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What do you think of this? Even if it's really just a mirage, it's too vivid and real...

asked 27 Jun '11, 07:03

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Thanks for this link. Too cool!

(27 Jun '11, 21:52) LeeAnn 1

What a cool illusion it looks almost like a real city!

(30 Jun '11, 02:17) Wade Casaldi

Given the eventual explanation of what this turned out to be (despite all the initial media hype), I think this illustrates the idea of us not blindly accepting the truth of every bit of information that comes our way from external sources just because it agrees with our belief systems or what we would like to be true - and especially this year with all the 2012 end-of-the-world hype

(16 Feb '12, 05:23) Stingray

Stingray - "the idea of us not to blindly accept the truth of every bit of information" ... wise words my friend :)

(16 Feb '12, 07:26) blubird two
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Well, I was wrong. It's not even a mirage.

The buildings are real buildings in Huangshan city, in their usual orientation; the only difference is that they're surrounded by water and mist, making it look like they are floating. I should have realized that there were no before/after pictures, so there was no way to confirm that it was an actual mirage.

The media picked up the story and whipped it into a frenzy. But it was much ado about nothing. See here:

It's just a mirage.

A mirage occurs when a change in the temperature of the air bends the light rays that are reaching your eye, so that viewed objects appear to be in a different place than their actual location. This is the same phenomenon that occurs when you view a penny at the bottom of a glass of water; the penny looks higher in the glass than it actually is, because the water bends the light rays downward.

The page you linked contains an image of a superior mirage. A superior mirage occurs when the air below the line of sight is colder than that above (called a temperature inversion). This causes the light rays to be bent downward, causing the mirage image to appear higher than the actual object.

Superior mirages are rarer than the usual desert mirages you might be familiar with, but when they occur, they are more stable and vivid because cold air is heavier than warm air, and so the cold air will stay trapped under the warm air for awhile.

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answered 29 Jun '11, 15:01

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I think what most of us want to know is, where is the real city that is being reflected?

(29 Jun '11, 15:18) you

That's what I am wondering too Michael. The article does not tell us if the residents recognize the skyline, or if there are identical buildings nearby, or what.

(29 Jun '11, 19:01) LeeAnn 1

It is not a real city that is the point, I watched the video of the guy explaining. Those were just clouds fog or something reflected in the light traveling faster under the water than then air.

(30 Jun '11, 02:15) Wade Casaldi

From my knowledge, a mirage is usually a reflection of something very far and distant away.. but in the video the illusions that are being formed show a very old city that doesn't seem to exist in this world.. that's what Michael is asking, even if it is just a mirage, the illusions have got to come from somewhere, but it doesnt seem like there would be any city today that would look anything like that

(30 Jun '11, 02:30) kakaboo

Oh I thought they meant it was a trick to the eyes. Example it only seemed to look like a city but really it was an illusion. Yes if it is a reflection from far away then that city has to exist someplace on Earth, maybe Tibet?

(30 Jun '11, 02:45) Wade Casaldi

@Wade: It is a real city. It lies just beyond the horizon, on the other side of the Xin'an river. It is just far enough away where the curvature of the earth hides it, but when the thermal inversion layer appears, it bends the light around the earth so we can see it. I know the guy explaining didn't say much about the city (I think he did that deliberately to fuel this kind of speculation), but I assure you, the city is real.

(30 Jun '11, 04:10) Vesuvius

Thanks for the update, Vesuvius; I had been wondering about more of the facts in this. Interesting....

(07 Jul '11, 00:24) LeeAnn 1

Thanks for clearing this up V.

(07 Jul '11, 00:37) you

Cool, so really, a mirage is an illusional reflection of... Wait for it... An illusion. After all, physical reality is a kind of illusion, in the sense that it's made up of matter. And scientists have yet to 'scientifically prove' the existence of matter :)

(15 Feb '12, 20:44) Eddie

Ahh all this for a hoax, oh well we'll have to go to Snopes next time first! lol

(16 Feb '12, 11:55) Wade Casaldi
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Consider this idea:

As our collective consciousness raises our vibration we shift our focus to a parallel reality version of the earth which contains things that are invisible from the perspective of this reality. Thus what we perceive as 'Ghost Cities' as in that video are actually parallel realities which co-exist along with our reality.

There are an infinite number of parallel earths which already exist. We increasingly have the ability to choose which probable version of earth we now wish to experience by raising our vibrational frequency (signature) so as to tune in to the version we want to experience. Of course we can choose to dismiss this idea by simply disbelieving it because we always have our free will choice.

For those who aren't quite sure what I mean: whatever you prefer to believe is truth will be the truth for you. You can choose to be open minded and evolve and thus experience any probable reality you want to, for instance; the already existing reality in which our ET brothers and sisters land. Or you can choose to devolve by being cynical and thus possibly experiencing a NWO type of reality based on fear.

The choice will always be yours. Why not step up your vibration now and live 8-)

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answered 27 Jun '11, 08:14

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@Eddie - certainly worth considering :)

(16 Feb '12, 00:29) blubird two

@blubird two - thanks for being skeptically open-minded :)

(16 Feb '12, 00:53) Eddie

I have many thought on this. One is that it is a reflection of a real city, but the moisture in the air creates mirrors that refltect what is on the ground in one place, up to another and then reflect back off the river that is acting like a mirror. Like rainbows.

Or It is a wormhole to another time or dimension and was only open for a short time. I wonder if anybody swam out to it.

Or Since the earth may be switching directions soon, or the core is going to or some kind of flip is supposed to happen, it may be a preconception of the earth's energy. For example, we think before we move. Our thoughts are energy. So the earth is already thinking about this move and where everything will be shifted to, plotting and such. So, the moisture gave visible 'substance' to this future spot that is right now still a thought, or energy. (Like in movies when someone is invisible, they can be 'seen' in the rain. This city may then already exist somewhere else, but in the future, will be in that magnetic spot.

Or somebody is messing with us.

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answered 27 Jun '11, 15:10

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Fairy Princess

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Interesting question ... this kind of thing could be explained by energy vortices.

Energy vortices are whirling pools of energy that begin as thought forms and thought forms are created by ... our thoughts. The more energy and concentration we put into the thought, the more it tries to manifest itself in reality. Individual thoughts manifest principally in the physical world of the individual concerned, and could explain how some people "see spirits" ... collective thoughts manifest in exactly the same way and could explain the "ghost city" phenomenon ... this article on energy vortices by Madis Senner may be of interest

alt text

have fun


answered 16 Feb '12, 01:14

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blubird two

Thanks bb, will read that article soon :)

(16 Feb '12, 04:27) Eddie
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