I read somewhere on hear that when you are in the vortex, people want to be around you. Then I read Stingray's answer, and he said that Indeed, as Abraham have said numerous times, an in-the-Vortex person is just going to be annoying to an out-of-the-Vortex person...."you'll just want to punch their lights out" :)

I found the later to be true. But maybe that's just my beliefs about it.

So, which is it, do we repel or attract people when we are in the vortex?

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Fairy Princess

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also they attract and repel them self. none of that is your doing. experience and enjoy.

(29 Dec '11, 16:39) white tiger

Hi Fairy Princess, In the vortex we attract people that will be beneficial to us or that are also in the vortex. Others that are just arround and not in the vortex will be repelled by us.


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Paulina 1

I think we attract people when we are in the Vortex (have seen plenty of evidence of this in my life), but mainly it's our main emotional set-point that determines it. And that also determines the type of people we attract. I mean if you usually spend time in anger or fear, but dip into the Vortex once in a while, you might temporarily attract people on a higher emotional level while you are in the Vortex, but they won't stick around in your life for long unless you stay high on that scale. People usually attract people with similar vibrations to them. Birds of a feather and all that.

Personally, I've often experienced discord with people in my life when we are at vastly different vibrational setpoints, especially my close friends. Although we are usually similar, sometimes one of us will be in the Vortex while the other is painfully out of it, and as blubird two said, "the more we are in disharmony the more difficult we find it to perceive harmony and are annoyed by it." I've been on both sides of the story - the irritatingly Vortex one, and the sulky non-Vortex one.

Something I find challenging is that sometimes when you're in the Vortex and you're wanting to cheer up a person who isn't in the Vortex, and they aren't ready to be cheered up yet (and that's ok, it happens). If you keep on offering unsolicited advice and trying to pull the person up, they will get irritated at you! And I know this, because I've been the one who didn't want to get cheered up as well. Sometimes when you're so wrapped up in an emotion like depression, you begin to identify with it, and having someone brutally trying to force you out of it can feel like an attack, although well-meant. I think that when you're in the Vortex and your friend is depressed or angry and isn't ready to feel better yet (because when they are ready, they will usually ask you for help, verbally or non-verbally), the best thing to do is show compassion without judgement, accept them as they are and respect the fact that they might not be ready to feel better yet.

(I went off on a different tangent there, but it's kind of related to the topic and it's something I've been mulling over for a while)


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These are all really good answers... I just want to add something.

There isn't any one specific answer to this. It isn't a "you attract people or you don't". It will depend on your beliefs and the beliefs of others. You will attract and repel people while in the vortex just like if you are out of the vortex. Negativity will cause more negative people and reactions towards while positivity will attract more positive people and reactions.

The vortex will bring you more people you enjoy and bring you more attention, but the contrast will still be there... and when I'm in the vortex these people do not phase me at all and I usually hardly notice them.

Still it depends on what you expect... and everyone believes in contrast as far as I can see so it depends on how much of that you believe that determines how much you will run into. The less you think about it, the less you will see the people who don't agree with you or are annoyed by you.


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Hello Fairy Princess; being in the vortex is a dynamic harmonious state and as such is pleasant ... we are attracted to people with whom we are in harmony and especially those that are in a deeper and therefore more complex harmony. Depth of harmony can be compared to music ... an orchestra has greater depth than a quartet.

When not in the vortex we are in a less harmonic state and the more we are in disharmony the more difficult we find it to perceive harmony and are annoyed by it.

happy hunting :)


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blubird two

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well fairy princess. when you are who you are and when you are that you are. many people in this world are still stuck in duality they will judge you be afraid of you; and some other time when they are trap or hopeless they will come to you for help. is it not strange that people believe they are better then other people yet when in need or hopeless situation they come to the one they judge for help. they have not come to know the living one in their presence. but When the crop ripened, the living one came quickly carrying a sickle and harvested it. experience and enjoy.


answered 29 Dec '11, 15:11

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white tiger

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