Consider: And do you believe that the universe is nothing but a wish fulfilling machine?

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Our space that we occupy (human/earth) is so small that we only influence our laws and pull the levels in our neighborhood. The universe is too vast for our small town to affect it totally. Our realm is somewhat of a wishful vending machine :)


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I can relate to your answer! Thank you.

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I do believe that the universe is a wish fulfilling machine! That's why we "chose" not to remember this! Otherwise not much is going to get us moving! There wouldn't have been any joy, satisfaction, pride... in having earned anything! Could you imagine getting everything you wish for on demand? How boring it all becomes! That's another reason we also choose a path for ourselves so we also have tasks to fulfill and have to deal with in order for us to grow and evolve.

Thank you, namaste


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Great point, thank you.

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