The Law of Attraction only tells us about attracting the matter, energy or any form. Applying the Universal Law of Energy i.e. the more we give more we attract. More we visualize, more the matter materialize. Constant or continuous positive Visualization is the key to attraction. But it does not speak about the counter effects. I visualized about my goal which i received twice. However, both time i had to pay a lose (intangible) before receiving the result.

Is this law connected with some other law? What are the consequences of attraction? How the process should be carried out (simple visualization?) Is there a law, relating to this, like every action has a reation, or law of energy replacement.......? If it is there, how do we know what we need to pay....... In my understanding there is a system behind since we have some very common sayings like Ti t for Tat, As you sow, so shall you reap indicating return of investment, however, i am unaware of the fact if the same is applicable in Law of Attraction, and how? Can some one explain about it?

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@ZULFIQAR-welcome to IQ.You seems from my own country:)

(23 Dec '13, 01:46) Zee

Im from Pakistan, how about u?

(23 Dec '13, 02:18) ZULFIQAR

me also from pak...

(23 Dec '13, 02:48) Zee

zulfiqar, a lesson each learns to himself, cause and effect operates within all spheres of existence yet we live within a world that is seen

(23 Dec '13, 05:15) fred
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The Law of Attraction operates for you in every waking moment of every minute in every day. You can never turn it off working for you. You can't stop it working even if you wanted.

You can never stop using the Law of Attraction in your life ...EVER

It's like trying not to use's just part of the inherent makeup of this physical reality.

So I think if there was a price to be paid for "using" the Law of Attraction, you've been paying it your entire life already :) Just look at how your life is right now and you'll see the price you've been paying. For more information, see Testing the Law of Attraction: Is it bad?

For me, personally, the price of being consciously aware of "using" it is that I don't have:

  • Poverty
  • Ill health
  • Misery
  • Loneliness
  • Unhappiness
  • Pain
  • Lethargy
  • Negativity
  • etc, etc... the list goes on and on...

It's a big price to be paid not to have stuff like that in my life but I think I can probably live with it :)


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As @Stingray Says, You are using the Law of Attraction, everyone is. If you are paying a price to use it, this is because you feel at some level that you need to pay that price.

(23 Dec '13, 12:07) Dollar Bill

Dear Bill.. May be, you are right, since i carry the faith in Law of Energy, it might have been associated with with the desire, resulting in a lose. I appreciate your understanding.

(24 Dec '13, 01:23) ZULFIQAR

Many times the problem is people want something real bad. And they know about Law of attraction and try to use it to get it. There is nothing wrong in it absolutely. But the pains are because of that Desire to have that is emotionally so strong it saps ones energy trying to get there. And you are probably thats whey mentioning price to pay.

whereas is if you learn the Law of Allowing and temporarily forget the result and be happy with where you are then the flow gets corrected and then its lot easier to manifest. and i know people cringe when asked to forget about what they want most temporarily ... lol... but therein lies the problem dear friend. thats hard thing to do Yes no doubt. But when you do that you understand how free you are and you will know what Resistance etc they are talking about etc..

So when manifesting a specific result seems painful go to Law of Allowing where let the beautiful Universe bring whatever it will to you as you ease your emotions. What this specifically means is if you want $100,000 a year in salary and this is hard target in your mind and driving you nuts then its time to relinquish it for time being. Then everyday try to appreciate beauty in your life around you in a flower, in a beach etc.. in the moments that you forget about your worry. That state needs to be predominant. Then eventually you will be able to turn around your finances. You will find something you really love and life gets magical etc...

YOu want to get to the point where you manifest but the worry energy is not there. Or Desire w/o attachment as the eastern philosophers call it. So think of as 2 components of Manifesting Desire and Letting Go. It needs right balance. If letting Go is not there, then you will get mixed up in the emotions and pain will become part of it since you have expectations not in control. So if you find too much emotions getting mixed up, then its time to chill back and take it easy. At any time you need to be able to walk away from something.


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