so i know someone who might control the ability of air but she can only do it when she tries to hurt herself.

but not only that she keeps having dreams about a song and when she hears that song she has more power to control air but how could she do that?

i dont know i just want someone to help me please

asked 29 Aug '11, 19:00

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edited 29 Aug '11, 19:54

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Welcome to Inward Quest. I'm closing this question for now because there is not enough detail in it to explain what you are referring to. Please edit the question and add some more information and I'll be happy to reopen it

(29 Aug '11, 19:07) Barry Allen ♦♦

well she might have negative or erradic emotion. and those strongh emotion makes it happen with a lack of control..

(29 Aug '11, 19:14) white tiger

skyler write it in the big block not in the question field. and barry will open it.

(29 Aug '11, 19:37) white tiger

Skyler, I've edited and reopened your question though it's still not clear to me what it is about. I've made a guess at what you are actually asking in the title. It would still be helpful if you clarify what you mean when you talk about controlling air.

(29 Aug '11, 20:07) Barry Allen ♦♦

how can she do that by willing it or talking to it. so whats the song.

(29 Aug '11, 20:11) white tiger
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I have to believe if she needs to hurt herself to cause this then can this be from God? We should not have to cause pain or harm to affect anything if it is from God. Having power for the sake of having power may have a heavy price to pay for that power. I feel this needs to be prayed over with her for her sake.


answered 01 Sep '11, 04:08

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Wade Casaldi

what is so surprising in that control the air? what is the song? anny way experience and enjoy.

state of mind affect the weather. look at the haarp they say that the mind work at the same frequency listen to this video:

experience and enjoy.


answered 01 Sep '11, 02:56

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white tiger

edited 13 Feb '12, 21:06

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