To clarify this question i would like to say that im well aware that the following things trigger/release/allow etc the thing manifested.

These are positive expectation,faith,positive thinking,assuming persistently,vibration etc etc.

Im convinced that the above allow,or create the thing or state wanted.

Im also convinced that the thing exists,in some way, as soon as we desire,ask or believe it does, or a blend of these,i dont want to get into semantics so i hope you know what i mean.

But the nub of my question is,do we rendevous with the thing,do we "grow" the thing ( or state) ,does it exist in a reality ( parallel universe type thing ) that we ourselves grow into or move into slowly or indeed instantly.How do things like time work into this,should we be looking at things in a linear way or something else.

Ive read a few posts on this and would like peoples spin on this concept.

I must stress that im not asking for the "trigger mechanism" for this,but how it works mechanically, i know thats a weird way of putting it but its the best way to describe this for me.


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Monty Riviera

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IQ Robot ♦

We exist in a sea of potentiality. Everything That Is already exists and has always existed as potential. We make something real when we shine the light of our consciousness or focus our love on it. Without the conscious observer, the thing remains as potential. In a similar way, when we love something, say a plant or a baby it grows, but if we neglect it, it withers and dies.

This is from my website:

...With the understanding that the only real time is now and that we exist now, again, by definition; we’ve always existed as consciousness right here and right now and we always will. Thus, one way of seeing who we really are is as:

Eternal Beings Existing Here and Now Forever

And simultaneously we’re physical beings animated by consciousness, us, for the purpose of experiencing the game of life on Earth. The apparent duality and separation is an illusion created by linear time. In truth all of life springs forth from the one consciousness and thus, there’s no real paradox or contradiction.

Realizing that whatever we do we do it now, tells us that our only point of power is always in the present moment of now. That’s why it’s better in every way not to live our life by the clock, because that kind of time is an artificial construct devoid of any real power.


answered 12 May '11, 15:00

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Yep, the time thing is starting to dawn on me.Didnt know you had a website Eddie,i will look into it.

(12 May '11, 15:42) Monty Riviera

Great answer Eddie... mind you most of us still have to refer to the clock in our daily lives :)

(13 May '11, 01:15) Michaela

Yes Monty. The world I'm creating for myself doesn't contain endless advertising, false promise's of 'free' or elements of control. Thus, I have no desire or need to spam people with my website. Those who find it do so naturally thru keywords and relevant links :)

(13 May '11, 06:27) Eddie

Thanks Michaela. Sure, we share a global reality organised by chronological time. However, while I don't own a watch, I do use the clock on my cell phone to track restaurant opening times and I might call to order food, but I no longer allow the clock to tell me when I'm hungry and when I need to eat :)

(13 May '11, 06:32) Eddie

Nice site Eddie.I can see a big Neville influence.Ive gone thru the 200 odd lectures nom....His stuffs inspiring and has opened doors for me.

(13 May '11, 09:25) Monty Riviera

Thanks Monty. There is some Neville influence for sure, and a lot of other people as well. What Is is just that after all...

(14 May '11, 07:52) Eddie
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Think about yourself as energy in void. You don't move in time and space. It's an everlasting now moment at nowhere. When you think a thought that though manifests immediately and visible at the far far horizon. You got a chain at each manifestation. With your focus you can create a new item in your horizon or pull closer an extisting one. The closest manifestations are our present, our manifested world. The time is not passed as we measured. It's a bookmark of each manifested item that just arrives for you below the seconds scale. So I think we are the movers of the time with our focus. we have infinite items in our horizon and always pull items that equals our vibrational setpoint.


answered 12 May '11, 20:26

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Tibor S.

Nice insight Tibor. No-Where becomes Now-Here :)

(13 May '11, 06:36) Eddie

We have been given the gift of willful intent. The faith of a mustard seed. Just a little belief in any direction or focus will eventually manifest itself. Once the window opens up, you must act, it wont stay open forever. It will require more energy to maintain. But the only thing that slows this progress is our egos. Shrink the ego, and worlds open up.


answered 15 May '11, 21:00

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The Knights Alchemy

No im with you on the trigger mechanism.But my question is "how". But i do take your point about seizing the mettle.

(16 May '11, 08:47) Monty Riviera

In a physics laboratory it has been proven that the observer affects the outcome of the experiment, just by observing. There is a direct connection. They are one and the same. The mechanism of how it works is digging the seed after being planted. Just believe, and it is so.

(30 May '11, 04:22) The Knights Alchemy
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