physical linear reality, "Well yes, of course, I already experienced it that way; so all I'm actually doing is remembering the experience as fully as I can; "No big trick," as you say.

But remember, remember, remember, we have discussed with you many times the idea that memory is actually being created right now in the present. You don't actually remember the past, per se; you create an idea, you create a perception in the present, that you call a memory of the past. It is a memory, so to speak; it is a recognition; it is a cognition in the present, so to speak, of another probable you, another aspect of the total being that you are. Because you are beings that have created familiarity with linear time, some of those aspects of yourself are more easily relegated to a past. Some of those aspects of your present self are more easily relegated to a future or an alternate dimension, anywhere, but here and now.

In order for you to focus in this particular reality, you have as a society created, as you know, a great deal of separation; to isolate certain aspects of the total being so that that aspect, this persona in this life, in what you call your present scenario, only has a focus of its limited self and no other. So that it can get on about the business of being that specific isolated local person, so that it doesn't get confused, as you say, by bleed through from all the other realities that you are living simultaneously.

This is all well and good, and is a very valid experience, of course. But now, as your society is expanding its consciousness, a lot of this bleed through is happening automatically because you can absorb more and more. You can have more cognition of all the other ideas that are going on simultaneously. And that is the point we wish to underline, that this so called reality of the future that you desire so strongly is going on right now, simultaneously with the reality you say is usually the only one you actually think is going on right now; just as the past is still happening right now. It isn't so much that they are truly stretched out in linear fashion; before, now, later; but they are all simultaneously co-existent. And your focus, and only your definitional focus, determines that you experience them in a segregated, linear fashion.

So just as it is very easy for you to recall something that you have already done, and is very simple to remember and conjure up all the emotions that you felt then. Sometimes, by the way, you will notice when we talk about acting these scenarios out, that if you are actually recalling a past memory strongly enough, you will actually find your body going through the motions that you did then as an automatic response to what you have already done; if you identify strongly enough with it. This habit, this strength of conviction, this strength of identification is what we are after with regard to making that association to the future memory, the scenario you create in your imagination that you say you would love to have in your life.

Learn to identify with the ideas in a very strong, emotional and physiological way, to things you have already done. Get into the habit, in your meditations, of recalling joyful events, many, many different joyful events; things that you really like about your life. List them out, if you want to. Label them down; write them out so they are clear to you. Pick many, many events that were very enjoyable for you and go through them one at a time.

Take your time; enjoy them, do not hurry through them out of anxiety and desperation to apply the tool to the future memory. Take your time and really reminisce, as you say. Walk slowly and joyfully down memory lane with all those things, so that you are able to extend your full sensibilities and really smell and really taste and really hear and really see and really feel. Truly relive those experiences so that your physical body begins to react to them.

Then pick the scenario, after you have done that, pick the scenario that you say represents the very specific reality you would desire to have, and then put it somewhere in that list. You can even play a game with yourself. You can write all these different ideas on separate cards, and you can mix them all up, so that you do not necessarily know what order the future memory will fall in with all the past ones. Then start at the top and go down the list again. Do it over and over until the future memory is as strongly recalled as the past memories, until there is no difference in your reaction between the two.Then you will learn that there really is no difference. Then you will understand that is a very simple thing to manifest that future reality as your present reality. Because it will literally become something you have already done; and it will be a given. You will take it for granted that it is already something within you, not something that you have to reach for that is beyond you. Not something that is outside of you, that you have to travel towards; not something that you have to attain, someday, somewhere in that dim dark future out there.

You will be retraining your body, your consciousness to accept it as if it is already a given, already done, already seen; what you say in your French language, deja vu. You will create that effect for something in your typical reality that has not happened yet, linearly speaking. But if your body resonance, if your consciousness resonance, begins to vibrate at a frequency that says, "This has already happened," then your reality cannot let such a vacuum stand in your physical manifestation. If you are saying this is something that already exists for you, it must be automatically supplied.

You will create that space; you will create that vacuum into which that reality must come. And only that reality will come, because that reality, as you know, is a specific frequency. And you are giving off, at that moment, that specific frequency as you recall the future memory. As you reminisce this idea you want, you will give off that frequency; you will take it for granted that it is already within you. And as such all you have to do from that point forward is begin to look around and you will see that the manifestations of that reality are already springing up all around you, because they must be there, since you have already, vibrationally speaking, done this thing.

So give yourselves this opportunity. Do this, as you say, homework or home fun, this meditation. And enjoy it fully, savoir it. Do it in whatever way, shape or form your imagination says would be the most fun; that will be the key. And then you can incorporate anything you want to into that particular type, into that particular list, into that particular approach. So that you can allow yourselves to lose your definition, to blend your definitions of past and future into one all encompassing present in which you already contain everything that you need to contain to be who you desire to be.

You all follow along? Do you think you'll all remember what I said?

Audience: Yes!

Bashar: Oh, all right, that will be up to you. We thank you at this time for allowing us to share with you that particular reflection. We bid that you have an exciting time with that meditation, in your own time and on your own timing.

At this timing we extend to each and everyone of you, once again, our deepest gratitude at being allowed to experience your consciousness, at being allowed to remember you in our present, and in being remembered by you in your present.

We thank you for this interaction, we thank you for this sharing. In return I ask you now in what way, at this timing, may I be of service to you? Do remember to speak up boldly so that all may share who you are..


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Thank you so much for this. This is extremely helpful. Would you happen to have the link to where the video of this is? I would love to upload it to my site.

Im gonna just go ahead and quote Bashar one more time and say, >.< THHYYAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOOOOUU!

(24 Nov '13, 21:05) ikaruss21

@themaster has back. Thank you.

(25 Nov '13, 04:23) PERFECT GOOD

Accept your past and Manifest present. Unpleasant past always try to tease you but remember to appreciate your present thoughts and actions. Overnight changes never happen, all good changes demands time and strength. Appreciate your friends the way you want to get appreciations. Believe in Miracle (Magic fill smoke, Miracle clear smoke).

If you like your presence it gives signature to future not past.

All the good luck to you from Perfect Good.


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I actually asked a question really similar to this on Rob and George's Enlightenment show two days ago as he was channeling Treb. I don't know if you know about Rob, but he is a really awesome guy that channels an entity through his body just like abraham hicks, and bashar. The entity he channels is an extraterrestrial reptilian hybrid called TreBoryit-ne.

Anywho, it might be too weird for you or it might not, either way what he said back to me was truly interesting and mind opening I felt and would probably help out with your question in a really great way.

Just skip to the @73:00 minute mark for it.


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@ikaruss21 - Wonderful! Oh, yes we know @TReb! One of IQ's finest. :) I couldn't find the question you mentioned at the 73 minute mark, tho. It was @Treb's advice to concentrate on the color dark blue and your Third Eye.

(22 Nov '13, 23:41) Grace

Weird, I checked the link just now and it's definitely the right one and starts exactly on my question at 73:00.

Anywho, what you are saying about the dark blue color and the third eye is very interesting to me. Where did you hear this advice of Treb's saying this? Was it somewhere within that video? Do you know anymore what he said on that? I would be very interested to hear more on that.

(22 Nov '13, 23:47) ikaruss21

@ikaruss21 - Sorry, I don't know what I did. That's what I found at the 73 minute mark I am sure, but now I can't find it, I found your question. . Hmmmm... It was in reference to getting in touch with someone.

(23 Nov '13, 00:37) Grace
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I am having a little trouble understanding you. What I have learned about the past is that it is just DNA chains stored in the neurons of my brain. That is the only place my past exists. Other people may remember me doing something, but their memories are also just stored DNA as well. So you may be making a good point. All you need to do to change is to quit remembering and re-remembering those chains, and forge ahead with new behavior. The people around you may remember you the old way, but you must persist with new behavior to change their minds.

The past and the future do not exist. They are gone forever. All we have is now. If we make the most of now, the past will be remembered well, and the future will be glorious.


Jai ♥


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