In the past few months, I have began living my life in the "acting on your highest excitement" way and my days run very smoothly and it is a lot of fun :)

I'm in the vortex 70-90% of my time and applying the highest-excitement-concept has contributed a lot to my happiness. Great things happen to me and desired things and circumstances turn up like out of nowhere. So far so good :)

I have a lot of exciting projects on my to-do list and one of them is to build a business. It would be very beneficial to me if I could set up this business until January next year, because of my current financial situation. What this means is, that if money doesn't turn up out of nowhere until then, I'll be broke. So I feel a little worried about my current situation I'm in, but I doesn't bother me too much. Like I said, I spend the majority of my days in the vortex, despite my "deadline". I often feel like it's going to be alright anyway no matter what happens and I have a lot of faith in the universe, so my worry is relatively small :)

Surprisingly, I still wait for the day when acting on my business idea is my highest excitement. I have hundreds of other things to do every day that make me feel like I'm bursting with excitement, but working on my business website for example feels boring, so I don't do it. But now that January is coming closer, I start to wonder if I should still work on this website even though I have lots of other things that I can't wait to get done?

I feel a little bad sometimes for "neglecting" my business building but at the same time I totally believe in acting on my highest excitement.

Should I force myself in doing it anyway or is it better to continue following my more exciting tasks?

Will my higher self guide me towards a money source if I continue to be in the vortex a lot even though I don't work on my business idea?

Would love to hear your opinions :)

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Will my higher self guide me towards a money source if I continue to be in the vortex a lot even though I don't work on my business idea?

Yes it will.

But you have a bit of resistance to the idea which is demonstrated by the fact that you are asking this question :)

The "usual" approach - or perhaps I should say...Mr Stingray's usual "blah-blah-blah" advice :) - for making progress towards what you want is to "clear up" what's bothering you about your business and follow the inspired actions that result from that "cleaned-up" place.

That advice works for everyone...


...since you are clearly getting quite proficient at achieving and staying in a Vortex-aligned state, a slicker, quicker, and more elegant class of methods opens up to you. This class of methods works because of the magnetic quality of Vortex alignment.

Here is what I would do in your situation...

  • Keep practicing your regular Vortex alignments daily and stay generally good feeling. It gets easier and easier as time goes on until it's seriously difficult to feel bad at all :)

  • Every so often, when you are firmly feeling good, look at your list of business tasks and spend no more than 16 seconds perusing/amending/clarifying the list of tasks you have relating to your business

  • If, by the time the 16 seconds are up, you are still feeling great, you can continue to peruse/amend/clarify the task list until you start to feel your vibration "dip"...then stop immediately and go back to choosing the next most exciting task again.

  • If your vibration dips within 16 seconds, no worries. Just keep going until 16 seconds are up (thought combustion happens around the 17 second mark) and then immediately switch to the next most exciting task, which presumably will be a non-business task.

  • Keep repeating this process (a few times a day if you wish) until something on that business task list grabs your attention as being the most exciting task and you feel like doing it there and then

  • The chances are that once you reach the point where you are now working on a business task, you'll already have moved your vibrational setpoint about your business into a better place (effortlessly!) and business tasks will naturally start to present themselves from time-to-time as the next most exciting task

Would love to hear your opinions :)

You've now heard my opinion :)

And if anyone's managed to stay awake enough to read this far and does not do regular Vortex alignments, you now have yet another great reason to get started today :)


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@Stingray - another great answer from you, thank you :) I'll definitely go for your recommended idea, it helps me a lot! Reading this made me smile :)

(26 Nov '16, 12:47) spacemetalfantasy

@spacemetalfantasy - You're welcome

(27 Nov '16, 04:35) Stingray

For sixteen years I have struggled to achieve my childhood dream of being a pianist. During the last eight years I have been studying the Abraham-Hicks material, and from that time on all my life changed into a beautiful dream-life, the life I dreamed of as a child. The only thing I didn't manifest was the thing I put most of my effort into.

While I was torturing myself and trying to find a way into manifesting my dream, other areas of my life really flourished. So I am starting to think that the easiest way into getting something is not to care much about it. The problem is to find out a way of not caring about something that is really important for you.

Because I was so focused on learning the piano, and not focusing on my financial situation, for example, the financial situation improved, but my "talent" didn't. Most of the dreams I had are now manifested, except for the thing I considered to be my personal mission and goal in life. So now I am inclined to believe that effort is really not the answer. Now that I have finally started to open my mind to the idea of acting on my highest excitement, I realize that sometimes we don't give the universe time enough to prove that acting on our highest excitement is the key to get other things manifested. I mean by that that if the thing we want don't manifest immediately, we go back to effort because it is the way most people do things.

Now that I have posted my question and got some answers and insights from the experience, I am willing to try. I am fully aware that I may not get exactly what I want, but I am also sure that great things are going to happen in the areas of my life that are not engraved in my mind as big problems, missions and goals.

I hope this helps you to find your own answer.


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what if all goes in cycles,
as is seen in nature where
opposites take turn being,
are we not part of this


answered 27 Nov '16, 07:25

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I wasn't too much in your shoes, @spacemetalfantasy: my life has been working in such a way, that if there was some project bursting within, not aligning about it was always torturing enough to make me want to do some aligning work about it, in its stream, too.

So when AH say, "focus completely in the areas that work, and then it will bring alignment in those other areas, too" - I never really got to experience it, because I didn't feel possible to focus entirely out of that project that demanded attention.

So my road was kind of simple - to do the aligning about the project. Not the distraction way, but the focus wheel way: finding thoughts that feel better in this exact stream. This way I didn't even need to know the clear goals of where I want to be coming - I just did step after step after step after step after step, ... , and it brought me to surprising amazing heights by itself.

AH, too, recommend "bridging". You could do bridging the way Stingray offered you, or you could just freely seek any thought that feels better, on the subject of your business - for example, are you sure it must come through that site? Are you sure it must be a business? Are you sure you must do for it those chores you set up for yourself? Can you allow yourself to imagine that people who find you are interested in what interests you? Are you sure you must wait for the highest excitement on that subject and cannot just build it? What if it all could come easier? What if there is something interesting there? etc.

You could do some thinking - not trying to find the right answers, but feeling for the answers that feel better.

Even to the question you asked here now, you can reach for the answer you would think your Inner Being would give you, or just - a loving entity would give you, or simply - what answer would feel better to you? And better still? And a little bit better yet? etc.

Good feeling to you :)


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Olga Farber

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As someone who until only a few years ago would've snorted with a roll of eyes about this kind of stuff, but in recent times found myself drawn towards it...

I have lately tried to apply close attentive focus on the excitement thing. Took awhile to start to get it. But at this point I am a believer in it. Where it can get a bit tricky is sometimes the most exciting thing in a given moment might not seem like such a big deal or completely unrelated to what you believe to be your more major issues/interests. But I will now vouch that the seemingly small thing often leads to the next, and the next, and you can look back and see pretty clearly why that one little thing was calling.

I find the evidence for this to be more vivid when faced with an option of what feels most exciting but instead choosing something else, maybe something I believe I am 'supposed' to do. And every time, the vibes dip and the road gets quickly more tumultuous. It also seems to bring an excitement in itself, just the anticipation of where the excitement trail will go tomorrow. Seems to give the journey itself an extra spice of excitement.


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