I still find a contradiction in the process of the law of attraction.

If I am asking for something that I havent got I am focusing on what I haven't got. I am in effect saying that I am poor, or I am lacking and that is the vibration that I am sending out there.

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Alan Crabbe

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Barry Allen ♦♦


You know, I like this question a lot. In order to manifest things, really, an interesting way to see it is as if you "cannot have anything more in your life." If you give yourself those 'rules' and learn to make the most fun and happiness out of things you have, youll actually allow in more!

(23 Dec '11, 05:50) Nikulas

Thanks, I think Wayne Dwyer said a similar thing and it seemed to make sense to me. I was also a bit uncomfortable with the idea that the mind can't tell the difference between an imagined event and a real one. Seemed to me to be rooted in the belief that manipulation and lies are fine if it gets what you want. Similar to the exploitation and genocide of the native americans, Tasmanians etc etc.

(24 Dec '11, 19:11) Alan Crabbe
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There are two sides to every vibrational thing in relation to yourself - and vibrational things are eventually mirrored in your life as physical things.

  1. There is the lack of what you want
  2. There is the presence of what you want.

It's your choice where you focus your thoughts dominantly and the universe responds accordingly.

When the vibration of lack of what you want is dominant, the universe perfectly manifests the lack of what you want.

When the vibration of presence of what you want is dominant, the universe perfectly manifests the presence of what you want i.e. what you want manifests.

So a few points to make here:

  • You can focus on what you want without feeling the lack of it and it will manifest eventually.

  • You can focus on what you want while feeling the presence of it and it will manifest extremely quickly. There is more about presence vs lack in: Will my new house manifest?

  • You can focus on anything else in life that makes you feel good and thereby distracts you from the lack of it and it will eventually manifest. More explanation about that idea in: What does ‘detachment’ truly mean in Law of Attraction?

So notice that with the third option, you can even choose to focus on anything unrelated to what you want, that makes you feel good, and you'll still get what you want.

So a basic rule of thumb to remember is that if what you focus upon always reminds you that you don't have it, distract yourself completely from focusing upon it, because in doing so you are also distracting yourself from focusing on the lack of it.

To be honest, the only stuff you really need to focus upon at all is stuff that you can't forget about because you either need it in a hurry (a deadline, perhaps) or your life keeps reminding you of it (a bodily condition, perhaps).

The lazy (wo)man's way to manifesting a perfect life is just to find something to feel good about and keep practicing that feeling :)


answered 22 Dec '11, 21:56

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i knew u wouldn t not be able to resopnd,, ur mannifestational list are always great ,, ty brother . love n light .

p.s. wher cna i see ur full mannifesting list that u have? what question was it that u laid iot allll out in??

(22 Dec '11, 22:12) TReb Bor yit-NE

Excellent Stingray. Our interpretation of this intent determines it's speed of outcome. I would follow this cab driver.

(23 Dec '11, 00:30) The Knights Alchemy

@TReb Bor yit-NE - Rob, if by "list", you mean answers then there was quite a few of them linked by this question: How do I manifest a new car? http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/5409/how-do-i-manifest-a-new-car/5412#5412

(23 Dec '11, 08:44) Stingray

Brilliant Stingray.An easy rule of thumb I take from this answer here if things are going wrong in my life, The universe matches perfectly what we put out.Its getting easier for me to see where I'm going wrong if something is not quite right in my life:)

(24 Dec '11, 08:20) Satori

Thanks, I tend to focus on what I have already and then it's not a contradiction for my mind to have to overcome and for me it releases that strained feeling. Also if I say the affirmation that I have a new car, or new job my mind thinks no you don't. That's a lie. You dont have a new car. Any ideas on that?

(24 Dec '11, 18:32) Alan Crabbe

@Alan,Eddies answer below might be able to help you with that one:)

(24 Dec '11, 18:42) Satori

But the defintion of want is: the state of being without, of having insufficent quantity;absence or deficiency of necessities; to be without; difficult or straitended circumstances. So when we want we are saying that we are lacking. Maybe we could use another word?

(24 Dec '11, 19:00) Alan Crabbe

I have recently read a post by satori which covers the same topic and this gave a definition of want and desire and showed how wanting is by defintion lacking but desire has a different desire. So desire not want.

(13 Jan '12, 13:13) Alan Crabbe

@Alan Crabbe - if your personal interpretation of the word "want" triggers feelings of lack within you then, by all means, choose a different word. When Abraham use that word, they don't mean it in a lackful way. To me the word "want" is neutral and represents an expression of a desire. I would personally use the word "yearn" for what you seem to be talking about. Ultimately, words used in this way are just rather inaccurate and clumsy indicators of emotional states. As long as you understand the feelings that the words are intended to represent, you can use whatever words you want.

(13 Jan '12, 18:18) Stingray
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In a sense, what you are saying is correct and that is where many people get caught up and it is why they do not see the things that they want show up in their lives.

Let’s look at it in a different way to see if it sheds any more light for you.

Because the NOW moment is all there really is, it is understood that I AM (you) already is everything. So the statements I WILL BE and I WILL HAVE are never spoken because they admit that you are not already everything and that you do not already have everything. Those statements DENY the truth that you are already everything and that you already have everything.

Denial is disbelief and in a Belief Driven Universe you cannot experience that which you do not believe is possible. So anytime you want to experience something different, including the experience of having something that you seemingly don’t yet have or have not yet made visible in your world, always say:


Remember that, in essence, manifesting is very simple; it’s not something you have to learn to do. All of us are Master Creators who create every second of every day. Our world and our bodies are our own manifestations. I like to view life as a game of remembering who we really are at our core. The more we remember, the easier it becomes for us to remember even more.

We are on the path to remembering anyway, because this is the transformational age (life); we cannot change that, it is what is. Thus, I NOW CHOOSE to lighten up and have as much fun as I can on my journey of re-discovering myself 8-)


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Hi Alan, When wanting something you are not saying that you are poor just that you would like to have that specific something in your life. Everything I have ever manifested in my life I remember I wanted it beforehand and said so. It didnt keep the stuff away and I didnt get any poorer.

I supose it depends on how a person asks for what they want. In my case I just mentioned it to someone and now that I think of it I didn't say that I wantet it but that I would like to have it in a non chalant way and then forgot about it. That's it I'v just had an AHA moment. I didnt say I want it I just said I would like to have it. I forgot about that.

Try saing I would like to have that or this or I would love to have that or this and than forget about it and see what happens. My manifestations sometimes took a year to manifest and sometimes a few days or a few weeks.

Happy manifesting and good luck to both of us for now that I remember how I did it I shall do it again.


answered 22 Dec '11, 19:48

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Paulina 1

Thanks.I Will try that. Maybe what wayne dwyer was saying is that if you saying that you want something you put out there a poverty conciousness. This doesn't mean that we are poor it means that we will always want something else. Which in a way is a kind of torture, always wanting, always seeking.

(24 Dec '11, 18:51) Alan Crabbe

I believe that the first answer is the best, well it is my best indeed.

I am not willing to answer this in a professional way since I consider my acknowledge of LOA science and its feelings are student's one but I want to share a point of view, a comment of same students like you struggling with manifestation.

The day is 24 hours in these hours I can manifest many things with no effort, sometimes LOA is so obedient to me and it feels so much good it feels like I can move mountains if I FOCUS :), from these experiences I could see that the best strategy to make it manifest quickly is to ask it, forget it and be happy, and I could see too that when it is some thing you really need and a thing that every little detail in your day tells that you do not have it, bad emotions comes, your thoughts are not on the track always, the mind is confused and so is the manifestation, the result is no manifestation just some signals here and there as law of attraction must show reflections of your mind but the final result is not the demand one, no manifestation.

When I was child, it is the stage we know about LOA innately I used to write any desire I want on a note book about 100 times, write it and read it so loud to feel it and I was having every desire, I recall some day I could make it happen in the same hour, I was working on a trip to share in the time where the car already left and no possible to follow them, I used to cry that time I do not, I stayed at my room, write and say that I am going there, I am going there a friend of my aunt pass in incredible way just to say hello but in some way she decided to follow them and get me there, and I went there, I FOCUS on its PRESENCE and I have it, If I cried, I won't get it for it was focusing on lack of it, and it is not simple accident with child it is really a LOA process. I brought that to illustrate the healthy meaning of FOCUSING, note that as a child I need it that trip and I really wanted it, and note that as a child I can work on LOA professionally as the mind is like the universal mind, empty of adults doubts.

I know when we want it, really want it we can not forget it even if we claim that, just yesterday I was thinking how can I FOCUS on it and still get it, for I cannot forget I just cannot, and here is your question and here Stingary marvelous answer with its links. So if we can't help it by not forgetting it and always FOCUSING on it, let's focus on it PRESENCE, and I liked third option, the option of distraction, so when I can't distract and return to FOCUS, let's FOCUS on having it.

consciously I like focus on a desire to feel that I did create it, it was not random thought, something intersect with hidden laws and gave it to me, I love working on it just like I did it when I was kid. I DID IT CREATE IT, I AM A CREATOR.

So I thought that focusing is problem, but the wrong focusing is the problem, Now I do not see any contradiction in law of attraction process and I wish you too, it always reflect what you FOCUS on. Let's thinking of it, focusing if we cannot but do that, Write it, sing it, meditate it as a present reality and get it.

This LOA is the best thing I ever known.

Let's focus enjoy and have it :)


answered 23 Dec '11, 09:30

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yes paulina is correct , but also see look at thes ideas as well.


love n light



answered 22 Dec '11, 21:21

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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