here is an article linking the schumann resonance and yin yang ,

do you have any comments ?

asked 16 Jul '11, 15:31

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blubird two

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Barry Allen ♦♦

yin and yang is in everything even in the schumann resonance. light dark, positive negative,good bad, even electric discharge needs a positive and negative to have open circuit so the current can pass through it. in magnetic field you have positive and negative also negative to negative repels and positive to positive repels and negative to positive or positive to negative attract. magnetic and electric can be turn to one and the other. yin and yang can be observe in different things and also understood in different things. does it answer your question? experiance and enjoy.


answered 18 Jul '11, 03:26

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white tiger

I have been reading this and this seems to explain what you were talking about Blubird


answered 17 Jul '11, 02:09

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Wade Casaldi

thanks for the link wade , i'm beginning to get the picture .

(17 Jul '11, 04:52) blubird two
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