Why do people say "To be perfectly honest"?

Are they dishonest the rest of the time, when they don't say that they want to be honest?

asked 05 Nov '09, 16:03

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Barry Allen ♦♦

As it stands, I don't see the relevance of this question to spirituality, mind power or reality creation. You are welcome to rewrite it if you intended there to be a connection but did not make it clear.

(05 Nov '09, 16:40) Barry Allen ♦♦

Many people spare the feelings of others by witholding certain information, e.g. you are fat, or that dress is hideous. Prefacing my statement with "to be perfectly honest" means that I am not going to withold such information, that you are about to receive my pure, unvarnished opinion. And you might not like it.

(06 Nov '09, 03:29) Vesuvius

And then again, there are those who know they lack credibility, or are not confident that they will be believed, and try to bolster their argument by saying "to be perfectly honest" or "trust me". I've known quite a few people like that.

(07 Nov '09, 04:28) John
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