Here is a reminder of the manifesting experiment 1 'the manifesting box ' method ; write down what you want on a piece of paper , put it in a box and forget about it .

My idea is this... How about applying this method to a global , volatile and fluid phenomenon such as the financial markets ?

Choose with precision the financial security target, write all the details on a piece of paper; write also that you would like to know if the value of this security will go up or down more than let's say 10% within the next 30 days. Put it in the box and forget about it .

The answer should come in the form of precognition. Precognition is part of the unconscious process and as such is not bound by the usual limitations of time and space. So the answer may come as a sudden thought , a hunch , gut feeling , dream ... or more interestingly could come in the form of a symbol, that is, the conventional movement of a pendulum.

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blubird two

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@jaz now there is a comment that should be expanded to an answer

(01 Feb '14, 03:51) ursixx

yes @ursixx i'm working on it

(01 Feb '14, 05:07) jaz

blubird two to @ru bis elementary quantum mechanics

the original double slit experiment

(03 Feb '14, 00:45) jaz

blubird @jaz in other words thought, mind and matter are of similar vibrational stuff, they are always interactive

(04 Feb '14, 05:44) jaz

@blubird putting it otherwise "everything is thought in the sense that everything is vibration, everything is energy"- AbrahamHicks ... so the original double slit experiment is a demonstration that every thought that was ever thought still exists though that thought has been modified by the coming together of other thoughts that are similar to it

(05 Feb '14, 04:35) jaz
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I see this as a tool to help you see the way that it manifests. There is only one problem I see though. When you take your goal and you want to see it manifest in one specific way then you disable yourself from being able to manifest it another way. Many times the higher self gives you what you want but will do it in many different ways.

I will give you an example. My wife is my soul mate and we have been together from the age of 14. We got together because a mutual friend gave me her phone number and I put it on my dresser. A half year later I found it behind my dresser as I was cleaning my room. We've been together ever since. I had several opportunities to meet her before but i did't. We had mutual friends in many different areas and had actually met several times already though i didn't notice. The way we did finally was from that I never cleaned behind my dresser as a kid but a gut feeling to be thoroughly done was overwhelming.

Now, if I would have made a list and pegged down a line of progression about how I would have met my new life partner, I would have thrown away that paper if it didn’t match my thoughts of "how" I needed to find her. But because I didn’t limit myself to a linear pattern, well I left the ability to manifest it wide open! I am a channel and I have had many ideas and ways taught to me about this. Here is the part I hope you listen take notice.

Love and light,



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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@ rob ; your comment is very welcome ; it is probably significant

that no one has given any points for this question .

i will try using the manifesting box to predict the outcome of

precise future events ... hopefully i'll learn something .

love and light

(16 Jul '11, 11:26) blubird two

thank u very very much my freind, i am hapy to know that this can help, love n light 2 u and i hope all u want comes to u from withinn,

(16 Jul '11, 15:39) TReb Bor yit-NE

The Stingray manifestation box is one of the members of a whole family of devices that can be used to consciously create your reality. They all work on the same principle that once the device has been correctly assembled, adjusted and activated it continues working long after you know long think of it. They can be compared to a radio transmitter that once plugged in, turned on and programmed with a specific message they keep broadcasting the same message over and over and over ...

The Stingray manifestation box coupled with it's preliminary procedure works fine, however to work directly within the box seems very complicated.

However a device that i very much appreciate is the multipurpose servranx graph

alt text

that can be used for manifesting. To use it you write a short description of your desire and place it on the central cross, and on top place your photo. Line the graph up with magnetic north, leave everything in place and allow it to work. It's as simple as that, the design of the graph automatically maintains harmony between your psychology and the desired manifestation thanks to the presence of the witnesses. It can also be used to manifest for someone else, simply place their written desire plus their photo on the central cross.

This graph shows the way not only how to present the manifestation box as a two dimensional direct access unit, but also the most efficient language to be used, geometric forms and key words.

Here then is a practical way of having direct access to the inside of the device. Construct a window type box by placing an A4 size sheet of white paper on a slightly larger size sheet of black paper

alt text

The blank sheet represents your subconscious mind, your template, a place of total awareness, the practical plastic mold on which you can consciously create. As soon as you give it a clear, precise plan it will immediately put that plan into action. Those instructions are your thoughts ; fix those thoughts, make them become visible and easily understandable for any observer by giving it a mental and emotional pattern, in the form of simple geometric shapes and key words.

As soon as you place a vibration within your template, either physically or by mental projection the blank state is automatically ruptured, collapses and the vibration that you have introduced fills it and is put immediately into action. Your mind is a goal seeking organism, provide it with a focused target and it will automatically bring it into your reality.

There are three key factors concerning questions about the future

1- What will happen at a certain place at a certain moment in time, you're searching for the « event ».

2- When will the event happen at a certain place, you're searching for the moment in « time »

3- Where will the event take place at a certain moment in time, you're searching for the geographic location, the « place »

Each of these three factors can be represented graphically in the form of a disk, a fourth disk is necessary to represent the result or answer to the question. Combining all this into a single homogenous form by joining each disk with a tension line and including the interior canal structure, the graphic can now be traced

alt text

each disk acts as a filter that you can consciously program so that you receive only the information that is essential to the case in hand.

When you're away from home, in a hotel room for example, you can easily imagine yourself laying snug in your bed at home. You know it so well you can feel the blankets on you, scent the room, hear the familiar noises, see the color of the wallpaper, For an instant you've shifted your place of living to a different geographic location.

Now, when sitting in your favourite chair in front of the tv you can easily imagine yourself watching your favourite program that will take place in a few minutes. you can hear the voices of the actors, you can see their faces, you have in effect shifted your place of living not geographically but into the future albeit a very near future.

« imagination is not an empirical or superadded power of consciousness, it is the whole of consciousness as it realizes it's freedom » Jean-Paul Sartre

Here is a practical example;

Imagine that you wish to know the winner of the first horse race starting in 30 minutes time at 14.00hours, it's a flat race on a grass circuit 2000 meters, 10 horses running at Vaal horse race track, south africa and the race can be seen on direct "live" TV.

Run a video of the race in your mind and you will find that the important "moment in time", the time at which to concentrate the image is the "time" at which the winning horse crosses the finishing line. Normally the time of arrival is 14.00 hours plus the time it takes for a racehorse to run 2000 meters (about 2 to 3 minutes). So you now can make a witness of the point in "time" that you are interested in by writing on a white card using a graphite pencil

alt text

The happening or "event" that you are interested in is the arrival of the winner, race number 1 at Vaal racetrack. Now you can make a witness of the "event" that you are interested in again by writing on a card

alt text

Examine carefully again in your mind the video and you will find that you perceive clearly the arrival of the winner, race number 1 that takes place at Vaal racetrack by simply looking at the television screen, channel "horse racing" or whatever that channel is named in your part of the world and that information is received by your physical eyes that send it to your central physical brain, your eyes are actually an extension of your brain. Now you can make a witness of "place"

alt text

In this particular case of researching the winner of a horse race the fourth essential element is the "winning horse" which can be symbolized by it's number or more generally the witness

alt text

The central cross of the graph is a separator, and here the operation of separating has already been done by separating, by breaking up the research into it's constituent key three parts, event, time and place. What is needed now is the operation inverse to separating. Separating is scattering, dispersing, spreading, fanning out, partitioning and the opposite operation is unifying, harmonizing, concentrating, linking, blending all the energies together so as to form a whole coherent central energy. So the central cross is replaced by an empty circle, an empty circle acts as a polarized boundary constantly searching for a center. There is more information about the separator cross in the appendix.

Here is the graph activated by the presence of the four witnesses in place

alt text

So now you have a perfectly balanced diagram at the center of which is an empty circle which represents your inner place of total abundance, the concept of abundance being defined as "the ability to perform " so it is your place of total ability.

Ask any question and you will immediately get an answer through your instinctive reflex system. However always remember that it functions just like any computer, it cannot reason or evaluate, thought is polarized energy, it is either on or off, negative or positive, yes or no. All is vibration including humans, similar things vibrate in unison, link and resonate together as a vibrational match. When you think you enter into vibrational match with what you are thinking about. Humans are not conscious of this link, but as a result the body produces almost immediate involuntary reflexes.

In the case of searching for the winning number of a horse race, asking the question "what is the winning number?" is imprecise. You should ask the question so that there can only be a yes or no answer.

With your attention focused on the center of the graph ask "is horse number 1 the winner of this race"

The flow of energy within the graph follows exactly the same principles as in feng shui, by modifying the graph you can modify the direction of the flow. The lozenge shape is always in perfect equilibrium, however by placing a question in the center you have put it under pressure, you have pressurized the assembly into giving an answer. Remember there is constant interaction between your energy and the graphism because it is in your focus and the graphism acts as a relay between the visible and the invisible, a kind of double doorway that allows you to interact directly with the invisible.

Energy always follows the path of least resistance so you can now give it two equal choices through which the energy can escape and express itself and these two equal choices are

  • positive

  • negative

It is of utmost importance to consider these two choices as being absolutely equal, your consciousness and higher self should be perfectly aligned This is where total "letting go" is of prime importance and it is a delicate part of the operation.

Now you can exteriorize the yes or no reply that is invisibly hidden within your body in the form of magnetic energy wishing to express itself, you can give it the possibility to render itself visible, to manifest itself by placing on the graph these two witnesses

alt text

alt text

alt text

In the aware state that you are now in, when you think exclusively of something you enter into resonance with it, the sensation is unconscious but there are tiny organic modifications and in particular reflexes show up especially in the palms of the hands and at the ends of your fingers. You may experience tingling, heat, cold, sensation of flow of air ... etc.

These tiny reflexes can be amplified by holding a pendulum

alt text

or a dowsing rod

alt text

In practice for the question in hand "is horse number 1 the winner of this race?" i hold the pendulum over the central circle and allow it to swing in a clockwise direction for a few moments as i mentally ask the question and then mentally draw the number "1" in the circle. The pendulum will direct itself towards the "winning horse" then towards "yes" or "no". I repeat the same procedure for all the numbers.

I like to compare it with playing a musical instrument, the more you vibrate the more the instrument vibrates and you enter into mutual resonance, mutual communication.

Extract from writings by Jafree Ozwald ... The only power you truly have is where you are choosing to focus your attention and attention in THIS now moment ... "Every intention sets energy into motion. Whether you are conscious of it or not" - Gary Zukav

Here is the basic graph that can be used for any question that your heart desires

alt text

and if you are wondering how to handle a pendulum you can easily learn how. A complete explication of how to use a pendulum is given in my answer to the question here on IQ

"Does a dowser work?"

have fun :)


The cross is used in thought energy work as a separator. Just as a prism splits light energy into seven colors so a cross can also split energy, for example if you hold a pendulum above the center of a drawing of a cross

alt text

it will remain immobile the four polarized channels pull equally in opposite directions. Continue holding your pendulum above the center of the cross and think "butter", the pendulum will start to gently swing alternately from one polarized extremity to the other in a particular direction. Now think of margarine and the pendulum will start to swing in a different direction. Now with the index finger of your free hand, that is your hand that is not holding the pendulum, point towards some real butter and the pendulum should swing in the same manner as when you thought "butter". If the pendulum swings neither as for butter nor margarine, then it is a mixture or butter, margarine or neither ... etc You can have great fun working in this way till you find the exact constituent parts.

One thing is certain, plans, drawings, diagrams intervene in the research as witnesses of that which they represent. Influences emerge from geometric forms ... and the shapes of a thought or thought forms emit characteristic vibrations or waveforms. In effect the universe is essentially a world of forms, everything that exists possesses a shape and is characterized by it's shape. Apart from the shape, other essential forces are the number, the sound, the rhythm, the verb, color and under certain conditions these forces can be brought into existence one from the other.

The perimeter of flat shapes or the exterior surface of a volume plays the role of a receiving antenna of ambient forces, these boundaries offer a superficial tension, a higher potential force than the surroundings.

This force is always polarized positively and negatively, be it invariabe or relative to the direction of magnetic north. If the whole boundary is a single polarity then the opposite polarity will appear inside the shape.

This ambient force, attracted and held by the entire boundary, provokes surely by induction or resonance, an increasing concentration of force at the geometric center of the shape, point at which it attains a degree of saturation. Saturation is proportional both to the proportions of the shape and the material from which it is made, size is not a criterion of power.

Once the degree of saturation is reached a perpetual flow can be observed, the force incessantly accumulates and incessantly escapes, just like a cup overflowing with water. This flow follows these principles ;

  • flow by the points if the shape has any
  • flow by any cuts or openings
  • in the case of a two dimensional flat shape, flow is perpendicular to the surface, thus vertical if the flat shape is placed as on a table and horizontal if the shape is held verticaly as on a wall. However in the case of a three dimensional shape, a volume, flow is almost always vertical.
  • flow from the center towards a point on the horizon or sky or if it serves as a support towards the influence having those properties.

The force that escapes in this way from the shape is always in resonance with one or more colors of the spectrum ranging from infrared to ultraviolet, as well as in harmony with one or more notes of music.

The complex flow of energies within a graph follows exactly the same principles as in feng shui also known as "wind and water", which deals with the flow of energy in the world around you especially your home, everything in your outer life mirrors your inner self and conversely everything in your outer life has an effect on you, understanding this phenomenon begins with a state of total awareness that each particle of creation is alive and filled with life force energy , it is all about living consciously, the art of balancing, harmonizing , enhancing the flow of natural energies , clear a space consecrated to the task in hand , create a temple, a template, that temporarily raises your vibrations within your own personal space. This template is now your temporary home in which you are in direct contact with your higher self and it provides a dedicated space in which you can "ask" and "receive" answers almost immediately.

Quantum physics is discovering what mystics have known for centuries that our universe is in essence born from a world of forms. In effect all that exists possesses a wave- form and is characterized and thus can be identified by it's form whether it is a solid or a more fluid structure such as a movement, a projection, a wave, a flow of air or water ,,,

References ; Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain - The Power of Ch'I by Michael Page -Pendulum Dowsing by Tom Graves - Practical Color Magick by Ray Buckland - Crystal Clear by Connie Church - The Dowsing Rod Kit by Sig Lonegren - Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston - Milliardaire Grâce au Pendule by Bernadette Goeury - Les Graphiques Servranx by Servranx - Ondes de Forme et Energies by Servranx - Radiesthésie Divinatoire by Servranx - Les Tracés d'Or des Emetteurs Radioniques by Dominique Coquelle - Thérapie de la maison by Roberto Zamperini


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@jaz, that's very interesting jaz, it appeals to me, the method, i've been realizing more and more with meditation that I need methods or tools that symbolize the inner work. In the method with a circle in the middle, when you ask the question you have to be looking at it? Or do the the graph and then ask while meditating? I've been thinking of building a manifesting box, one I'd create by hand.. with a secret compartiment to represent the subconcious, or perhaps many different compatiments..

(10 Mar '14, 04:46) Notgonnatellyou

@Notgonnatellyou thanks for your interest, i suggest that you follow your own intuition, find out what suits you ... i will continue explaining how i work perhaps that will inspire you :)

(10 Mar '14, 05:16) jaz

For my own part, I very much agree with Rob's ideas: let your Ever-Unfolding-NOW Moments flow along the trajectory that was pre-planned prior incarnation. The pre-planning represents energetic coordinates our Higher Self wishes to experience, and which we will eventually 'gravitate' towards. But such coordinates or time streams are not cut in stone, for we have Free Will - the Free Will to step off the stream of this pre-planned energetic trajectory; the Free Will to resist what our inner knowing (Higher Self) tells us. Quite frankly, when we step off this stream of trajectory, we will not be as satisfied as we would be should we have remained on this trajectory; and the often result of doing so will make our lives more challenging in experience, and more difficult to align ourselves again with the trajectory we agreed to experience. Basically speaking, when we shift to a frequency that we are in tune to, but not of a vibrational match, we experience discomfort.

Predicting the Future? No entity can. One can experience a potential 'future' of a Collective Consciousness, if one is in tune to the frequency of such. One can experience a potential 'individual' energy signature if one is in tune to that individual energy signature. But when one has such an experience, said one has been removed from the linear 'Time Stream' of its Higher Self Energy. Not a good place to be. There is no one Earth; there is no one Collective Consciousness. The only future one can predict is the one one currently wishes to reside in.


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@TGunn the phrase that i retain from your text is your very last phrase "the only future one can predict is the one one currently wishes to reside in" ... +1 point

(01 Feb '14, 01:48) jaz

@TGunn i also like "let your ever-unfolding-now moments flow along the trajectory" ... so my plan should include all those elements susceptible to have their importance in this kind of research

(04 Feb '14, 14:04) jaz
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