Where does one draw the line between having big dreams and being delusional? How do you identify just what the limits are between possible and impossible? I would assume a person's mind working to create delusion would have just as much intellect as the 'conscious' portion of their brain trying to not be delusional.

I.E: Any amount of consideration in the interest of sanity could be reasoned against and disproven by the delusional mind working in the interest of insanity, leaving the individual stuck in a loop between arguments in favor and against whatever is working in their heads. How could the individual decide where dreams end and delusions begin?

Similar question asked here by @Vesuvius, topic being if there are any limitations to be had. Assuming there are limitations, at the very least between normal life and flying on clouds (without the help of a wingsuit), how do you identify them?

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Well in what i truly believe, and what i have been taught,(and resonates deeply). If it doesn't break the laws of the universe. ( not 4 laws, or whatever, i mean physical laws that the 11th D entity makes in its own systems) NOTHING is delusion. If it comes from excitement, it is because higher self led us there. Even if we never Finnish the task at hand, or do what we set out to, we are being led to something else. SO this is why i say nothing is delusion. It is only excitement, and being in the process of manifesting something. :-)

example, the gold balls guy from India,. at one time Treb said that he did do it, but after loosing his head, and gaining ego, he lost the ability. This is where most say is impossible,. if he did that, we can do ANYTHING !!! love n light



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may be a matter of facts
determining what be there
should more appear with new
perceptibility who

judges it delusional


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