In general the things you truly want come with the slight vibration of lack/need/yearning/doubt etc, because if they did not they would already be in your life, to some degree.

Could you start a creation box /universal manager list adding only things that you have no or very little desire for? Would this be successful, or would the lack of true desire be a hindrance to manifesting?

I have used creation box to manifest quite a lot of things in the past but I was pondering this as a plan to build a stronger belief in its power, to secure 'bigger' things. If you did this, with things that you did not want, and got really good results at a faster rate would that build belief, to enable you to add more and more of what you truly want into the box? Or, would the limiting beliefs attached to what you really want still be in operation as a barrier?

Has anyone tried this in the past, adding things you do not want to the box? I am thinking about giving up totally on the things that haven't come through in my old box, (I don't really 'need' them to be happy if I stay in the now moment anyway) so I would delete the old box and start afresh with things that I do not really care for, and then later add the 'dreams' if they're still important to me that is. :)

Thank you for reading. :)

asked 09 Oct '13, 16:05

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I'm not sure how it would work out trying to manifest things that you have no desire for. My understanding is that desire is an important part of the manifesting process. From my own perspective, I'd say your best bet is to manifest things you do desire, but are no big deal. For instance, manifesting 10 dollars, or a certain article of clothing, or a new friend, etc. They would be nice to have but you'll be fine without them.

(10 Oct '13, 01:39) lozenge123

Why is there an assumption that desire creates resistance? I have a lot of resistance to manifesting a third arm, an alien invasion, or a triangular moon. That doesn't mean I want those things it just means they are outside my comfort/belief zone.

(10 Oct '13, 02:00) flowsurfer

@flowsurfer Hey don't knock a third arm. In karate that could be useful and playing guitar wow you could do a lot and be the greatest player ever! Lol I'm laughing now but who knows with the advancement of robotics maybe someday people will have extra arms they could put on..... Hmmmm things that make you say hmm.

(10 Oct '13, 03:08) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi All that may be true, it's just not a truth I am interested in. Esther jokes about wanting a third arm and countless people really, really want an alien invasion. I rather stick to my standard two arms and no aliens for the time being. Maybe one day I'll want to explore these other options but right now I rather keep my resistance to them.

(10 Oct '13, 03:14) flowsurfer

Thank you all for your input on this. Great debate.

(10 Oct '13, 05:24) Yes
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Here is a bit of a paradox. You can't want something you have, and you can't have something you want.

I will try some examples here...

I'll say I own a nice television set. I can't want a nice television set because I have one. But now if I didn't have one then I could look in store windows and wish and want but not have.

Now the interesting part comes into play. Since I have to not have something to want it, then the act of wanting it affirms I don't have it.

In other words I am affirming need and lack when I want it.

I can change this need and lack to, "I'm getting." This is much more positive and optimistic! That can be active as in "Whatever it takes I will have that, if I have to work two shifts I'm getting that." It also can be passive, "I don't know how but I'm getting one of those."

Both of those are examples of number one there is at least enough for me to get one. Also it says that you are expecting to receive your desire.

This brings us to your question, true you wouldn't care about it so there would be no worry or want about not having it. But also the level of expecting it would be as nill and so it may be to you as a non-event. Much like if you did nothing.

I think there would have to be at least a little desire for what you want to have at least a little expectation that putting your paper in the box or jar whatever you use, it could be an empty coffee can will be worth it.


answered 09 Oct '13, 17:36

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Wade Casaldi

edited 09 Oct '13, 17:41

Wade, thanks for this, very interesting indeed! So, maybe ask for things that interest you at least a little... then there's a true desire in the ask but no 'need'.

(09 Oct '13, 18:04) Yes

Yes that seems like it would work.

(09 Oct '13, 21:52) Wade Casaldi

I'm guessing by saying "things you don't actually want", you're really referring to things you want with little resistance.

For example, most people don't want cancer but I'm still pretty sure they won't want to write a request about getting it :)

In that case, I would like to refer you to the idea of starting with small, easy things first. See If we want to manifest things faster should we start small to build up confidence?

Anyway, the point of writing this answer is really to make a related point about people getting what they don't want. The Law of Attraction is just as consistent in manifesting what you don't want as much as what you do want.

This was one of the main insights for me that originally led me to investigate these ideas about manifesting reality...

I was always remarkably consistent in getting what I didn't want :)

Even the so-called Law of Averages would have meant I would have occasionally got what I was after but I was just so consistently not getting it that it started to become obvious that something else was going on.

I've told a little about my own story in Can we subconsciously manifest bad events in our lives? That consistency in getting what I didn't want helped me start to see the patterns underlying it all and led me to such reality creation teachers as Abraham.

So, relating to your question, many people are already masters of applying the Law of Attraction to getting what they don't want (since the Law of Attraction always operates whether you are conscious of it or not) otherwise they wouldn't be looking into these subjects in the first place in order to stop that not-getting-it happening :)

As a bonus related point :) ...I'd also like to say that you only really notice you have a strong desire for something when you have resistance opposing it. When you are up-to-speed (or almost there) with your desire, it doesn't feel like you have one (even if it's a powerful one) because you are so close to alignment with it anyway.

See Abraham's 'Getting Into The Vortex' - is it working? and the idea of The Next Logical Step

alt text

As an example of this, get into a happy frame of mind and go to the top of your favorite skyscraper. Now stand on the ledge and prepare to throw yourself off. I think you'll discover at that moment, just how strong a desire you have to live even though you don't notice it day-to-day :)


answered 10 Oct '13, 08:24

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Love this answer! The things that I am ready to cancel from my original box, to wipeout and start again is because the desire for them has sort-of gone. It's like they're not hugely important after all. So for this new box, it's more for the game of it, to play with my reality, it's not really about getting the stuff anymore. I've lost the desire for all the 'big' dreams that got me started with LOA. I want to play again with these processes because I read the post on 'apathy'.....

(10 Oct '13, 14:17) Yes

... and that definitely applies to me at this point in time. I'm looking forward to reading the post on, what got you started with all this, Stingray. I'm clicking on that now :)

(10 Oct '13, 14:19) Yes
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