For example: A situation wherein one were to utilize the 'manifestation box' and then find out later that the thing they attempted to attract was being delivered in a most unpleasant manner, or perhaps that they didn't want it in the first place.

If this were to happen, could one simply reverse it in the same method that invoked the manifestation in the first place? And what if attempts at undoing only resulted in more unintended results?

[I.E: The fairy tales of a "genie" that intentionally grants your wish in a misleading manner, and any wish trying to undo the last worsens the situation.]

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There is no magical power inherent in the "manifestation box", it's just a box.

Filing cabinets would be terrifying manipulators of humanity if words in a box could affect people in adverse ways :)

All that the request is, is a focal point for your own thoughts. All that the box is, is a "trick" for making you get out of the way of that thought so that you don't interfere with it and thereby allow it to manifest. This is the principle of your vibration always being where you last left it.

So the idea of an "out of control" manifestation only refers to the idea of "out of control" thoughts. Or, more specifically, you are unaware what thoughts you are offering vibrationally to the universe which the Law of Attraction is responding to (and thereby attracting more thoughts like it) until the "thought-form" eventually "condenses" into this physical reality for you (and others) to observe.

By choosing to offer thoughts that feel good, you are naturally following a guide-post indicated by your Higher Self towards what you want in the most comfortable manner possible for your belief system. ("Feeling Good" means you are in alignment with that inner signal)

It is certainly possible however to get what you want and make the ride bumpy for yourself, which is what you seem to be referring to.

For example, if you desperately want a new car but your belief system (and related thoughts) is not willing to let you have a new car then you are going to feel a vibrational contradiction (bad feeling) within yourself. Your desire is out of alignment with your beliefs.

If you continue to keep ramping up that desire for the new car while continuing to equally ramp up your resistance to receiving it then, sooner or later, something is going to have to give. Something will "snap", you could say.

You may, for example, crash your existing car in an accident and destroy it completely thereby forcing yourself to claim on your insurance for a new car. In this case, your desire eventually over-rode your resistant beliefs and you gained a new car through "the path of least resistance" for your resistant belief system. But it may not have been a particularly pleasant method of manifesting it.

I would say it's far better to just stick to thoughts that feel good and follow that pre-existing inner guidance.


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I was hoping for an answer from you. =)

A few specific sentences really spoke to me in that.. and unfortunately raised more questions than they answered. lol.

Thanks for sharing.. I have a lot to think about. =S

(17 Jan '12, 05:44) Snow

@Stingray- I know you've mentioned before how ramp up desire for something you want to manifest. To get detailed, does sexual energy have anything to do with this same concept of 'putting more energy into a desire?' I'm hearing from many sources that the 'energy that creates worlds' is pointing to our sexual energy and its smoothness of flow through our chakras.

Im keen to test out this 'ramping up our desires' thing, even if the ride gets very bumpy with my current resistance beliefs.

(13 Jun '13, 10:13) Nikulas

@Nikulas - You mean Napoleon Hill's Transmutation concept? To ramp up your desire for something, keep finding more reasons to want it and keep imagining how great it would be to have it in your life i.e. find more ways to focus on the you focus on that desire, you are flowing energy faster towards that desire. And, like turning up the brightness in the room, any shadows appear to get darker as the light gets brighter so...

(14 Jun '13, 09:29) Stingray

@Nikulas - ...similarly, your resistance to having it will be emphasized as your focus increases. If you have resistance and you want a bumpy ride, you'll certainly get it :) If you want to do that to explore these ideas for yourself then fine. But if you just "want the thing", it's far less painful to just find other things to feel good about ( ) or, in other words, keep yourself in a generally Vortex-aligned state.

(14 Jun '13, 09:36) Stingray

@Stingray- Don't worry, this time in my life it's purely just for a self-discovery, experimental thing (I guess what you do with these concepts as your hobby). I'm too deeply enriched in the understanding that everything we want is only chasing ideas to feel better, so I relax in the moment and let things unwind. It's a phase in my life where I'm happy observing how things work and find it hard to feel bad when things aren't going the way my physical mind wants or expects them to go :)

(14 Jun '13, 11:19) Nikulas
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What are you talking about is safeguards of prayer. In manifesting with techniques there are no safeguards so getting money from one source is as good as any other source so if someone has to die so that you get your money it meets the requirement. Praying to God on the other hand has a safeguard, God would not bring you what you want through hurting you in some other way.

Now for the manifesting techniques to apply the Law of Attraction you need to think of it like an arrow being shot to its target. You pull the arrow back and release it, it is now out of your hands and is destine for its target you may attempt to change the direction of the flight of the arrow but rest assured it will hit a target as it has been released. It is not like it has a string attached that you can just pull it back in mid flight.

I know someone that decided to break up a perfect couple to see if "this stuff" works. He used the the techniques to do so and when he realized it was working went to reverse it back but it was too late, the two parted and move to different countries to never see each other again.


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Wade Casaldi

this would mean that the person that has manifested it is not in control(harmony balence truth). then he should not blame the manifestation but blame him self. and seing what is not in control harmony and balence in him(truth) only then he will get the control back. experience and enjoy.


answered 14 Jan '12, 14:32

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white tiger

Mickey Mouse did!





answered 14 Jun '13, 10:57

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