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Stingray, I am trying to follow your insructions and use the sample spreadsheet to work on the example you gave in the instructions, manifesting the money to buy a house. However, the spreadsheet only gives examples of issues, not manifesting. Could you please create a row that shows where to plug things in for manifesting (the money for the house or anything else)? Thanks

asked 20 Jun '11, 14:01

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Fairy Princess

Thank you, Stingray!

(23 Jun '11, 02:40) Fairy Princess

There wouldn't be much value in adding another row because it will look almost exactly the same as the examples already there. The only thing that changes is the first question you answer.

You just answer "Why don't I have what I want yet?" in Step 1 instead of the other question ("How do you know you have a problem?")

And then you list all the reasons you are telling yourself why you don't have what you want.

For example, with regards to a house:

  • No-one is getting mortgages these days with the money I have
  • All the cheap houses in the area I want have gone
  • I don't earn enough money

...and so on.

The reasons you believe are stopping you getting what you want will be unique to you and you just clean them up using the same approach.


I've now amended the spreadsheet example graphic in the original instructions to show a "manifesting" example as well.

Completed Manifesting Experiment 4 spreadsheet example

Click here to see this picture at full size

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answered 20 Jun '11, 15:43

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edited 21 Jun '11, 19:21

It is not the same. If I could easily transfer the idea, I would have. It is titles Manifesting Experiment, but there is no example of a manifesting situation on the spreadsheet. I tried interchanging the idea, but found it unclear, or I would not have asked.

(20 Jun '11, 17:16) Fairy Princess

I am not clear on what goes in each collumn.

(20 Jun '11, 17:18) Fairy Princess

Could you provide a specific example of what you find unclear?

(20 Jun '11, 17:40) Stingray

Step one says to answer the question, "Why don't I have the money to buy my new house yet?" But in the collumn heading it says, "Symptoms (What My Beliefs Make Me Do). So I don't know how to fill that in. Thanks!

(20 Jun '11, 18:22) Fairy Princess

Just ignore what the column heading says for now and answer the questions (a), (c) and (d) in that column with a line in the spreadsheet for each statement. After completing that, move onto Step 2 and answer the questions listed there which refer to what you have just entered. The flowchart ( ) illustrates the process in a visual form

(20 Jun '11, 19:05) Stingray

Please read the explanations beneath each Step in the original method description ( ) for guidance on answering the questions

(20 Jun '11, 19:08) Stingray

I have read the whole thing. It doesn't have one example that it stays with and illustrates in the spreadsheet.

(20 Jun '11, 20:15) Fairy Princess

Sorry, but I'm having trouble understanding what your problem is. It sounds like you don't want to try the process unless you have a complete example in front of you. But that's going to be of little value to you because I'll just have invented it and it won't have much, if any, bearing on your own issue. Just try answering the questions as they are or, better still, try the process with an issue you want to clean up instead so you can understand what it is all about

(20 Jun '11, 21:02) Stingray

I don't see what the big deal is. You named it the Manifesting Experiment, yet it doesn't have an example of manifesting, only other issues. It should illustrate what it is telling us to do, that is the point of an illustration. Otherwise it is not a manifesting experiment, it is a clearing method.

(21 Jun '11, 01:06) Fairy Princess

The instructions and the illustration should match.

(21 Jun '11, 01:07) Fairy Princess

Clearing your resistance to what you want is how you manifest what you want. If the example graphic puts the emphasis on clearing rather than manifesting then, from my point of view, that's a good thing because it puts the focus in the right place. It really doesn't bother me. I tend to think that anyone who's ready for this approach will use it regardless of how it should be written out or illustrated

(21 Jun '11, 10:15) Stingray

That doesn't help. I just want to know where to put the stuff. You said not to skip any steps, every step is important, but the picture doesn't match the directions. What if you were doing laundry at the laundrymat and the directions told you partly how to load the washer and partly how to clear the table and the picture showed how to clear the table? That would not help you load the laundry. It seems to me that all the chatting back and forth took more time than it would have just to fill in the Manifesting Experiment spreadsheet with a MANIFESTING example.

(21 Jun '11, 12:44) Fairy Princess

So what do I put in the first collumn? Thanks

(21 Jun '11, 13:48) Fairy Princess

You said, "Just ignore what the column heading says for now and answer the questions (a), (c) and (d) in that column with a line in the spreadsheet for each statement." I don't understand what you mean. What each statement? Thanks

(21 Jun '11, 13:50) Fairy Princess

If I am manifesting a house, do I put, "I want a house?" or, "A house?" or what? I think that you have said that wording matters in past posts.

(21 Jun '11, 13:54) Fairy Princess

Also, somebody on here said that manifesting the money for the house was limiting, and that we should manifest the house. Oh, you said that about a car. So, with all these different things, I am not sure exactly what to put. Thanks

(21 Jun '11, 13:56) Fairy Princess

If you want a new house, putting "I want a new house" in the My Issues column would be a good start :) The words you use don't matter one bit...the Universe doesn't read English or any other human language...only your feeling about your words matters ( ) . I'll revise that example picture in the experiment description in a few hours with one that shows an example of manifesting a house. See if that makes things clearer for you.

(21 Jun '11, 14:25) Stingray

If you are still not clear on something even after that example, please ask a new Inward Quest question as it will be more prominent than these comments and might help someone else, if they are confused also

(21 Jun '11, 14:29) Stingray

Thank you! I will look for it later.

(21 Jun '11, 14:48) Fairy Princess

Awesome! Thank you so much! I did it this morning. I Probably need to do a little more clearing up, but I spent over an hour on it and did a lot of work. Thank you very much! Blessings!

(23 Jun '11, 02:39) Fairy Princess

You're welcome, Fairy Princess

(23 Jun '11, 07:19) Stingray
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