I was googling an answer in relation to Abraham Hicks, and to my shock, one of the earlier websites had a collection of articles that all advertised that Esther and Jerry Hicks are frauds, are fake, are salesmen, are trying to strike gold with the latest new age cult with the law of attraction.

Reading some of these articles, it is easy to see why some people believe it is fake- examples include the rumour that Jerry Hicks now has cancer, and that Esther even humiliated and kicked out paying audience members for talking whilst lecturing. These examples stuck out at me the most, yet just visit the link I've provided and I recommend you read the articles yourselves.

This is very depressing to me, for I love these teachers. I would be greatful if I could have opinion about this issue. More importantly, are their actual teachings accurate (eg: nothing is more important than feeling good)? If anyone uses their methods and they work, please post an answer.

Thankyou folks, bit of a contraversial question.

(link to the website where I discovered this) http://www.squidoo.com/esther-and-jerry-hicks-sham

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If it feels right to you, then what another thinks is of no importance. love and light

(20 Sep '11, 10:59) Roy

I don't see the link you said you provided.

(20 Sep '11, 12:55) Fairy Princess

yea I dont see any link ^_^

(21 Sep '11, 02:58) kakaboo

Good question/observation. It amazes me that aside from my vote, only one out of the eight people who answered voted you up. And I didn't even answer. You gotta love human psychology - truly baffling 8-)

(21 Sep '11, 04:56) Eddie

edited my question guys, sorry, added in the link here it is again: http://www.squidoo.com/esther-and-jerry-hicks-sham

Eddie, love you. I totally agree.

(21 Sep '11, 13:48) Nikulas

(eg: nothing is more important than feeling good)?

Ask to yourself whether you want to feel good or not, right here and right now. You get the answer to yourself.

(17 Jun '14, 14:09) PERFECT GOOD

My current view on Abraham is strong, but all will say is this:

I believe it dis encourages critical thinking.

(08 Feb '16, 17:16) Nikulas

Hi Nikulas, I answered your question about PUA because it resonated with me because I too had experience with PUA.

(09 Apr '16, 00:38) The Phenom
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Very interesting news about Jerry Hicks having cancer. I wasn't aware of that.

I had a quick search around the net and there certainly are a number of articles around suggesting leukemia.

Guess what though?

Even if it's true, I don't care - and neither should you :)

I've mentioned before on Inward Quest in Did Napoleon Hill really die broke? about this interesting phenomenon whereby many idolized teachers seem to create circumstances in their lives whereby the separation of teacher and teachings becomes clearer to all.

I've often suspected that, at some level, it's a way of breaking through the Cult of Personality.

Jerry and Esther Hicks are a conduit for information flow from a broader perspective - nothing more than that. I've even heard Abraham state in the past that Jerry & Esther don't even apply the teachings that well themselves :)

What is important is that you look at the principles that this information flow (called Abraham) contains, rather than the messengers of it. Is the newspaper delivery boy responsible for the content of the newspaper? Is the personal life of the news anchor on TV relevant to the news events they are telling you about?

For me, I hammer at these Law of Attraction principles day-in, day-out in my own life in highly systematic ways (some of which are listed in the Manifesting Experiments). And, in more than a decade of often-extreme testing, I've never found any exceptions to them.

So for me, this news regarding Jerry Hicks, while interesting in a gossipy sort of way, is a bit of a non-event. Even if it's true, Jerry's still choosing it vibrationally at some level.

But it's going to be interesting to watch the general public reactions to it since Abraham-Hicks has become a worldwide phenomenon and that "Cult of Personality" (not deliberate by Jerry & Esther, of course) is well-established. I'm not a fan of personality cults which is why I'm here on Inward Quest and not on the Abraham-Hicks forums.

I suspect that those who have really understood the message that Abraham have brought forth will not be bothered at all but those who are (perhaps unknowingly) engaged in "hero worship" may have their worlds rocked a bit...and those who just enjoy attacking Jerry and Esther will have a fun time saying "I told you so" :)

All perspectives are valid. You've just got to decide what yours is :)

EDIT - November 1, 2011

I received the following message today, sent to the Abraham-Hicks mailing list, which confirms Jerry Hicks as being diagnosed with a "treatable form of leukemia".

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for all your well-wishes regarding Jerry's health that have poured into the office. As many of you realize, we have been following Abraham's advice not to give undue attention to that which we don't prefer by not speaking about the situation publicly. Given the apparent distress that our silence on the subject has been causing some of you, we felt it was time to briefly let you know how Jerry is doing. He is, as Abraham has always said about all of us, doing extremely well.

Since we shared in our May 25th blog entry that an exaggerated white blood cell count discovered after a spider bite prompted Jerry to begin a course of chemotherapy, most of you instantly understood that this meant cancer. In fact, the official diagnosis given was a treatable form of leukemia. After enjoying remarkable health nearly his entire lifetime, Jerry decided to downplay the diagnosis, but still give his full attention to this physical manifestation of previously unrecognized resistance - via a dual approach of cleaning up his vibration on certain subjects, while also availing himself of what modern medicine has to offer, just as Abraham has always advised.

This prompted us to cut back on our intensive touring schedule and embark on a remarkable journey that has been the most powerful of our lives together. At the moment this journey continues, and both Jerry and I are feeling better than ever as we practice Abraham's teachings to focus on elevating our moods apart from the circumstances. So when thinking about us please do not be distressed, since no matter what the apparent evidence is of any situation, really and truly "All Is Well".


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well put agian, also, the issue that you had brought up before about my source and teh army, it is covered very wel in the book i did . if i cna get ur adress, i would love for you to look it iover and tell me what you think brotrher. love n light.

(20 Sep '11, 14:24) TReb Bor yit-NE

Sure Rob, happy to help. I've sent my email address to the Yahoo address on your Facebook page

(20 Sep '11, 15:38) Stingray

Well-said Stingray, and I totally agree.

(20 Sep '11, 18:55) LeeAnn 1

@ stingray, enjoy brother ,, please let me know

(20 Sep '11, 21:00) TReb Bor yit-NE

Hammer at the LoA principles in a system ways?

(21 Sep '11, 08:39) akaVienne

Naploean Hill thing is new for me- that's quite a shock. But yeah, they are teachers, not the teachings. Cheers (again and again and again) Stingray :)

(21 Sep '11, 13:51) Nikulas

You're welcome, Nikulas, as always :)

(21 Sep '11, 20:35) Stingray

Jerry has made his transition into non-physical last friday according to abe's blog.. http://www.abe-blog.com/

(24 Nov '11, 01:50) kakaboo
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I think the problem is that we set our standards so high that we are unable to accept imperfections in others, as though we ourselves are free of error and above judgment.

Our reactions to other's behavior may not completely be the product of the character of the person we judge. It may have much more to do with us feeling that somehow this person that we believed to be worthy of our love and appreciation has somehow let us down by being less than and un-deserving of the pedestal upon which we placed them in the first place.

We could be doing that because we are un-accepting of error and imperfection in others - as-if only perfection is worthy of our attention and appreciation and that we have nothing to learn from someone who has imperfections.

If we open our hearts without judgment to those whom we have rejected in the past, but at the same time learn to trust the inner instinct (guidance) to keep us from getting into danger we may find that we are offended far less often by other's character or behavior.

When O.J Simpson was charged with murder it didn't make him any less a football player, however all these past achievements became irrelevant in the eyes of those who had cast the first stone.

Now a person depending on how they judge themselves will either get the point I am trying to make or follow up my response with the question "So are you saying that you believe that Esther & Jerry are frauds?"

In spite of what I or anyone else on this forum may think about Esther and Jerry, your perception of them will always vibration ally live up to what you think.


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The Traveller

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I'm subconsciously always looking for role-models, and I suppose your answer brings this out- putting people on pedestals leaves ramifications. Thanks for the answer :)

(21 Sep '11, 13:52) Nikulas

In the beginning stages of my spiritual evolution a few years ago, I too had thoughts about Abraham-Hicks being a scam or a fraud. I remember the first time I saw Esther channeling Abraham on a youtube video and thought to myself, this lady is weird. For some reason though, I felt drawn to what was being said. It took me a while to get comfortable with this new and odd thing that I have never experienced before but after awhile it just felt right to me. Almost every answer or observation from Abe seemed to resonate perfectly with me.

I've encountered quite a few postings from around the net that truly believe that the whole thing is a scam or just a way to make money. I had my doubts and at times thought to myself, what if they are a fraud. For that period of time while I searched around (which wasn't long) I seemed to get a lot of evidence proving that the whole thing is a big ole scheme. From what I have learned using the Law of Attraction it seemed as though what I was focused on was coming to me in many different ways. More and more evidence of them being a scam or fraud piled up because it was what I was searching for. There was a part of me though that didn't feel too good with some of the information.

I came to a point over the last year or so where I decided what felt right to me. I decided that these teachings and the teachings of others felt right and resonated in my heart. What I have learned has helped immensely with my major depression and anxiety that I struggled with for most of my adult life. It doesn't matter to me if I am the only person on earth who has benefited from this material (exaggerating a lit bit here to make a point.) I know for a fact what is right for me and what isn't and that is the advice I am trying to give here. Follow your heart and do the things that feel good to you. Abraham- Hicks has helped me grow quite a bit over the last few years and even if they are considered to be a fraud, they are really good at what they do in my opinion.


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Good to know I wasn't the only one in your situation.

(21 Sep '11, 13:55) Nikulas

When I first heard about the situation with Jerry I wasn't surprised at all. All it really means is Esther and Jerry don't apply Abraham's teachings.

Abraham only speaks through Esther, and nothing else. Abraham can't manifest things for the two of them, they have to do it themselves. Honestly, even if I was channeler I don't think it would make me any better of a manifester than I already am. The only plus side to it would be the luxury of asking questions whenever, wherever.

Another thing to think about is there are a lot of other teachers and channels who state more or less the same information that Abraham does... and there are also the people who have had success with these teachings and are living more fulfilled and abundant lives from applying it. This is that part that matters... not the people presenting the information. Which, actually, is Abraham... Jerry and Esther are kind of like managers of the whole thing.

I think the hardest part when you first discover the law of attraction is the 'figuring it out'... I had a lot of trouble with it at first, and I was always reading into things like this trying to figure out if it was all just a big scam. It really isn't. The information I learned from Abraham helped me in a lot of ways, and I was able to listen to all of it free, minus one book I bought.

The key thing is not to worry about how well others are doing, or better yet, seem to be doing. Just focus on the things that matter to you and make you feel good. I don't think everyone should be so hard on them about it and jump to conclusions... it's like beating ourselves up for not being able to manifest a blue feather even though we know we can do it. =-p

Law of Attraction teacher doesn't always equal Law of Attraction manifestation master. A car mechanic can preach to you all day how a car works and why it does this and that, but can he drive it like a pro? Not always! =O)


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"Teacher does not always equal Master" should be stamped repeatedly on people's foreheads until they get it :) For some reason, especially when it comes to spiritual topics, this basic idea seems to get discarded or ignored. Hardly surprising there is so much confusion regarding spirituality/metaphysics when so many are trying to follow and emulate others who they consider "gurus" instead of learning to apply the principles for themselves in their own unique ways

(20 Sep '11, 18:18) Stingray

Exactly :) The only way to find yourself or prove to yourself is to find ways to start using it in your life... not find what's working and not working in someone else's life.

(20 Sep '11, 18:43) LapisLazuli

Yes, ultimately we are all our own master, everyone else is just pointer and I think it's important to remember that Jerry and Esther are 'human'... they came here for a 'physical' experience just like you and I:)

(21 Sep '11, 00:10) Michaela

Right, I agree completely. I wasnt trying to put them down (not sure if my comment seemed that way or not). I've always admired Jerry and Esther. :]

(21 Sep '11, 00:54) LapisLazuli
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I do get what you mean. I will not try to compare myself to ester hicks, lololol, but I do channel. And many many People look up to me because I channel a great and intelligent entity. They look to me for advice and life knowledge, which i can help them in some ways,. But there is a truth to this as well. I am human and faulted, and even if people look at me as a guru or perfect, i am FARRRRRRRRRR from it ! lololo. just remember that even though she has the great knowledge, she wont always a apply it! and when we have this kind of knowledge , it is almost harder to apply it because most come to us to revive it. love and light 2 u.

love n light,



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TReb Bor yit-NE

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it is only a semi perfect existence for most and if the info helps u be more perfect, well it is not a scam

(26 Aug '12, 10:45) TReb Bor yit-NE

Dear Nikulas, I believe that Abraham is real for no one could possibly make all that wonderful stuff up all the time and over a period of years. I've never known Abraham to say something that doesnt make perfect sense. Note I said Abraham and not Hester or Jerry Hicks. They are only messingers and I thank them for sharing with the world the wonderful and witty Abraham. It doesnt mean that they themselves have to take the advice they hear but to share it. It is to each his own weather the person takes the advice or not.

There are many people of diverse knowledge that dont allways utilise the knowledge they have. I shall use muself as an example. I have a diploma in nutritional therapy. I know what is good for me to eat or wat is bad for me to eat. Do I allways take my own advice? No, although I try it seams that chocolates and fried chips seem to have a vibrational match to my taste buds and at least half the time I can't or rather wont say no to them even though I have the knowledge of what can happen if I eat too many.

Lets not beat up the messingers for they are only human and need our understanding and nonjudgement especialy now they need our support not condemnation.


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Paulina 1

totally agree great response.

(21 Sep '11, 13:53) Nikulas

Firstly, you would have to determine or define what exactly is meant by a scam, a scam only occurs when you have been tricked or swindled by a particular person, business or company of your money or efforts.

Abraham-Hicks doesn't force or compel anyone to purchase their teachings, and even when one decides to purchase any of their DVDs they are also reasonably priced ($10-$20, which is the usual price for normal CDs). The cruises might be a little more expensive but that's what you pay for when you go for concerts by famous singers and actors right?

I could also say that Apple Inc is a scam because they are selling Iphones/Ipads that for 500x or more of their cost price, famous shirt companies selling their shirts for over a few hundred dollars when they only cost less than 5 bucks to produce , etc..

As long as you know what you are getting before you pay for it, and get the same thing after you pay for it, then that is definitely not a scam.

As for whether the methods really work, that's a really subjective question.. if we all knew the answers to that we wouldn't be here on Inwardquest trying to seek further answers to these questions. But one thing I know for sure - the methods they give are free, and don't really need any more monetary investment other than your time, so I don't see how that would be a scam in any way. If it doesn't work for you, at most you would have just wasted a bit of your time.


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It's a good thing that we have this thing called a dictionary that defines words. A scam is "a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation".

(21 Sep '11, 09:50) akaVienne

The incredible wisdom and knowledge of Abraham, which changed my life forever, are more important to me than other people's judgement about Jerry Hicks' health situation and expectations of him to be immortal.

Those people should reall get into the vortex:).


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hhahhahahaha yes. Get into the vortex good humour

(21 Sep '11, 13:55) Nikulas

Actually on my CD set, "Your Wish is Your Command", Kevin Trudeau recommends, "Ask and it is given" (By Jerry & Esther Hicks), as the closest to accurate secret society teachings.

So with this I have to say that how Jerry and Esther live, and what they do, is different from their message. In other words, the messenger is only the deliverer, not the content. If you get a letter from the President of the United States, the same mailman delivers it to your door that delivers some fishing bait magazine to someone else. It is not the messenger but the message! With this said, we need consider that the message is coming through a messenger. With this understanding, we can see how tainted something can become filtered through to us. However tainted as it may be we, need to understand that this is still good and useful information that we may learn from.


answered 23 Oct '11, 01:26

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Wade Casaldi

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So true, Wade, of so many things. The alternative to this is "Consider the Source". We all need to watch both the message AND the messenger! Good response! Love,>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(23 Oct '11, 22:52) Jaianniah

I don't understand. I point out Abraham Hicks is not a scam- that their message is worth studying. Why two people voted me down for this I guess I'll never know. I guess two people do believe Abraham/ Hicks are a scam. I'd like to know why I've been voted down twice for this.

(24 Nov '11, 03:54) Wade Casaldi

also see this in this way. I am a channeler and i am often ridiculed and made fun of. I always suggest the idea of this. If you cant handle the ideal of channeling or accept the people who give the info, then shut out all the part about spirits, channeling, aliens, whatever it is that will sepperate you from the ability to listen without judging and only take in the message. If still then they cant get over it, well that is the beauty of having our own belief systems.

love n light

rob ( again )


answered 20 Dec '11, 18:51

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TReb Bor yit-NE

It's a scam if you believe it is. It all comes down to your individual beliefs about any subject, that's how life collapses around you based on your beliefs. You will always get evidence of what you believe, every time. If you believe it's a scam then evidence will present itself to show you that it is.

Ultimately, what Abraham tells us is if you feel good your life will be fun and if you feel bad your life will be more difficult. The choice is always yours. It's up to you which life you prefer to live. A life full of contrast which can be challenging or an easy life where all good things drop into your lap.

If you're coming from the perspective of wanting Abraham to help you to get 'stuff' whatever your personal preferences in that regard are whether it's big money, relationships, positive experiences etc there are plenty of stories on the abe forum under the title 'Success Stories' of extraordinary things that people who found alignment have manifested into physical reality.

From my personal experience I can see how my life has transformed since I've been able to find alignment consistently. So, I KNOW it's not a scam for me, but what you KNOW is always up to you.


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@Yes - Well said. I think there's an additional factor as well, aside from beliefs, which has to do with desire. Many years ago, before I found Inward Quest, I used to be one of the "skeptic guys." My sense of skepticism came not from an honest desire to know the truth, but rather, from a triumphalist desire to "feel right." However, that led me down an unhappy and unsatisfying path on which I became so desperate, that my desire to know the truth outweighed my "need" to "feel in the right."

(16 May '15, 14:49) lozenge123

... At that point, I was willing to consider anything--even ideas and positions that I previously held to be insane--if it would bring me closer to the truth of life and reality. Once my desire to learn the truth was greater than that of being right, things started to change. I came in contact with many things which have greatly enriched and bettered my life, even though their very existence is denied by conventional science, medicine, the mainstream media, and the greater bulk of humanity.

(16 May '15, 14:53) lozenge123

I believe there is also another dynamic at work, which some might well want to consider, nicely summed up by H. G. Wells:

"New and stirring things are belittled because if they are not belittled, the humiliating question arises, 'Why then are you not taking part in them?'"

(16 May '15, 14:57) lozenge123

@lozenge123 The joy is often in the journey as you have found. Some of us are not quite ready for these ideas, we're the lucky ones I say. :)

(17 May '15, 08:02) Yes

@Yes - Right on! I agree with you. :)

(20 May '15, 01:41) lozenge123

@lozenge123 - You've reminded me of one of my first turning points onto my current path many years ago.... Would you rather be right? Or happy? It's your choice. Answering that question honestly, either way, blasts through a great deal of parylizing self-deception and opens many, many doors. :)

(20 May '15, 12:58) Grace
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I've known about the law of attraction since I was quite young. When I encountered the teachings of Abraham a mere few years ago, I was shocked that I hadn't come across them earlier. Everything Abraham is saying through Esther very closely mirrors what I've personally experienced in my own reality....and what I've gleaned through my own channeling....albeit, the language Abe/Esther used was somewhat different, but the essence of the message, near identical.

I do understand how some may come to question the validity of these teachings based upon the idea that those delivering the message should be complete masters of what it teaches, however, this fails to take into consideration the fact that those behind the message are after all, human.

If Jerry Hicks does indeed have cancer, I fail to see how this in any way reflects upon the teachings themselves. Clearly, there is something within his vibration that has attracted this illness and as its impossible to get inside his personal experience to know precisely what he is vibrating, its unfair to speculate in ways that diminish him as a person.


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The motivations of the individuals in question cannot really be judged, because there are times where the "truth" is such an absurdly complicated and unlikely story that nobody would believe it, even if it is in fact true.

If you have learned something from these individuals, then that is all that matters. You can learn lessons from people who are absolute and complete frauds, and likewise you can be unable to learn lessons from direct interactions with direct envoys of God, "real Angels".

If what they taught you has helped you or served you well, then hold on to it as long as it remains helpful. As Stingray said in response to a question about love, as long as something makes you feel good it is absolutely worth exploring it. And when something no longer satisfies you then it is time to re-evaluate.

This answer is marked "community wiki".

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I remember when I discovered Abraham, I felt very skeptical. The message resonated with me immediately, but I wasn't sure about this whole channeling thing. I decided to view it as some kind of metaphor, but kept studying the materials. Occasionally I would happen on something on the internet about "Abraham is obviously a scam! Something about AMWAY! Channeling is crazy!" and it would make me feel uncomfortable. But the message kept resonating.

At some point I could feel my ideas about whether or not the Abraham teachings were literally true, and if channeling was crazy, start to wobble. I'd find myself realizing that "channeling" is really just being able to access a state of flow where the universal mind (or however you conceptualize this) is available to you. Then I'd swing back into thinking that no, it must be that Esther somehow subconsciously... well, I wasn't sure, but channeling was still crazy! Or I'd find myself realizing that my whole understanding of LOA ("where is my stuff?") was ridiculous because the fundamental reality you're working toward understanding is that you are God. Then I'd swing back to thinking, wow, that's an insane thing to think, what if I'm wrong and all of this trust I'm working on having is delusional?

Now I think I've solidified vibrationally in a place where I think that Esther channels (=is able to consistently tune herself to a specific frequency where the intelligence she perceives to be Abraham "broadcasts") and people, even people with access to great teachers, still die because from our God perspective, death isn't a tragedy, it's just the cut to the next scene.

It doesn't really bother me anymore if someone else does think Abe is a scam, though.


answered 17 May '15, 00:29

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From my point of view, they are not fraud or scam, they are teaching all people to be aligned with ourselves and enjoy the being there. They are not promising, that in each situation of your live you will be facing only good things. But they are teaching that you will be feel somehow ok in any kind of situation! You don't need some pills to be good with your life, which a lot of people need, because of huge depressions and another psychological issues. They are teaching, that you are here for some kind of purpose, if your purpose is be there and looking what is fraud and scam and what not and you are feeling good in your heart with that, then ok for you. Focus only on the things what matter to YOU!


answered 11 Oct '12, 10:32

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Given that the value they have provided (as channelers or non channelers!) and the ressonance of the material that their books and lectures and recordings have given others- then it cannot be defined as a scam. I also saw that website but I also saw the ways the person was writing it and they seemed to be writing it to gain their own attention and not really alert people to any falsehoods that were being taken against them as participants in any kind of scam. Most people are willing and paid participants- they feel good about what is given to them- and so thus value is delivered.

I for one would gladly pay Esther/Jerry and their company for their books/recordings. If they are providing something that I am WILLING to pay for- and I find their information immensely helpful- then it is a legitimate service. Just to refresh the definition of A scam is someone who takes your cash and runs or provides hollow, ghost or no value service/product and no application to improve your life in any form whatsoever. By now, you have seen just even on these forms alone- the ideas and helpful value that Abrahams teachings have given us all- AND the value of Esther and Jerry delivering these to us.- Something many of us are thankful and happy to pay for and support.

Also, I assume the person who wrote this is fairly straight laced, and is not open to the idea of channelers and is probably spooked and fearful of anyone who says they are- they have not opened up their hearts to this extra knowledge- and so their writing is a fear/hate reaction. Even though channeling is still fairly underground- there is plenty of evidence out there (and much channeled recordings/writings/dictations that have made it a fairly stable, understandable thing- non fearful but loving actually- I think it would be obvious after a certain point if someone was to fake a channeling- and trust me, with Esther's passion and stage presence that's so intense you cannot fake that. If it was fake she wouldn't have people clammoring to come to her seminars) People are not always as dumb as we presume them to be- they can tell the difference between authenticity and passion and someone trying to make a quick buck, and just stand there and put on a show. She does more than that, and her and Jerrys company provide the structure and framework to deliever this information to the largest ammount of people. Its working for the greatest good of all, not to the detriment of many. If her motive was quick money without providing value (.i.e. a scam)- that passion would not radiate out of her as much as it does- additionally people would be privy to it quick and spread word, not be drawn in and completely ravenous and excited about her material as most are who admire her and Jerry (and Abraham at large's) work are. There is positive word of mouth which signals that its giving value. If it was negative word of mouth the operation would have been shut down long ago and ceased to exist (it provided no value to peoples lives) I think this is enough evidence of it being a scam or not.

Little people will always lash out becuase they need that attention for themselves (who knows maybe the person who wrote this is trying to get a quick buck from blog advertising and traffic from people questioning channeling...)

Take it with a grain of salt and a critical thinking angle and you should have a decision about this persons positing.:)


answered 11 Oct '12, 10:44

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The beauty of the messages that Abraham brings, is the totall absence of judgement, not in the smallest form. Their messages are always about relief and perfectly in lign with what we (people) are experiencing. The consistent message is proof to me, that the message is in no way enhanced and could not be brought in this form from a heart that scams. In all the hundreds of seminars I listened to in the last 7 years I haven't heard one inconsistency. There are two subjects where Esther showed here human interferance in the channel, which made the channel cloudier because her personal feelings where shining through. These were right after the 'death' of Jerry (she actually shed a tear, something Abraham would never do) and about breaking the copyrights (someone asked how Abraham felt about that). In the latter the answer contained more of Esthers feelings, than the Universal answer Abraham would give. The internet provides beautiful messages (as shown here), but also leaves room for doom and jugdement. You decide, just as in life, to what you pay attention. You, and only you can rely on yourself to decern truth.


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Just because people don't believe something is true doesn't mean it is not true or it that it is a scam. People are entitled to their beliefs. I was a skeptic years ago. I gave LOA a shot. I actually was very happy for a while but I wanted stuff. Big stuff. When I didn't get big stuff because I could not align with it (sorry, that's the terminology), I decided it was BS and left it behind me (or so I thought). Turns out that years of me listening to this positive stuff did help me quite a bit. I got a great job I loved and had a lot of things working out better for me than in years prior to Abraham Hicks/LOA. But I still didn't really think it was real or true. I still was negative on all of it. Some years later I stumbled returned to believing it is real and no longer doubt it after seeing very clearly that LOA was at work in my life even when I didn't attempt to use it, when I didn't apply it, when I didn't even believe in it. Now I use it to my advantage.

It doesn't matter whether people think it is a scam or not. LOA is always at work in your life. So you might as well learn about it and how to use it to your advantage. Even if you don't believe that you can be, do or have whatever you desire, Abraham Hicks offers a lot of other useful information that can make life better, happier and more fulfilling.


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Hi @Morrigan I think you'd agree that the law of attraction could be defined as "to bring upon oneself by one's own actions" ... now here's something you may find interesting, one of the definitions of "woo" on The Free Dictionary is "to bring upon oneself (good or evil results) by one's own actions" ... lol

(06 May '16, 01:36) jaz

The main question as alluded by most of the posters here, is rather "Is the material helpful for you?" Personally, I have found portions of their material fun to use and interesting (such as the processes in Ask & It Is Given).

As for 95% of the "live talks" and "channeling" sessions, cruises, books, calendars, cards, DVDs, CDs etc. etc. etc.. I would say this is repetitive material which seems to be comforting for some who really haven't found their own "guidance system" as Abraham would say, and which was pretty much fully explained in the very first book.

As for the general "Abraham" storyline sold to people, and being able to channel a group of all-wise ancient entities after going into a trance for 5 seconds on a stage..


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Maybe the material is repetitive because the message is the same, no matter who says it or channels it. :)

(31 Aug '13, 08:06) Beach Baby

yea the gist is really small: Follow your joy, passion. Let go, allow, be easy with yoruself. Follow your inner guidance. Its the most simplest philosophy we need to follow but its takes a while to actually practice and once you know and realize through experience it becomes pretty easy to get there. But in the beginning even i spend countless hours listening to it.. but i would think beginners would need to do that until its in your system.

(01 Sep '13, 16:28) abrahamloa

Hi.. Don't know if anyone has mentioned Kyra Speaks Guest post by Ahnalira Koan http://kyrasdiary.blogspot.com/2011_08_01_archive.html

It is pretty clear that the Hicks did not always practice what they preached.. Wow...so they are human

That said, i have seen some amazing examples of LOA applied that HAVE blown my socks off. The key is letting go...easy to say hard to do huh?

Anyway, i agree with the poster that asked..."is the material helpful for you?" If not then find something else. We are all on this planet for different reasons...but we all have the same key.

I do know one thing, LOVE IS THE KEY, IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. It is the only thing. To quote Red Green," We're all in this together" So whatever way you can get there...use it. YOU are the path.


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The Rabbit Warrior

Jerry Hicks obviously attracted his illness. Am sorry to hear.


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I think he'll be cured. They said it loads of times - they to can get in and out of the Vortex. As for your question "are their actual teachings accurate (eg: nothing is more important than feeling good)" - yes they are. My mom died and I dreamed her one night and she told me this: nothing must be more important for you than to feel good. And then I discovered the Abraham books so it clearly is the most important and best teaching of all. Their teachings and games helped me be happier, have more hope and peace and attract happy events that I didn't even think woud be possible. I don't believe they're talking to a force called Abraham, but if believing it makes other people happy, why not. Life is too short to keep doubting, judging, being defensive. Like a sweet couple like them could do anyone any harm...


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I very much agree with many of the concepts that people talk about when they talk about "the law of attraction" or creating your own reality. I also do not see the Abraham material as being completely or terribly wrong because as other people have said on this page, they have provided help for many and for that at least they seem to be doing good work. My personal problem with them lies in the fact that the material that they provide is half complete and as such can create more problems in the long run to those that would apply their methods in a systematic way. A great example of this and how Abraham's material can cause more problem than solution is by following the life and work of the author Lynn Grabhorn. She exemplifies what can happen to someone when there's too much repression of what are considered 'negative' feelings and emotions. My second problem with the Abraham material, might be a little selfish in that I do not like the fact that they tend to represent their material as being on the leading edge of thought. If anything there was far better work being done in the 19th century then there is today in the West. And of course this material is very old and the law of attraction is really just a simple representation of an incredibly strong magical tradition that goes back thousands of years. I have written a couple of articles on the matter and I hope that they are not considered spam here but they are quite lengthy and with them I try to explain my more metaphysical qualms with the Abraham Hicks material. I recommend that you start with this article :


which leads you to my second one if you are interested. I present this article not so much as a reputation here, but with the hope that anyone that is interested in following a greater understanding on the laws of reality can find some answers to ponder and investigate.


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To be perfectly honest I have spoke with Abraham back in the early 90's when Ester took phone consultations, at that time I was recovering from losing everything- wife, kids job living at my mother's or homelessness- and I was desperate and possibly vulnerable- however what they teach comes right from the Seth material with a twist- and, Esther known in her earlier years as wise and witty is a very quick person and is known to have worked with Amway which is one of the first pyramid schemes; if Abraham was as smart as she professed- why would they choose a teacher from Amway?

Although she boosted my hopes I did the work of researching all three laws 1. of Attraction 2.of deliberate creation and the law of allowing- the last two laws kind of fell from Abraham dialogue and peoples focus over the years- Since both Jerry and Esther were already rich before they started the Abraham business- They could be free to use law of attraction from a place that most of us cannot, since we are paying the bills and them now for the teachings they expanded- My point is- okay; If Jerry and Esther just recently used the law of attraction after they already had money- how can they possibly teach people who lack the time to play this game because we have real jobs and lives that are so demanding that by the time you can possibly figure out all this complicated stuff (which they claim is easy) but when your a millionaire the only thing that isn't easy is illness like what happened to Jerry after telling us all we could create anything- he sounds like a hypocrite and we never really got a straight answer from the lawyer like answers Esther /Abraham asks- I never heard of one recording where Abraham could tell something no one else could figure out like- if I had a daughter or what was my grandmom's middle name- You see Abraham Hicks edits all recordings so maybe the laws work- I've successfully used them but not to any swifter-life changing account when I got a few thousand once or I saw something that I visualized; but really this cannot be proven. I still am trying to get an angle that is definitively true or False about Esther- but again Abraham says there are two things always "What is wanted and what is not wanted..." True but, what about how Abraham states they are all knowing but are reluctant to give any of us proof of that, which could be shown on their video recordings, they said they are a part of me and in fact- Abraham said on that phone conversation (that I have on tape which they sent to me!) I came from "same source as we... and it is a small percentage of people on the planet that have the high intensity energy that you posses." this was Verbatim- so if you want me to tell you since I am Abraham (Inner Being) I have some feelings some day that kind of go with that but I spent a lot of money trying to learn from them and I still am 50/50 if they are true or not. I think Esther/Abraham should be pinned during a group session and recorded if they could read something about someone like a psychic can; as diffinative proof. ah But it's not their job- and I bet they'll say that its up to us to have faith- well that's exactly what religion does and preachers etc.. so is this another presentation or religious thought- On my tape Abraham also said they were "The Christ energy and the Buddha energy"- what exactly does this mean? Someone find me a recording out of 20 years of recordings that definitively proves Abraham's presence. This should not be a requirement to prove law of attraction but, I believe if someone is taking your MONEY $$$ because they say they have this divine being talking through them they must have an ETHICAL responsibility to PROVE IT! Otherwise why should we keep sending "ABraham Money-again Abraham says "You don't need money.." Okay -tell Esther that Abraham- I'm sure she would say, "Well this is my creation and my choice." Deja Vu here we go around the Hicks merry-go-around again, my answer to her would be fine, but don't expect me to look to you other than on You tube again, I've got bills to pay and I cant afford a cruise or to travel to a Hotel and pay over 175 dollars for a talk seminar that may or may not be true. I'm sure a sucker is born every minute and as far as my attachment to a fictional character named Abraham is concerned- mot people don't want to face the pain of losing their make believe best-friend like Jesus who was supposed to be here/ why else would people turn to Abraham; the people that do are all in lack as Abraham points out our dilemma ["There is great love for you here" it's like admitting your best friend lied to you all along. If there is one thing I am certain its that karma does not exist and its survival of the fittest a grim reality, and we are all back to not believing in anything again. Abraham/Hicks owes us the truth to be proven if they take our money- but they will tell you opposite of that and make it about my own lack. Okay Abraham I do lack trust in you- So if your there- prove me wrong please!


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A lot of things Abraham says are not original and comes from other books. Also Jerry Hicks was involved with amway


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I have a simple test for channelled information. Here it is in one line:

Is the information being offered of such quality that it's beyond the current level of human consciousness to produce it?

For example, have Abraham ever solved the most complex differential equations known to physicists, constructed an anti-gravity machine or described and demonstrated the step by step process of EXACTLY how consciousness forms matter? In other words, have they ever described, demonstrated and/or proved anything that's so far out there and beyond current human ability that it couldn't have come from a human mind on the current earth?

As far as I am aware the answer is 'no'.

It's true that Esther Hicks speaks from an altered state of consciousness. But that's nothing new. People do all sorts of unusual things from an altered state of consciousness. People do all kinds of strange things under hypnosis. That doesn't make those people channellers.


Because people tend to conflate the two things all the time, I should clarify that in the answer above I only discussed channelling. I did not make any comment on the quality of the material.

So on to the next questions: Is the material valuable, and would that help somebody?

The answer is 'yes' to both questions in my opinion. Although there are many gaps in what Esther says and although she operates from a flawed premise, the general substance of the teaching is beneficial. If you improve your overall quality of thoughts, then your life will improve - but not for the reasons Esther gives.

One final point: What Esther Hicks says is nothing fundamentally new in the New Thought / New Age / Metaphysics scene. Countless people before Hicks have said the exact same things - Emerson, Wattles, Troward, Haanel to name just a few. As far as the Law of Attraction is concerned, Esther Hicks is bang in the middle of the mainstream. And like everyone else in that mainstream, she speaks from the exact same flawed premise.


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Cod2 - If you could travel back in time to the Victorian era, what information do you think you could give them that they would accept and understand as "proof" that you were from the future? Theory of relativity? Higgs-boson? Plans for an airplane, or space rocket, or cuisinart? Tell them about the existence of germs? Hopefully you wouldn't end up like Ignaz Semmelweis: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ignaz_Semmelweis

(16 May '15, 13:43) lozenge123

"A man receives only what he is ready to receive... The phenomenon or fact that cannot in any wise be linked with the rest of what he has observed, he does not observe." - Henry David Thoreau

(16 May '15, 13:45) lozenge123

I'd create something functional that they would be able to touch, feel, see in action, take apart if necessary - and in that process realise that it's created by an intelligence far beyond their time.

I wouldn't talk about stuff, because anyone can talk. I'd show them stuff.

(16 May '15, 13:47) cod2

Cod2 - what exactly would you build them, with the available parts and materials of the time?

(16 May '15, 13:53) lozenge123

If I was a non-physical entity with a tremendous - possibly infinite - amount of intelligence, I'd figure something out, don't worry. If on the other hand I was actually a Victorian man masquerading as something else, then I'd talk. A lot.

(16 May '15, 13:56) cod2

@cod2 'I'd show them stuff' Never mind the chaos you caused? Realistically, if you suddenly appeared and were so far 'advanced', you think they'd accept you as what you say you are or fear you? The era of witchcraft etc comes to mind. People don't really like to have their belief systems screwed with, despite what they say

(16 May '15, 16:50) Bluebell

So we have had lack of material and impact on society so far.

Any more excuses?

(16 May '15, 17:04) cod2

@cod2 Very intelligent. Good luck

(16 May '15, 17:10) Bluebell

@cod2 - could you briefly explain what the flawed premise is? Just curious...

(17 May '15, 19:56) cassiopeia

thanks @cod2

(18 May '15, 09:52) cassiopeia
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well if he is a scam then every one that bought is book and think like him are scam also? and every one else that do like him and sell book and material are scam also?

in this world no one is perfect and some make mistake. who want to cast the first stone?

take what is good and apply it when it can be apply. and do not apply it when it cannot be apply or it is bad.

every one as free will. but they should fallow the truth with a pure heart. it is more important then belief that can be in error.

in this world you will see that many people lie, scam other people, thief other people, make division and war for belief or the power or material gain they seek, even sometime just because they fear that people will know their evil deeds, etc..... . it is their choice respect it, as they should respect you. eventually they will see their error and where it as lead them. it can take a long time for some and they might not like where they are going and what they did when they look back. but no one forced them to make those choice and they where even happy to make division and have it the way they wanted it. even fouling and arming other people that where on their path.

good example: would be Hitler he got it all like he wanted it. On till the last day for him 30th April 1945.

2 Timothy 3:1-17


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white tiger

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their message board, abeforum.com is notoriously snotty and closed minded. First of all, very few people can afford these expensive cruises or workshops, if I would, I would go! I study it at home and you say one thing out of line, and they grill you with insults, message you with extreme red print warnings as if you are about to commit a major crime (IT'S JUST SPIRITUAL WORK!) and give you insults up the backbone. You join and they're like welcome friend!! and one word wrong and you're basically labeled a loser, they then notify all the moderators of the forum as well! What's scary is it happens within 1 or 2 minutes or very quickly, under an hour, they are obviously tightly scouring their message board. and they hurt my feelings and they are RUDE--they quote Jesus in their message board but then turn around and hit them with a stick! They think you always need to feel good and climb this EGS scale, people need to release emotion or they will get sick, you're not always happy. they ahve all these strange abbreviations and code lingo--honestly it's a little strange and they lure you in with the idea that you can have millions of dollars, I'm sure it's possible.


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