Sometimes in my dreams I see something and tell myself in the dream state that this is really important or symbolic but the moment I wake up I forget what I saw. I do remember that it was something important or meaningful for me but I can't remember what it was. How can remember these dreams when I wake up?

asked 14 Jul '11, 10:11

I%20Think%20Therefore%20I%20Am's gravatar image

I Think Therefore I Am

After you wake up, continue to lie down with your eyes closed and focus on recalling your dreams. Altough it will not feel like anything is going to happen, parts of your dreams will appear in your mind. Most likely you will get the dream in a reverse order. Take the memory and try to recall what happened before it. I cannot guarantee you will recall the whole dream, but in this manner you will be able to remember some parts of it. It is good to have a pen and something to write on to jot down your dreams. You remeber the dreams best immediately upon awakening so it is best to write them down very fast, before they disappear from your mind. The connection between "dream memory" and "waking memory" is a very fragile one.


answered 14 Jul '11, 11:33

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doing that you might go back in the same dream to continue it or restart it. but yes you can recall the dream as soon as you wake up and finding what you remember and understanding it will give you the pieces that are missing in the dream.

(16 Jul '11, 03:31) white tiger

I write them down in a little notebook I keep at the bedside, the very moment I wake up...even before getting out of bed. Don't wait until your conscious mind starts taking over, because then they are very quickly forgotten.

When I pass to the other side someday, I don't necessarily want my family reading about some of these dreams, they are personal. I also don't want my relatives and husband having to sort through piles of notebooks that only meant something to me. I keep the notebooks for just a little while, perhaps 8-12 weeks. I look them over before throwing them away and sometimes find something that later turned out to be prophetic or important. Many of them seem to mean nothing, and that's OK.

But that is my advice, record the dreams immediately upon waking, whether it is in the morning or the middle of the night.


answered 14 Jul '11, 16:28

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LeeAnn 1

Do you wake up calmly or with a loud alarm? Something that shocks you awake will make you forget what you were dreaming. Do you think about your routine for the day?

You need to wake up calm and relaxed then start going over your dream in your mind slowly. You can provoke memories by pointed questions such as "Was I inside?" "Were there other people?" Stay calm, and if all of this fails, tell your right brain to "bring back what you were dreaming" then forget about it and do what you normally do.


answered 14 Jul '11, 16:45

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Wade Casaldi

That's a good point, Wade. If a person is jolted awake, it is likely their conscious mind will immediately engage and they will instantly forget their dreams. My canine companions start getting restless just after dawn and this wakens me gently. No more alarm clocks since I retired! If you must use an alarm, some of the newer ones use gentle sounds and light to gradually awaken you.

(14 Jul '11, 18:29) LeeAnn 1

yes if you engage in day life to soon you will lose what is the dream. stay calm and relax i agree wade.

(16 Jul '11, 03:34) white tiger

i'm not so sure you want to be dreaming,
for if you do have dreams you have an imperfect sleep,
and the potential of your revitalization is diminished


answered 15 Jul '11, 01:35

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well every one that sleep dreams some are counsious about it and some are not. so if you have dream you are more counscious and aware. there is no imperfect sleep if you dream and from experiance i can tell you i dream around 4 dream per night and i feel to have sleep better dreaming then when i am not dreaming. i also sleep 5 to 7 hour per night and i am fully revitalize.

(16 Jul '11, 03:41) white tiger

white tiger, everyone has a resevior of vitality of which a dream is a drain of; a more perfect sleep uses little to no vitality.

(19 Jul '11, 11:16) fred
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