Hi Stingray.

I would like to ask you a few questions on the Advanced Focus Blocks Method please. First of all I would like to say its excellent and has been very effective for me. I have been using it almost daily for about a year now.

Does it require some flexibility though?

There is some mornings sometimes I'm not sure how to approach the Process. Say on a day I have nothing specific to mold so I can't start the method with a Focus Block.

Do I just leave the process for that day.

Do I re-visit and old Focus block and work on it?

Or do I judge how I feel and then use appropriate process from there, For instance:

At Vortex edge= Positive Aspects

In the Vortex = Rampage of Appreciation.

What do you find is best approach in this situation?

I love to use this Process daily and I do for the most part. There is just times that I'm not sure whether I'm creating issues just so I have a Focus Block to do everyday? I would prefer to use the process everyday though :)

I would also welcome feed-back from anyone else that uses this method.

Thank you.

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Good morning, Irish! What you need are some "twisty bits": http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/18798/what-to-do-if-i-cant-find-issues-to-mold/18803

Maybe you can shake things up a little. Challenge the status quo. Step out of you comfort zone? How about storm chasing?! That should do it! ;)

(24 Oct '12, 09:25) Grace

@Grace-Hi Grace. Thanks for highlighting that question. Storm chasing sounds fun alright, although ill just stick with the Dvd for now. lol :)

(24 Oct '12, 09:39) Satori

even if im fairly new to this i had the same problem. so what i do is if i don't have an issue to mold with ME5 i play "wouldn't it be nice" to raise my vibration. then i do the rampage of appreciation to get into the vortex. i don't want to focus on the negative if there is only contentment.

(24 Oct '12, 11:00) releaser99
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How nice it is to have a question where someone says they don't have enough problems in their life :)

I think you said it perfectly here:

Or do I judge how I feel and then use appropriate process from there, For instance:

At Vortex edge= Positive Aspects

In the Vortex = Rampage of Appreciation.

They are different starting points to the method depending on where your habitual vibrational setpoint is. There is little point in going back down the vibrational scale and utilizing Focus Blocks when you are already in the vicinity of Positive Aspects or The Rampage of Appreciation.

So just start the method where you feel you are currently vibrating.

This means that, some days, your entire process will be reduced to writing/typing out a couple of rampage items (just to check you are in the Vortex) and that's it...Vortex alignment for the day all sorted out within a few seconds :)

Other days, you'll even be so excited about leaping out of the bed to get involved with something you love to do (because your life has just molded itself around you in that fashion) that you won't even bother with the method that day.

This happens to me quite often and I also find it manifests itself at the other end of the day where you don't want to sleep because you are so excited about what you are involved with.

As mentioned in the question that @Grace has linked to ( What to Do if I can't find issues to mold? ), if you are getting bored and really want some "issues" in your life to mold, just stop using the method completely for a while and it's often surprising how quickly unwanted "stuff" comes up...I have done this on a number of occasions in order to generate some "problems" for myself in order to test out different manifesting/clearing methods.

Sounds a bit bizarre, I know, that you sometimes have to find ways to generate "problems" in your life to play with but I guess that demonstrates the effectiveness of these approaches when used consistently :)


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@Stingray - Thank you for your answer and clarification. What you say makes perfect sense. On hindsight and after reading your answer I think I was getting too attached to the daily routine of the process. Your first line made me laugh :) A few years ago I'd never have dreamed Id be asking a question like this:)

(24 Oct '12, 18:21) Satori
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