How can we all learn to co-exist? Even on a forum like this where everyone's opinions and beliefs are so vastly different.

Many others believe my channeling and channeling in general is a joke. Yet i place a great importance on my source and other great channeled materials such as the Seth books.

What I want to know is how do we take the energy from a place like this, (which is RELATIVELY harmonious ) and apply this to tryng to share with others who are "less open-minded"?

Is it possible to even reach those with a close mind?

Thank you all in advance!

love n light,


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TReb Bor yit-NE

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thank you all for your comments but to me it is less about the channeling and more about how we share the info we get no matter WHAT the "source (lol) is, that is my deepest concern , or when 2 people are so diffrent in opinions (like channeling) how they can relate ideas of spirituality in general, or even praise together in love and light?

(21 Apr '11, 19:30) TReb Bor yit-NE

I'm a firm believer in channeled information and after listening to 85% of your videos (I don’t watch them), I know that what’s coming through is valid and useful to some people. I believe because of my research into the nature of reality and my research into Abraham, Bashar, Seth and others. It just makes sense to me now :)

All you have to do is be yourself and continue sharing the love n light, as I know you do. Like I’ve said before, the information coming from your source via you as the channel, by its very nature, must contain its opposite; meaning those who want to receive that kind of information and who’ve asked vibrationally. They’ll find you.

You don’t have to worry or be concerned, nor do you need to push it in any direction. Just believe and have faith that everything will work itself out in the perfect time and timing. I say this phrase to myself quite often: “Whenever I get there, it is the right time.” If you think about it, you can’t get anywhere before you get there anyway :) Anything else is just our own worry and doubt.

Give yourself at least as much credit as your source. While you may not see it this way, without you as the channel, that information is not coming thru, period. Thus, in my view you deserve at least an equal amount of the credit that you give to your source, after all it’s a co-creation.

That said, I would continue posting in here using your own name, not your source’s name. Then, organize your profile so it clearly and cleanly states what you’re doing with relevant links to youtube and facebook, etc. If people like your posts, they’ll visit your profile and maybe view your vids. That’s my way of passively bringing whoever’s interested to see what I have on offer and that’s how I respond best to new kinds of information, so there may be others who feel the same way…


answered 21 Apr '11, 02:14

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thank u , this is a great compliment from you and i appriciate it. io do not watch the session either but for me it is liking watchin teh old colege vids were you were so drunk and cant remebr you doing that! but obviously a diffrent reason. i only listen to them, i understand that is a great thing so you are not distracted with your eyes ! thank you agian!

(21 Apr '11, 19:27) TReb Bor yit-NE

In those famous words of Gandhi "Be the change you want to see" ... seems like you're already doing that Rob, so I'd just say keep doing what you're doing or maybe I should say keep being what you're being.

However, I do think we have to keep in mind "when the student is ready the teacher will appear" - if someone's not asking, you really can't force it on them :)


answered 21 Apr '11, 02:08

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I think we can get along and share,in fact ive proved it in my own life.

Those closest to me, and by that i mean my family ,dont hold to my beliefs at all.

How do i manage to get along with them? I love them,realise there part of God,im part of God....were all part of eachother.

We all believe that our beliefs are so damn important,i know i do. But in reality what do they amount to? Are we going to have this same set of beliefs in 500 years time?

Im of the opinion that anyones worth listening to.On a recent post about Jo Vitale i slagged the guy off and was extremely negative. But because i took part i learned about Neville Goddard who ive not stopped reading about since.

If i hadnt taken part i would have missed out.So like others on this site im prepared to participate and share a belief. I may decide it doesnt resonate with me but who knows,eventually it might or it may lead to something else.

Whose wrong and whose right? In the end who the hell really knows.

A friend made can last a lifetime and maybe beyond.These days i wonder how long our beliefs really last.



answered 21 Apr '11, 08:11

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Monty Riviera

You, as a channeler have a different burden to bear than the rest of us. We each have something different to offer. That's what makes the world go around. (By saying this, it doesn't mean I have changed how I feel about channeling) However, if you apply what you have learned from whatever source, and it is making a difference in your life, people will want to know more. They will ask you because you will be proof by your fruits. Not material wealth, but happiness and a place they want to be. Then you can tell them what you know. You don't have to mention how you know at first. Play it by ear. Each person is different.


answered 21 Apr '11, 00:49

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Fairy Princess

thankl you 4 ur great comments ,, i know u are not a big believer but you are a great tolerant person, love n light to you

(21 Apr '11, 01:07) TReb Bor yit-NE

Thank you, Rob. love and light to you too

(21 Apr '11, 03:23) Fairy Princess
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