if god has faith in you to experience learn and grow and make the right choice for you and other what is stopping you from having faith that you can achieve that? is it not yourself even jesus could not heal some people because of their faith! if you would have faith the size of mustard seed you would say to the mountain throw yourself in the sea and it would throw it self in the sea!

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Because we've been conditioned to believe that God is separate from us we feel we have to have faith in a deity outside ourselves.

However, when we begin to embrace the realization that we and God are one, faith arises from within as our own self doubt begins to diminish.


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one in the sense that we are connected but not the same counscience!

(14 Jun '11, 21:17) white tiger

your hypothetical question prompted my personal opinion that you are fishing for definitions of both god and faith.
preoccupations with/of our material form detracts from our spiritual growth,
and since faith lies more within the boundaries of our spiritual consciousness it then remains hidden/slumbering,
some of us may see our internal god and develop accordingly


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Thank you Fred.

(13 Jun '11, 15:37) you

Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.

(13 Jun '11, 17:31) white tiger

How do I know that God has faith in me?

You see, this is the trouble with your question. I can read of the faith that God has in me in the Bible, but I cannot feel that faith as easily as I would feel the sun on my bare arms. It would have to be an assumption. So let us look at your question from a different perspective. Let's assume that there is a huge task before us. Perhaps I am a minor general of an army, about to go to war with a much stronger, larger, and more experienced army. I have The Word of God saying that I can vanquish this enemy, but there is still the war-to-be looming before me, and I guess I am feeling a bit scared. This Word of God came to me in a dream, and how do i know it wasn't just a bit of bad food that gave me the dream? How do I know that God holds the future?

Here we go again; at some point, we have to go on pure faith, and not everyone has the same degree of faith as everyone else. Even if my name happens to be "David", even if I have fought battles before, I still have to make that leap into the unknown and just "jump".

God likes the faithful- the Bible shows us this time and time again...but faith is Gift from God, so we are back to square one again.

Perhaps you are now seeing why more people do not act as if they feel all the faith of God there is. It is not easy to "feel" faith. You "grow" your faith by doing. But ultimately, faith is a Gift from God, a blessing of God, which is a screwy dichotomy, but there you have it. This is why so many people do not act as if they have all the backing of heaven.

In the end, you have to grab hold of the future, grab hold of faith, and just go forward, faith or no faith, and do the job. This takes a great deal of courage. God sees this, and rewards this behavior with the gift of greater faith. That is how it works in God's Kingdom.

I am sure that the soldier in this story did not "start out" with all the faith in the world, but he ended up with it!: Queen Elizabeth II has awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross to 31-year old Corporal Dipprasad Pun, a Nepali soldier in the British Army, who single-handedly fought off 30 Taliban militants in Afghanistan last September.

The award is for an exemplary show of courage when he fired more than 400 rounds, launched 17 grenades and detonated a mine to stave off an attack by Taliban on the checkpoint at Helmand Province where he was positioned. When he ran out of ammunition, he used the tripod of his machine gun to fight off one of the Talibans that was trying to climb over the wall.

The medal was awarded to Dipprasad Pun at a ceremony in the Buckingham Palace. This Conspicuous Gallantry Cross is next only to the Victoria Cross.

If you research this man, you find out about faith (quote from http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/9284724-queen-elizabeth-ii-gives-bravery-award-to-a-nepali-soldier)

Blessings and Love, Jai


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how do you not know that god as faith in you?

(13 Jun '11, 17:17) white tiger
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