This is question re manifesting box

The date by which my manifestation was to become tangible has now passed (by a few months) so I am not sure if it is just being tardy or what is going on.

do I now just cross out the date and write in a new one? or do I go back and write a whole new manifestation? and if so what happens to the energy behind manifest #1? does that simply snowball into a more powerful manifestation the second time round?

thanks everyone SR

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Barry Allen ♦♦

Seeing that you are active on the site @smellingtheroses, what happened to the request? Did it manifest, and how long after you wrote the question?

(18 Aug '15, 07:30) cod2
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Everything is in the right place and time as it is in every single moment.

You should not cling onto specific dates or have any sort of expectations. Isn't it said that your higher self knows of better ways to deliver you your desire than you can imagine. Then by the same token, your higher self knows of better time to deliver your desire than you can set for yourself.

You'll have it when you're ready for it. Until then, worry not about a thing.

edit - And why would you be waiting for something so eagerly that it bothers your mind? You should enjoy every moment, so that waiting cease to exist. If there's no waiting, there's only happiness.


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Legendary, timeless wisdom that we all don't seem to take on board when we do desire things real bad.

(13 Jul '13, 11:39) Nikulas

@CalonLan: Nice :) And maybe if we take out that waiting (with that real bad desire) then everything happens in NOW!

(13 Jul '13, 18:00) ZDCobran

I was eagerly waiting to get my wisdom tooth out. Thanks for your input CalonLan.

(18 Aug '15, 07:01) smellingtheroses

@smellingtheroses - haha. Sorry for laughing, but I thought that was pretty funny. I do agree with CalonLan about not holding onto specific timing. Accordingly, the Universe doesn't work on our understanding of spacetime. And, who knows? Maybe you don't "need" to take your wisdom tooth out? I still have mine. I experienced pain, but it eventually went away. And, the dentist told me I didn't need to take them out.

(19 Aug '15, 02:07) OceanSize
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There are intentions and counter-intentions. So even when we use something as powerful as a manifesting box, if we have doubts, or feelings of undeserving or unworthiness about what we have requested, then we are launching a counter-intention. This may or may not be the reason your manifestation hasn't shown up yet.

Other factors may include divine right timing, and whether or not this particular manifestation is actually for your highest good at this time. I have noticed in my life that I have fired off an intention for something, and certain events--sometimes over years--transpire in order for me to gain some sort of wisdom, before the manifestation becomes reality. This, I must add, usually relates to particularly big intentions which can impact others. When I look back it's like my higher self was saying 'Great your intention will manifest, but I want you to experience this, this, and this first.' And it always makes sense when you look back, as to why something happens or manifests the way it does.


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it's not just for a genie
that comes out of it's bottle,
the responsibility
to be worthy is yours


answered 02 Dec '19, 15:26

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