Can we simplify the message so a child could understand. Are there any good childrens books that you know of? Thank You

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Brian, you are the best teacher there is. By you being you, the children learn about how the world works. They are great observers and are soaking in whatever you and their mom are doing.

So keep on shining your light, namaste


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join us...

Do the rice experiment- fill two jars 1/2 way with boiled rice. Cover with tap water and close with a lid. On one jar, write a possitive message like " I love you" or "thank you" on the second jar write a negative saying like " I hate you" or "you suck" every day for thirty days, say each saying to each jar with the accompanying emotion. At thirty days, a remarkable lesson about the power of words and how we create around us will be evident. If you want a sneek peek( don't tell the kids) search it on YouTube. We just started today... Let's do it together! Ps it was started by a dr in japan who studies water crystals.


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A great resource I found is the latest book by Esther and Jerry Hicks:

The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships

There is a whole section that talks about children, and LOA. I do not have kids yet, but I remember being very estatic reading that section, knowing that one day when I will, I will be able to pass this knowledge on to them.


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Teach them how the self works first :))


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This question really depends on who you ask.

Parents interested in science would explain it in scientific terms.

Parents interested in chemistry would explain it in chemistry terms.

Parents interested in math would explain it in mathematical terms.

Parents interested in philosophy would explain it in philosophical terms.

Parents interested in music would explain it in musical terms.

Parents interested in religion would explain it in religious terms.

Parents interested in economics would explain it in economical terms.

Parents interested in business would explain it in business terms.

Parents interested in meditation would explain it in meditative terms.

So the question is not how to explain how the world works really because each way has its own degree of being right but the full integration of all ways will give a truer perspective of how the world works.


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We are the best teachers by what we do. We can tell our kids things, read them books, but ultimately they will do what they see us doing. Here is a book I have not read, but it teaches them about EFT. I would have loved to have this when my son was little. When explaining things to your kids, break it down into bite sizes they can handle. Like your question is about "how the world works," that is very broad for a topic. If you ask a more specific question, I could help you answer it for the kids.

As far as teaching the LOA to kids, I suggest teaching them to learn to be happy, full of excitement and joy, to be full of wonder and appreciation of things like flowers and sunsets and other nature and art and beauty, teach them that they can do anything they dream of, never discourage their dreams, even if they are unrealistic, but protect them from direct harm. Let them dream and explore their dreams. Don't lie to them about Santa or other things that are made up. Don't set up boundaries for them except to protect them from getting hurt, hurting others, or getting in trouble.

For example, if a girl wants to be the president, you encourage that, get age appropriate books about presidents encourage and help her to explore the idea. Do Not tell her that girls can't be president. Even if it is a boy, do Not tell them any reasons they cannot be president. If it is something that you truely disagree with, instead of condemning the proffession, ask questions about why they want to do it, and what they want to do with that, etc... Make a contientious effort to not give them limiting beliefs that will cripple them later. Empower them to create their world.

Teach them to set goals and make dreams. Teach them to get excited about what they desire. Teach them to appreciate what they have. Teach them to love others and to treat others the way they would like to be treated. Teach them to give their old toys and clothes to poor people. Teach them to give to the needy, to be generous, kind and loving.

Tell them you appreciate them and have at least three reasons when they ask why. Tell them how proud you are of them and have at least three reasons when they ask why. Be sincere in all your doings.

Don't have them lie for you, like telling someone on the phone that you're not home when you are right there. Better to have them say that you are not available right now, because if you don't want to talk to them then you are not available to take the call, this is true. You don't want your child to spend their lives wondering what is true and what is lies, nor do you want them creating lies themselves. Lies are disempowering.

Teach them to love themselves, to be self soothers, to be happy unto themselves. Feeling the feeling of love is empowering and life giving. We feel it for our pets, for our kids, when we are in love. Kids might feel that way by loving a teddy bear. However, we don't want to teach them to be dependant on a teddy bear to feel the love. They can feel this love in themselves if you teach them to love themselves. Not vanity and pride, but the feeling of love that wells up in you, spilling out to others. This love is God and God is everywhere and in us.

Fear is what keeps us from feeling love. Do not teach your children fear. They will either believe you and live in fear, or they will find you a liar. Teaching sense and safety is one thing, like don't stick your finger in a light socket and look both ways before crossing. But lying about the boogie man to manipulate the kids, just makes them afraid of things that aren't there.


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as already mentioned above by example,
thus is the responsibility of the parent and
how many of us are up to the task,
that may be why we still use war to settle differences


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Who was your teacher that taught you about the world, during your early growing, and learning stages, and what is the age group of your child/ children?

What specifically do you want to teach your child/children about the world, because in essence children learn by doing, and every behavior is a learnt behavior? Naturally you would use age appropriate Books for your child/children to learn from, and indeed the parents are the best teachers!

So depending on what you want your child/children to learn about so that his/her learning experiences can be enhanced, and enriched cognitively, spiritually, and physically, I would suggest you talk to his/her School Teacher for specific guidance!


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show them the nature let them discover them self and other! as for the civilisation they will learn soon enuff what works and what don't after they can try to fix what don't like all of us must do!


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