I believe that the collective consciousness on this earth would be much more advanced if everyone was exposed to the truth. However this would not benefit religious and political leaders because they would no longer be able to control the masses that they lead. Also the interest of some big businesses maybe compromised as people become less materialistic and more focused on spiritual advancement.

asked 24 Mar '10, 21:29

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the truth will set you free. experience and enjoy.

(24 Oct '11, 03:32) white tiger

I've been interested in this for many years and I think probably there is a conspiracy of some kind - but I also think that it doesn't matter one bit.

No group of conspirators can override the Law of Attraction no matter how hard they try.

It's only when people refuse to think for themselves that they become open to being influenced by others towards their own ends...but people can take their power back in an instant any time they want, so nothing to worry about. :)

I previously posted an answer about this so won't repeat myself here.


answered 24 Mar '10, 21:49

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There is yes but the paradox is that our "leaders" are not aware of it.

To be a politician is to declare: "I know best. I know how to fix things. I want to make the world a better place. I've a wish to serve."

However once the whiff of power wafts up their nostrils, all good intentions (in most politicians) flies completely out the window.

Instead of serving, it becomes a fight to cling to power.

And if you're fighting for something, it suggests that there's not enough to go around.

And if there isn't enough to go around, then power must be curtailed to those to have it.

Political leaders could NEVER uphold the theory that WE are all God. Their first thought would be: "But there would be anarchy! If the masses were to discover the real truth about themselves, why our power would be nothing. They'd have no need to listen to us. We'd be powerless."

Most politicians although religious probably aren't spiritual but whether they are or they're not, they still follow a primitive train of thought that has gripped this world.

Namely that "God is on high or lives in the sky and is to be feared/worshipped/adored."

If we "don't do what God wants he will punish us". Therefore "must behave and do God's will so that he can favour us."

Thank God that MY God isn't like that - I'd be a nervous wreck forever trying to get things right but it's taken me a liftime to figure this out. Lots of ups and downs.

If I were a political leader and said: "But people you don't need to worship a God. Simply love yourselves and each other. Know that YOU are God." Heaven knows what would happen. I'd probably be committed to the mad-house.

It will take time for us to embrace this revolutionary thinking which, once it's understood, will be very simple indeed.

The paradox of course is that it will be SO simple that some will simply say it's too difficult and won't accept it.

But that will be OK. We have an eternity of time to evolve at our own pace.


answered 25 Mar '10, 00:55

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well jocelyn why would they put you in a mad house? because they judge you. is it not all writen in the bible? to not judge other to love other as your self and that we are all God's all children of the all mighty God. so if they put you in a mad house for telling the truth should they not be put in a mad house them self?

(24 Oct '11, 03:46) white tiger

Among people who discuss spiritual principles, there seems to exist these stereotypes that modern society is materialistic, controlled by a few large corporations and government institutions. The cutting edge of this wave of thought are those people that believe that our government is conspiring to control us all through a shadow presence, and that the government activity that we see on the news is but a facade to hide the real truth.

I think the reality is much simpler than that. Government and big business are, at their heart, composed of people just like you and me, with the same human flaws as you and I. Granted, it is naive to believe that they all have our best interests at heart, but the pushing and pulling of different interests and political factions has been the reality for many generations. What is remarkable is that, in spite of the conflict, we've managed to come through some very horrific periods in history, and a society has emerged from the ashes that (by most people's reckoning) is relatively safe, secure and prosperous.

Without getting too political, let me offer an example. In Southern California, the air quality was a real problem when I was growing up. It seemed like every other day their was an air quality alert. At the time, it seemed like an impossible problem to solve. But today, with far more people in the area to contribute pollution, the air quality is actually much better. The reasons for this include better technology, increasing awareness of environmental factors, and cooperation between governments and industry.

Here's the bottom line. Freedom is earned one person at a time, through spiritual awakening. The only way your freedom can truly be taken away is if they take away your freedom of thought, and you're not likely to allow that to happen, are you?


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edited 25 Mar '10, 16:23

Of course, the incompetence we see in our government leaders might just be a clever way to mask their hidden genius, but I doubt it.

(24 Mar '10, 22:18) Vesuvius

I do understand your views but we do not live in isolation. We are affected by what others do so is it not in our best interest to ensure that more people become enlightened. I am not asking that others confirm to my views or beliefs but I would like to live in a more peaceful world where people are in harmony with each other. I have been accused of being too idealistic but should we not aspire for the ideal?

(25 Mar '10, 16:16) Drham

no conspiracy,

we have more evolution to undertake;

one is free to find out and think for himself, to ask questions and research answers.

do all like change; how much of growing up was your choice, and has anything been learnt.

until the awareness of likeness instead of separateness rules a bureaucracy is immanent and less adaptive to change than you or I.


answered 26 Mar '10, 00:51

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Yes, I do believe there are evil people who know damn well what they are doing. Rothschild family for example. We don't need to worry about them though because you can choose to be a subject of God instead, and we all know which is the more powerful! Practical measures would be; no vaccinations, no microchips under your skin, avoid mercury an other such chemicals, campain against the fluoride in your drinking water, keep your body in good order so that the chemicals from your food can be detoxed easily. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guXirzknYYE


answered 24 Oct '11, 01:50

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