I have this desire that I want to fullfill in 2 weeks. This is not an unreasonable desire, it is something which I know can happen in 2 weeks but I still feel very pessimistic about it. So I am not able to visualize the situation as though I have achieved it already. At this stage, what should I do to get my desire fullfilled in 2 weeks ? Should I try the manifestation experiment no : 2 ?

Can someone please help me on this.

I tried the below but this is not really working for me:

1) Tried " Wouldn't it be nice" method

2) 17 seconds of pure thought ( but I am not able to get the pure thoughts)

May be small improvements are there in the way I feel after trying the above 2 methods but I am still not any closer to getting what I want.Today another thing happened which is not favorable to getting my desire fullfilled.So different kind negative thoughts are coming to my mind making me more and more confused. Considering all this, can someone please guide me on what I can do to get what I want in 2 weeks ?

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Try to de-construct why you want this desire. If this did come in the 2 week window, what would you FEEL then with the desire that you're not feeling now? It's the feeling you're after not the actual desire. If I told you that you could have the desire now I could wave my magic wand and give it to you now but on the condition that with it you would then feel constantly angry and violent to others every day. Would you still want it if that was the deal?....

(13 Nov '15, 09:36) Yes

.... It's not the desire you want it's the feeling that would come with it. If you can work out the exact feeling that you're looking for, leaving the desire out of the equation, then you can find ways to focus your emotions to feel that way now. Once you find the feeling place of the desire then you will be a vibrational match to it and it will manifest effortlessly.

(13 Nov '15, 09:38) Yes

Thanks @Yes for your response.I too know and agree with what you are saying . And today things have been better for me, universe is giving signs which gives me hope. So I going to find that good feeling place. :)

(13 Nov '15, 20:28) Serene
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Attempting to visualize a desire ''already achieved'' while harboring resistance will only create more resistance around your desire, add to that putting a timetable on when it should manifest indicates a strong attachment towards a specific desired outcome, which will only further hamper your visualization efforts significantly. It would be very beneficial to learn about and practice the art of letting go and allowing, and that requires letting go of your negative thoughts by allowing your resistance to dissolve naturally, how this is done?, by simply allowing the negative thoughts and the emotions that follow to surface without judgment, [by not resisting them] and while this can cause a lot of discomfort at first it does get easier with time. Many make the mistake of setting intentions and start visualization exercises right out of the gate, but with this approach they are adding even more resistance to the resistance they already have. When resistance is dissolved you won't feel the need to visualize your intended desire, it wouldn't be necessary because you'd already be in a complete state of allowing, and in this state you are completely ''unattached'' and you could care less how or when your intention manifests thus ''allowing'' your desire to be realized in your physical reality [trusting] in it's own perfect timing. There may be many layers of limited beliefs [negative thoughts] to surface and dissolve and it may take some time, but it's a necessary process towards getting what you want. The key to all of this is letting go and allowing, and once you've mastered this art your desire will feel more ''ordinary'' or natural to you which enables it to manifest effortlessly.


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This is a great answer! Although I personally do visualize my pre-manifested desires sometimes. But, it's to enjoy the vision, not to make something happen. It's a walk into my vibrational reality as opposed to walking in my physical reality. They are both true realities and as @Kreatr has said you don't care if it manifests, it's always the FEELING of it you're chasing.

(13 Nov '15, 09:28) Yes

I too agree, great answer ! Thanks @Kreatr for your response.Letting go and not resist the negative emotions is what I am trying to do now. :)

(13 Nov '15, 20:53) Serene

Very true Yes, we are after a feeling, and whether we have it or not it's the feeling we're ultimately after which is equivalent to already having our intention realized, making it feel less important [ordinary] to us which ''allows'' it to enter our physical reality.

(21 Nov '15, 11:06) Kreatr

Yes Serene, when you learn not to resist the resistance and just let it be what it is, [giving it no judgment/meaning] it will dissolve on it's own, the takeaway here is you'll move more towards a constant state of allowing. Happyunicorn17 sums it up nicely, enjoy your life and let the Universe take care of the rest, whatever resistance comes up just allow it and let it dissolve by itself and move on, remember that you are ALWAYS moving towards what you want.

(21 Nov '15, 11:23) Kreatr

Contrast is very necessary so we can get more clear of what we truly want, it can feel very uncomfortable but the truth is it really serves us in a big way, resistance/contrast is always happening ''FOR'' us and not ''TO'' us, and when we are allowing the resistance/contrast to occur without judgment, we'll get what we want in a less complicated and more smoother fashion.

(21 Nov '15, 11:45) Kreatr

Thanks a lot,@Kreatr you have explained it so very nicely as if you know what I am going through.Thanks again.:)

(22 Nov '15, 02:40) Serene
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Hi @Serene you could try this for a couple of weeks I feel sure you'd be surprised by the results.

Start by simply choosing to believe and be willing to give it all you've got. Really feel your emotions and mentally accept and understand their meaning without censoring. Maintain your energy directed towards what you want instead of towards what is undesired and use the power of imagination to reach it. Again choose to trust that it can materialize.

If something feels "off track" use your willpower to readjust and bring it back "on track".


answered 12 Nov '15, 02:31

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Thanks @jaz for your response. But I did not completely understand it. My problem is I am not able to do all that you suggested like choosing to believe and directing my energy to what I desire.When I do this, negative thoughts keeps interrupting .

(12 Nov '15, 16:24) Serene

yes @Serene I know exactly what you mean, however there is a way of achieving all this without the choosing to believe and directing your energy bit, just as you can use a mechanical car to get from A to B without the need to believe that the car works or direct your energy (except of course to direct your physical energy to drive). Using a template, energy is directed exactly where you want it to go and there's a built in feedback mechanism, nothing else to do, sounds too easy? :)

(13 Nov '15, 01:59) jaz

@jaz sorry but I did not understand the way of using a template. Could you please elaborate ?

(13 Nov '15, 20:57) Serene

As you most certainly know @Serene everything in your reality mirrors the vibes you're emitting. Your outer and inner worlds are interactive, adjusting your inner vibes adjusts your outer vibes, that is adjusts what you perceive as your reality. Conversely adjusting your reality automatically adjusts your inner vibes, it's the principle used in feng shui (wind and water) and in this sense your reality can be considered as a 3D template.

(14 Nov '15, 11:25) jaz

2D templates perform in exactly the same way. By adjusting and balancing the flow of energy using a template you can effectively program your energy to attain the aim of your choice.

(14 Nov '15, 11:29) jaz

Ok Thanks @jaz. Do you know where I can get more information on these templates.

(14 Nov '15, 18:08) Serene

Yes @Serene, personally I use the word template because it describes what it is, that is, a device (graphic symbol or symbols) that provides a guiding pattern. Information on templates is very dispersed and complex, it's an art that dates back to ancient times. Nowadays it's more commonly known as radionics, my preference is servranx, here are some examples of their radionic graphs (templates)


(15 Nov '15, 03:01) jaz

Thanks a lot @jaz :)

(15 Nov '15, 19:31) Serene

@jaz I checked out the above website, but where can I find the information on how to use it ?

(15 Nov '15, 23:02) Serene

@Serene searching internet for info on the subject is a real tangled jungle, the best site I've ever found is servranx. you could try the house of radionics which is in english and more or less based on the works of servranx, also check out the tag radionics here on IQ, you'll find a bit of info about these things ... you could ask directly @jaz :)

(16 Nov '15, 01:40) jaz

Ok thanks @jaz

(16 Nov '15, 11:44) Serene

@jaz how can I connect with you to ask questions

(21 Nov '15, 00:36) Serene

@Serene try blubird on IQ Meta :)

(21 Nov '15, 03:01) jaz

@Serene how can I connect with you?

(25 Nov '15, 05:06) jaz

@jaz you can reach me @Serene on IQ Meta :)

(29 Nov '15, 11:22) Serene
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Work on feeling the feeling you would have if you had this desire. Then, don't worry about it. If you're worried about it not happening, you still have a lot of attachment to it. Make peace with it. Be okay no matter what happens.


answered 13 Nov '15, 09:52

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The Magician

Thanks @The Magician for your response.

(13 Nov '15, 20:54) Serene

Don't do anything. That's the deal. Don't do anything about it. You asked? Okay. You've done your job. Now you can move on with your life. Don't set unrealistic expectations and don't look for the manifestation showing up. Just do everything else. if you're sad, feel sad. If you're happy, feel happy. Don't force a feeling and don't resist it either. Feel what you feel. Just live life. Don't get involved in these processes of visualization, manifesting experiment, affirmations, vision board blah blah because trust me, that will NEVER work. It may make you feel good for a while, but that's it. Plus , if it feels like work, then its definitely a no go.Try everything you can to forget about this for a while. Don't push away negative thoughts. Allow them to come, allow them to go. Don't resist them. Just don't "do" anything to "get that". Like these processes and what not. Just move on with your life and engage in other activities, try to forget about this.


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Thanks @Happyunicorn17 for your response. I feel there is way I can do this but have not yet figured it out, so I still want to do something . And what you said is right, I should not resist or push away negative thoughts. I am trying to do that now.

(12 Nov '15, 16:27) Serene

Yes, you want to "do" something, and that is the problem.

(13 Nov '15, 09:51) The Magician
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