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I've done manifesting experiment 4 for the second time. I'm not sure if all the issues are released but I do feel a bit lighter. I did it 2 nights ago and thought I was totally resistant free....For maybe 2 hours after the method I felt great, but I didn't do it fully because I spent that night in emotional hell and tears about the same subject; so I'll be doing the process over and over again until I experience that true enlightenment feeling, that is, every night for 1-2 hours.

Just on the part to do after step 7, so, step 8: I am finding it hard to begin a book of positive aspects, considering I am now 'out' of the bad feeling of the current situation I'm in- which is not having a lover and being on my own. The entire subject for me to clear was getting to feel better about being sungle.

So I don't really feel bad about being single, or things not working out with so and so, but I am not finding the process of positive aspects very natural or authentic, as it seems I am doing a focus block more than a book or positive aspects, with reasons why it's good to be single- "I am looking forward to the universe surprising me with an even more beautiful woman." For example, it's not making me feel bad, but it's not really getting me anywhere near the Vortex.

However, the let me explain something similar to touchstones.

I went for a jog the day after I did ME 4 for the first time, and I had two flooding memories of great times I was successful with girls. They literally came out of no-where and in their couple.

What should I do now so I don't re-lapse into old, yucky thinking again? Would it also be a good idea to perhaps to that Abraham belief-engraining thing of 'shoring up' beliefs I want sort of focus block style?

Thankyou, excellent method.

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but I am not finding the process of positive aspects very natural or authentic

If you are finding that the Positive Aspects are not flowing easily, you're not ready for them yet at that exact moment. Don't try and force it in that case, it will just backfire. See Should appreciation be forced?

I think I need to clarify something based upon what you've said about using your "problem" subject to get you into the Vortex.

Effectively, what you seem to be suggesting is that you chase the subject which is causing you "emotional hell" all the way up the vibrational scale until it brings you into the Vortex.

Hmmmm :)

Yes, in theory it's possible but, wow, that sure sounds like hard work to me. From my experience, you would need vibrational molding abilities bordering on super-human to pull that off in a short space of time :)

Also, it's not necessary. You can use any subject you want to move you into the Vortex so why not choose ones that are easier to already feel good about?

What Manifesting Experiment 4 is meant to do for you is to bring you enough relief on the subject that it doesn't cause a vibrational drag on your entire life.

So, for example, if every time any topic that causes you "emotional hell" gets activated in your life, it's going to send you into a vibrational tailspin down the emotional scale because you've practiced the bad-feeling side of that subject for so long. By taking the sting out of the subject, at least you have some degree of stability even though you are not able to reach the Vortex on that particular subject.

Once that issue is no longer dragging you into "emotional hell" every time it activates, you now have a chance to move yourself using Positive Aspects lists on other subjects towards the Vortex Edge and then get magnetically drawn into it.

The reason I suggested doing a quick Positive Aspects list on your Manifesting Experiment 4 subject was just to hold you in that feeling of relief on that subject for a little longer. The longer you hold yourself in good-feeling places, the easier it is to reach there again, and again, and again.

As I said at the start of this answer, if the Positive Aspects are not flowing, don't force them...you're just not in vibrational range of that method at that moment. Doing a Focus Block/Wheel instead is absolutely fine in that case since the vibrational range for that method extends considerably lower than for Positive Aspects as the chart below shows.

alt text

Click here for a full explanation of the above chart

Once you've extracted enough relief from the Focus Block/Wheel that your vibrational setpoint moves into the range of Positive Aspects, you should find that they flow easily and naturally.

But like I said above, you probably shouldn't use the subject that you have just molded as the same subject to enter the Vortex...it's just doing things the hard way :)


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@Stingray- thankyou again, I understand these days I may seem like a damn nuisance and quite annoying to you with all these questions, but you've helped a ton.

Thanks for clarifying the whole theory about subjects of 'emotional hell' and trying to enter the vortex even though im using ME 4. In terms of that particular subject, I am seeing a psycologist who is assisting me release resistance (even though she has no beliefs about LOA or anything, it's still a good tool to use I reckon).


(28 Feb '12, 19:00) Nikulas

@Nikulas - Sure, use whatever approach feels comfortable to you. There's no problem about asking questions from you or anyone else. It's never annoying to see someone start to come into possession of their true powers. I'm just a little short on time at the moment so answers might be a little slower than my usual "customers" expect :)

(28 Feb '12, 19:06) Stingray

@Stingray- well I'm greatful you're generous enough to view it that way, I personally find myself to others a bit of a burden, but cheers. "Customers" haha. I think you mean peasants :)

(29 Feb '12, 04:55) Nikulas
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