As I'm learning about the universal laws and utilizing them conciously I can feel a shift taking place in my thinking.

After having a degree of success with neutralizing processes and focus blocks I feel as if i'm finally getting a handle on all of this.

Before studying more metaphysical works I studied alot of about success. I've studied books by Jack Canfield(my personal favorite in that industry), some Tony Robbins, Mark Victor hanson, and many others. Studying the works of those men I have developed a desire to dream big and to go far in life.

I have an idea of the life that I want to live but no idea how to get there(which I know is not my job and that's fine).

My question is...Can I use the processes that I've learned to move towards my "dream life" and know for sure that I'm headed in that direction?

Is that where goals, and vision boards, things of that nature assist me or are there other ways?

Side note After doing several cleaning process I feel now is the time to begin utlizing Manifesting Experiment 1. I feel like enough of the cobwebs have been cleared you use this process with success.

@nd Side note My dream life would consist of being a traveling Success/Life coach/Business consultant/Public speaker. I'm open to any advice for a guy in his mid 20's trying to find his way into that industry.

Thank you wonderful people. I appreciate so much the answers I receive on this site. I look forward to your responses.


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Chris 2

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Pink Diamond

The processes you have been using will help you achieve your dream life. The Focus Wheel method (which the Focus Blocks method is based on) and Manifesting Box method have worked well for me personally and I think there are many other methods out there that can be utilised.

However, I wanted to point out from personal experience that you can set yourself goals/desires but you should not treat any goal/desire as an ultimate desire, which you have referred to in your question as the 'dream life'.

There is no 'dream life'. I have set myself numerous goals similar to yours before saying to myself, 'If I achieve this, then my life will be sorted out and I will be happy after that' or 'This is the only big thing I will ever want in life, I will never desire anything as big or as much as this after getting this'. It never turns out to be that way.

Life does not work like that. Whenever I have achieved the impossible, I found the joy of getting or achieving the thing very short lived and found myself desiring other things and to a greater extent. You will always be in a place where you are not fully satisfied with your life which will be the basis from which you will keep launching desires as long as you are alive.

The point I am trying to make here is life is not about getting the thing or achieving the goal because you will always have more desires and goals. Life is about the journey. It is about the experiences you have, going from a place of not having something to a place of having the thing. It is the journey and the experience that gives you the most thrill. So, try and enjoy the journey to your 'dream life'.

For this part of your question:

'How do I know for sure that I'm headed in that direction?'

Your emotions is what guide you every step of the way. When you feel joy, happiness, excitement, love and enthusiam (any positive emotion), then you are headed in the right direction.


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Pink Diamond

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Thank you for your answer. I'm understanding what you mean. I was once really goals oriented...I would look at them daily...then one day i realized that I hated looking at my goals and i hated looking at my vision board because it was a remember that I haven't arrived. Thanks for you words of wisdom and encouragement

(02 Nov '10, 21:57) Chris 2

I love the Manifestation box. (Advice) read it through several times.


answered 02 Nov '10, 23:15

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Simple yet good advice thanks Tom.

(02 Nov '10, 23:23) Chris 2
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