I have always wondered why people comitted sucide in the past. But recently, suicidal thoughts began to come to me for no reason and I just brushed them off and continued with my life normally.

It was only a few days ago when when I woke up in the middle of the night (around 3AM) that these thoughts began to be a lot more glaring and it was like something was telling me how great it would be to do it. I had no reason to convince myself to follow that voice though and I just kept thinking of the reasons why I should stay live and all the happy moments in my life but the voice won't go away and I eventually had to run to my parents room and stay there till I fell asleep.

The next day when I woke up though, these thoughts completely disappeared without a trace and it's really puzzling to me to say the least, as I can't determine where are the sources of these thoughts... whether it's stress, from thinking too much or some evil sprits at it?

Would appreciate any help if anyone has been in these kind of situations before!

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I just wanted to post a quick update just to say that I am still alive and here lol for those of you who are concerned... but the eerie thing about this is I only had these sucidal thoughts 2 or 3 times in the middle of the night, and recently I just realized that each time I had these thoughts, there would always be a report regarding a suicide case in the newspaper the next day..


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I am concerned and glad you are still with us.

(15 Jun '11, 19:47) LeeAnn 1

@kakaboo just checked your profile here and it says you were here an hour ago... good to know :D

(24 Oct '11, 09:27) ursixx

@ursixx thanks actually I asked this quite long ago if you would see, I still have slight thoughts thought not as serious as before.. and this incident allowed me to meet someone who had some kind of special talent(he is able to sense vibrations and energy) on Earth.. funny how the universe works

(24 Oct '11, 13:59) kakaboo
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We are all one and we are all connected. Everyone has many thoughts, and when you have thoughts chances are they are not yours per se. Don't take ownership of the thoughts you don't like. It's "us", but it's not "you".

Studying your Human Design may also shead some light on this phenomenon. Many people have "open head centers" and this means that their thoughts aren't really theirs. These people are just amplifying the thoughts around them, but it feels like their own.

Love and Light


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I sort of agree with everyone but, the main approach I would use for myself is to count my blessings. Nothing can touch happiness. If you have a close friend you might have them observe you. You're going to be OK. Light a white candle and bless your house, car, job money, and life etc.


answered 26 May '11, 21:44

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Whenever anything like this happens to me, I just ask for guidance or clarity and things resolve pretty quickly. We all need to practice asking for help because we are going to have a lot of experiences that we will not be able to deal with on our own very quickly or comfortably. I want you all to know that there are infinite number of angels WAITING at this time to guide you through your awakening processes. Please familiarise yourselves with this relationship as soon as possible because it can take you a little while to learn to connect, or to put it better; it takes 2-3 experiences to trust in the reality of your experience with the angels. Once you've experienced asking for help and getting it, you can access the angels intantaneously, and you will KNOW for yourself that they do not fail to turn up to restore you to your original self. You must all have this knowing so that it will occur to you to ask them for help at the times you need their help. You must also know that there might be times when bad spirits try to block your contact with the angels. You will not know the bad spirits at first because they will deceive you into thinking that it is your own self who is at work. Usually this is when you are resolving very deep issues such as self forgiveness/punishment. So whenever you are dealing with deep issues, make sure you visualise a protective sheild or pyramid around you. PS Some of these angels are in fact our future selves trying to reach us. I know this because I have already gone back 'in time' on several occasions and helped myself as a child!.


answered 24 Oct '11, 04:04

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well if i where you i would do meditation to know where those though comes from. it could be something that you have seen or will see. it could be a bad spirit or demon trying to push you to do something. but know this you have free will so use it wisely. experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

I have many thoughts as any human come to my mind, I have thought about ending my life before in the past, but they remained as just thoughts. You can either give it power or brush it off, you could go and have some reiki done and I am sure you will feel better, but you have the power to pray at the moment when this is happening, if this is something powerful, or visual or just the feeling of it can kinda push you to do it or you think you are in trouble I agree and you should see a therapist first, the mind is tricky and maybe your subconscious is playing a trick on you, but remember this, nothing can be done unless you allow it to be done. Most of us have had those thoughts when times are rough, but if they just remain as thoughts and you don't act on them then you will be ok. Try relaxing, listen to music, count your blessings and pray. If things get too ugly at that time of the night say whatever prayer or meditate or whatever religion you are in use the most powerful protective statement/ affirmation you can think of. Good Luck, and stay strong!


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Eva goes with the Flow

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@Eva ..... You wrote dreakt and I think you meant decree. but I thought the words statement / affirmation passed in more with the feeling and spirit of you answer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decree

(24 Oct '11, 09:23) ursixx
  1. Kakaboo...First of all, I wish to say that I want you to be sure-absolutely, positively sure!- that these thoughts are NOT coming from you. You see, we would all be doing you a disservice if we said that you were receiving these thoughts from elsewhere, and then later find out that you acted on them. There is a kind of thinking called "disassociation". When we are disassociating, we are disconnected from ourselves so completely that we think the thoughts that come into our heads belong to someone else. I would very much talk to a therapist and at least check out the possibility that you are not actually feeling suicidal. Perhaps some part of you IS suicidal! I would hate to ignore that part of you.

  2. If an entity is doing this to you, then you would need to be cleared- a Reiki healer could do this, or a trained shaman.

  3. I have heard of beings that do this sort of thing- they are evil.

  4. Be sure that you check inside yourself about the suicidal thoughts first, okay?

Blessings, Jai


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I completely agree with Jaianniah..please see a professional therapist if you can do so. In this way you will be able to rule out that the thoughts are coming from part of yourself or else get help with those feelings. If they are not coming from you, there is still help available, but at least you will know. Best wishes for feeling better soon...

(25 May '11, 02:08) LeeAnn 1

Well no it's weird because I do not have any trace of this kind of feelings during the day while I am awake.. my parents brought me to a temple and they said there was no evil beings around me

(26 May '11, 00:24) kakaboo

Please be sure no matter what it is...okay?

(26 May '11, 00:33) Jaianniah
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I know this is an old question boo & no longer a problem. I landed on it through a google search & thought I would add to it in case others find it the same way I did.

NO evil spirits! No demons! No evil entities!

If it happens in the bedroom there is usually a logical reason.

Sounds to me like a type of (non typical) nocturnal panic attack & they can be very disturbing indeed. I would be asking questions too if it happened to me. Panic attacks are an anxiety disorder. Nocturnal panic attacks are more common than you know & no one really knows why they occur. Nightmares are not a cause. Stress could be a factor. Not everyone has the same symptoms. Some people would wake with a racing heart or sweating or a feeling of impending doom. The one thing they do have in common is disturbing thoughts which you are unable to stop thinking about. When they happen to children or teens the feeling is 'surreal' & why you may have thought of evil spirits, paranormal or even aliens. Remedies are different than if you were an adult. You did the right thing by getting up. Had you been having these feelings during the day, my first thought would be depression. Sometimes the last person to know they are depressed is the person who is.


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