What experience have you had? If the pointer (planchette) moved, was it one participant just trying to fool the other? Could it have been a subconscience-controlled movement based on answers in the mind of one or both participants? Was it a true divination from beyond yourselves? In this latter case, where was the answer coming from?

When my brother and I played with a Ouija board as boys, it was just for fun. The pointer moved, but we both claimed we weren't moving it. There were no questions of consequence, nor any earth-shattering revelations. As an adult, I knew a young woman who asked a minister to dispose of her Ouija board after she became afraid of it. Is the Ouija board for real? If so, what should it be used for?

asked 19 Nov '09, 09:39

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This sounds very familiar to a topic that I discussed here: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/1698/are-ghosts-just-manifestations-of-our-own-thoughts

(19 Nov '09, 14:49) Vesuvius

Not at all. Your question dealt with ghosts, asking whether they are manifestations of our own thoughts. Your tags were "ghosts, telekinesis & mind-power." My question deals with a device purportedly used for "divination", which is the tag I used. There is no presumption here that the divination is from ghosts, or that it is a manifestation of either one or both participants' thoughts. The question is posed to elicit responses especially from those who have had experience with the Ouija board. To date, there has been no mention of "Ouija board" either in your question or the answers there.

(19 Nov '09, 19:59) John

I only meant that some of the manifestations experienced by the people performing the seances in my other question were very similar to manifestations experienced by Ouija practitioners.

(19 Nov '09, 21:39) Vesuvius
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The Ouija board is a physical device, like Tarot cards. It doesn't have any special power other than that which we give it.


answered 19 Nov '09, 21:41

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i absolutely agree

(09 Jan '11, 12:08) blubird two

Abraham have said in the past that the Ouija board is genuine enough in its operation. But it is viewed from non-physical as a frivolous activity and therefore attracts intelligences that are of that nature.

From what I remember of that particular session, they said that it wasn't recommended as a tool for serious non-physical channeling-type activities.


answered 19 Nov '09, 22:11

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That's an intriguing concept: intelligences that are advanced enough to exist in the non-physical realm, with the capabilitity to connect with us in the physical, can still be frivolous. There are clowns in heaven?

(19 Nov '09, 22:18) Vesuvius

Yes, it surprised me too when I first came across the concept. There are all kinds of personalities. If you think about it, our physical sides are just projections of our existing non-physical sides so it should logically follow that many of our "human" personality quirks are just extensions of our non-physical ones. Humor is a most spiritual attribute when you think about it. Abraham, Bashar etc are often very funny. Ken MacLean has a wonderful book called Dialogues which explains these non-physical frivolities in eye-opening detail. http://www.kjmaclean.com/Products/DialoguesProductPage.html

(19 Nov '09, 23:13) Stingray

I have no facts I could look up some but I am going to give you my honest opinion on this.

I believe the Ouija boards are very dangerous to fool with. Because you are tampering with the unknown in other dimensions and anything can come through and if dealth with enough you will bring some thing into this dimention and time and maybe into your own body.

Be very careful with dealing with it for it is an out of this physical world thing for than you are truely tapping into something that you don't know anything about an expecting to be heard and being heard you probably will. What will come through will not be human and there really is such things evil, as demons, devil, other beings out who may have an terriable dislike for humans.

Remember all knowledge is not good knowledge and all bearer of knowledge are not good either, for in the "Garden of Eden" were the tree of knowledge of both good and evil. Always be aware of the dangers.


answered 19 Nov '09, 10:00

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