and not my ex fiance? He and I were still very close and still in love when he passed. It bothers me that I don't dream about him.

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What is it about your dream about your best friend that you find significant? Is that element missing with your ex?

(14 Jul '11, 04:14) Vesuvius

If you are not aware of the material i sent you, let em know and i will share it with you,

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(15 Jul '11, 01:27) TReb Bor yit-NE
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you dream about him for one of two reasons. because it IS him tryng to communictae with you, or you miss him so bad you mannefest him in your dreams. There is so much i know if dreams but IF YOU REALY want great info, PLEASE listen to this ... PLEASE!!! listen to it all. if you NEVER had a chance to hear this material, i suggest you start at scratch and start at part one all the way through thirteen, it is a little over two hours of material, All of it is GOLD!

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TReb Bor yit-NE

I have to wonder about how long that you knew both. If you have known your best friend since kindergarten then despite the love you and your fiance had for each other you knew him not as well as your best friend.

This means there was a life long bond vs a falling in love bond, although falling in love is very strong itself, a lifelong bond has much more attachment to it.

The dream world and spirit world are very closely linked, the dead come to visit us in our sleep since it is the state we are closest to being dead. We are out of body and not distracted by the physical however even though it is easier to reach us it is by no means easy because we have subconscious dream stuff constantly creeping in mixing with our experiences of talking.

This is why you may be driving a car or on a plane while talking with the crossed over friend because the conversation is there but the car or plane is from your subconscious. You get a mixture of the visit and whatever pops in your mind while you are having the conversation.

I imagine it would be frustrating to the one trying to keep your attention but that is just how things are.


answered 14 Jul '11, 18:54

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Wade Casaldi

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