I know that Law of Attraction is true, but I'm wondering how does it actually work?

Everything is energy. I understand that. I am not sure exactly "how" it works. There are two ways that I think are probable. Based on your experience how do you think The Law of Attraction works?

For example, a person wants to attract a slice of pizza into their lives. When the person thinks a the thought of "pizza", that thought is actually energy that get released and is spread out and then it returns to the person bringing in the situations that will attract the slice of pizza (or maybe the actual pizza itself through another person). So, it is like this: a person is made of light/energy and it is like a boomerang. The person sends it out, and then it returns with what the person wanted. Is this how it works?

or is it like this, for example. If a person wants to attract an apple, the apple is the energy and as the person thinks of an apple, visualizes eating the apple, and then the person is pulled towards the apple. So, it is like this: a person is like an empty space, a vacuum and it pulls in more energy of thoughts and emotions and then it eventually pulls in what the person wanted. Is this how it works?

I hope these are clear examples. Which way is more accurate, the pizza example or the apple example based on your experiences? (It would be nice if someone who is psychic and can feel energy would respond, too).

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you can use "yang" active energy to send out or "yin" passive energy to pull in ... it's your choice

(31 Jan '14, 10:15) jaz
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The Law of Attraction is an interesting concept, indeed! As we are constantly and continually exercising this Law every moment, and as we are bombarded by massive amounts of frequencies every moment, and because our thoughts, emotions, and environments are so intensely complex, we often get caught up in the drama surrounding the results of this Law. But the Law of Attraction is only one half of this Law; there is also the Law of Repulsion: the other half of the same Law but of opposite polarity. In order for one energetic charge to work there must be an equal an opposite charge.

Yes, everything is energy - especially thought and intention. In regards to LOA, do we send out energy or take it in? Both. The conscious thought emits an energetic wave which is sent into the ether. Within the etheric realm the thought takes form. Depending upon how strong the intention is of the thought, and how strong the frequency of the channel it emanates from, the thought will take form but - in lower densities such as ours - will often not manifest instantly, or even soon. Nevertheless, the thought was sent out and exists, taking on a frequency coordinate that is semi-established for anyone who wishes to manifest it further, including the one who conceived it. There are many variables involved in this process. Ironic how the simplest of concepts can be the most complex in their process! :o)

However there is far more to the Universal paradigm we reside in than LOA (and Repulsion). There is Dark Energy, what I call Divine Neutral Energy. This energy makes up the majority of our Universe and was created from it. This area is sort of a Galactic Escrow of thoughts and creativity, taking form and non-physical existence via the Human imagination.

Although the sub-conscious mind is highly knowledgeable, it is the conscious mind that creates and experiences.

Apologies if I veered from the initial question.


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tgunn, yes, the conscious mind of spirit brings light out of darkness by attracting around itself substances. which in turn sets into motion new dynamics to be balanced

(01 Feb '14, 12:43) fred

At first I thought this is a simple answer however as I read the question I see this is not something to be taken too lightly.

You are right everything is energy so when the pizza returns to you it is energy. The pizza is energy returning, we eat pizza to take in energy.

So that is energy returning however the initial energy was broadcast from you in your intent. Your intent is sending the vibrations out as frequency this causes harmonious vibrations to harmonize with your intent. So as your intent makes the stings of reality sing much like a guitar pick makes the strings sing it as well causes other instruments that have the same notes to sing. So as above so below, or in other words thought is the mental realm but the lower physical that is influenced is like an octave below however all the notes are the same, still A to G#. Same vibrations just on a lower octave, the physical.

So do we really send energy that comes back or are we harmonizing with what is there already? It is said sound travels but if air is between the amplifier and the ear drum, did the sound travel or just vibrate the air that was between the amp and the ear?

This much like the strings of the guitar is similar to strings of air vibrating.

This gives the appearance of sound waves traveling but really are they traveling or just resonating?

Interesting concept to ponder, does energy travel and return or never move but influence what is there to harmonize?

When we throw a stone into a calm pool of water we see what appears to be waves traveling from the center outward. However physics would show that to not be possible because for those waves to travel they would have to multiply as waves appear to grow from the center. A stone wouldn't multiply the water that was in the center so the waves traveling has to be a flawed perception. The stone influences the water from the center this influences the next water and the next outward until the full pool is affected but the water never moves, it is still there long after the stone settled.


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I hope I understood what you said correctly. It was a bit complex. lol

So it is more like the pizza example than the apple example right?

When we send out a thought, for "Pizza" it harmonizes on a single note on all octaves. So if pizza is the sound of G#, it vibrates on the higher octave as a thought/emotion/intention and vibrates through the lower octave of G# which would be physical.

Hope I understood that correctly.

(31 Jan '14, 02:05) arpgme

Yes that is kind of it in a nut shell. The apple example is a new way of using LOA but you really need to change the thought of what lack is, it is a vacuum pulling to it what is wanted. That was my point of change the LOA question. But the way it works actually is harmonics.

(31 Jan '14, 09:36) Wade Casaldi
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