Are people who read about manifesting really, really realizing that it is more than applying some Universal Law, pulling a crank, and then getting results?

Please be honest. Is this idea really much more complex than people think it is? What kind of results is ordinary Joe Blow getting?

Just curious...I guess I am indirectly taking a "Manifesting Poll".

Happy Thanksgiving; Have fun shopping tomorrow! (2011)


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Are people that want to do anything really complete aware of what is involved ? No. I don't that it is complex .The complexity comes from people not being able to grasp the simplicity of it. How could three simple steps work? The funny thing about Joe (and Jane )Blow is that they do it without realizing it. I don't know how many responses I have read here at IQ that confirm that fact.
and happy Thursday from the rest of us ;)


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A simple and clear answer about simplicity....Kool! Love it...Now I wish you a Happy (Black( Friday! LOL!>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(25 Nov '11, 11:42) Jaianniah

We can't fail to manifest everything all of the time - and that applies to every being in existence. If one really goes into it and gets to the root, one discovers that everything, even our physical body, is a manifestation of our spirit. In other words our body is our spirit in a seemingly solid form.

For most people the difficulty lies not in manifesting, because absolutely everything is a self-created manifestation, but in manifesting the things, people and experiences that they say they want.

To consciously create the desired manifestation or the preferred life of one's dreams, it's necessary to look into and change one's definitions and beliefs concerning how reality is.

A good starting place is to look around at the life you've created so far and realize that it was created by the definitions and beliefs you hold. Then you'll know that to change it, you have to change your definitions and beliefs. Then the Universe, which is a mirror of your vibrational state of being, has no choice other than to offer a different reflection based on your new vibrational state.

Happy thanksgiving every day :)


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True Eddie we do manifet it all. I like happy thanksgiving every day for that will manifest happiness.

(01 Dec '11, 09:20) Paulina 1

last paragraph was right on the nail.

(02 Dec '11, 13:38) Nikulas

Human beings like to have a direction to turn towards when they think all may be lost.

It's about holding onto that one shred of hope that makes you feel in control of your life.

To know that you create what shows up in your face on a daily basis.

The understanding that there is no "out there" or that the other person isn't "doing something bad" to me or someone I care for.

These are just a few reasons why I personally think the concept of manifesting is so popular. People like to know that they are in control of their own lives because it really feels good to know just that. When you go through the majority of your life with the potential "victim mindset" it just feels so right to turn your thoughts and beliefs in the opposite direction.

Are people who read about manifesting really, really realizing that it is more than applying some Universal Law, pulling a crank, and then getting results?

I think you can look at this particular question two different ways.

  1. Some people look at manifesting as a system like the lottery. They look at it in a total and complete mechanical type of process. It's almost as if manifesting is a math quiz and the logical physical mind is trying really really hard to figure out the answer. The harder the physical mind tries, the more and more resistance shows up. Finally, after not being able to figure out the puzzle the person who has only used their logical mind decides to believe that this airy fairy manifesting thing doesn't work and everyone who says it does is a new age whack job.

  2. It really is that easy but most people just think the whole concept sounds......well......too easy. That is why so many people give up or continue to create the same negative situation over and over again. They never truly and honestly believe that they manifest their everyday reality 24/7, 365 days a year. Every single second of our lives is manifested now, now, now, now, and now. It may be hard for some people to grasp this easy concept but each of those five "now's" that I posted were a manifestation. If people in general realize that it really is that simple, then their awareness in the moment will become more visible and life can slowly and consistently change for the better with a little focus and attention on thoughts and feelings.

Please be honest. Is this idea really much more complex than people think it is? What kind of results is ordinary Joe Blow getting?

Like I mentioned above, we as individuals make it as complex as we believe it to be. If we start giving ourselves credit for the everyday little bad and good happenings in our lives, then we will start to focus more and more "in the moment." Awareness of how you feel and awareness of where your focus currently resides, can go a long way in turning things around for the better.

I have my ups and and downs but I am still in the process of changing on a daily basis. I don't like to put labels on big or little manifestations. At least not where I am currently at because I used to be in a much darker place not so long ago. I enjoy feeling appreciation for even the smallest situations that occur in my life. It just feels good to feel good, and in the end that is really the only manifestation that truly matters. I know in my heart everything else will work itself out eventually.


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Excelent answer Cory I realy enjoyed it. You are spot on.

(01 Dec '11, 09:17) Paulina 1

Couldn't have said it better Cory

(01 Dec '11, 13:14) MoonWillow

Ah yes those magic words. Manifesting our own reality. True it does give a semblence of control and all alive love to control their own lives. But they forget to get out of their own way. The harder you try to manifest something the further it gets away from you, and than you decide to forget about it and bang! all of a suddan it manifests in your life as if by magic.

Personaly my best manifestations happened unconsciously. There was a period in my life that all I wanted come to me as if by magic. No matter what I wanted I would be led to it in the most unusual ways. This carried on for a period of about two years. Why? Only recently I figured out it was because of love. I was madly in love with my new husband and was permanently smilling and feeling fantastic. Of course the fact that I didn't have any problems helped a lot for my life was idling smoothly. Love attracts like nothing else I know and I have proven this to myself over the years.

How you feel is how you manifest for when one feels shity that is exactly what one manifests. Shity situations. When one feels great everything in life seems to go ones way. I say it is easy to manifest if you feel right. Follow your feelings and work on them for if you become addept at changing the way you feel for the better you will manifest better situations into your life.


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Paulina 1

Love this answer!!! +1 from>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

(01 Dec '11, 12:55) Jaianniah

If you are visualising having money or a car or a better relationship you are basically sayig that you are poor. You have a poverty consciousness. It is more useful to see the meaning that you have put on things that you bump up against in the material world.

Why is it we really have the need for a new car when a tribesmen in New Guineau really has a need for his teeth to be filed into points. Why is it that we don't feel we have abundance in our lives already. Why is it that nice feelings and not painful ones.

So in short I think that manifesting is popular because we live in a changing world and people are scared and would rather believe they are in control than face that fear.


answered 30 Nov '11, 19:01

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Alan Crabbe

You said it Allen and it's true.

(01 Dec '11, 09:22) Paulina 1
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