It happens in public transport where I have to sit still for long. We are seated in two rows facing each other. I generally try to fix my gaze on some point. If I look at the space(to look outside the glass) above a person's head I find it disturbs them. I don't stare at others as it seems to disconcert them. But I find some people staring at me from different places. If I face them, they will look away. Of late, I found some guys seated about 10 m away gazing sneakily but steadily. It is eerie. Any guidelines would be appreciated.

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Pink Diamond

Unusual question, Sud. :)

People can stare at you for all kinds of reasons. I am of Middle Eastern appearance so whenever there has been a terrorist attack by Islamic extremists somewhere in the world, people stare at me a lot more in public. They probably think I'm entering bomb detonation codes into my mobile phone when I'm actually just playing Tetris :) Still, at those times, you are always guaranteed an empty seat on public transport as the people scatter to other carriages and compartments. Blissful peace :)

But, seriously, why does it matter to you that people stare at you?

Let them stare!

You have just as much a right to be here in this world and express yourself in your own unique way as anyone else alive. So if there is something about you that makes them want to stare at you, then so what?

There is undoubtedly an element of the Law of Attraction at work here also. You probably noticed one time somebody staring at you, and you gave enough attention to that thought that it started to attract to itself to the point of receiving physical vibrational matches regarding it.

In other words, the more you think people are staring at you, the more the universe puts you in situations with other people who like to stare at you (for whatever reason).

If you just relax and enjoy the fact that people are staring, preferably accompanied by a I don't care what they do feeling, you'll probably soften that attitude a bit and you'll notice it happening less often, or not at all.


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I have seen your picture on your website. You don't look middle-eastern to me, unless that is someone else's picture. :)

(26 Mar '10, 15:02) Vesuvius

Okay, Vesuvius - I've checked and it's not April 1st yet...which website were you looking at?

(26 Mar '10, 15:17) Stingray

I think he does look quite middle-eastern in some episodes: :-P

(27 Mar '10, 15:07) herzmeister

Indeed Herzmeister, that is the real Stingray from which I got my name...but not my face :) ...though, strangely enough, he does actually bear quite a resemblance to me (looks-wise and dress-wise) in that picture...however I have just bought myself some Matrix -style dark sunglasses today so I may have to change my avatar picture now to match them :)

(27 Mar '10, 20:45) Stingray
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I agree with Stingray's answer above when he says that it is the Law of Attration at work.

The fact that you start to notice and give attention to the fact that people are staring at you brings more of that in your reality and you notice it more and more.

I used to pay more attention to how people around me perceived me and I used to notice people staring at me a lot then. Now, I care a lot less about what people think of me and my behaviour and I also care a lot less about what others do. So, I hardly ever notice any such behaviour as my attention is somewhere else.

Who knows, they might be staring at me, but as long as I am not focusing on that, it does not affect me and my reality.

So, I would suggest to try and take your focus off others and focus more on yourself. What I tend to do sometimes is just think about something really nice that happened to me lately and that takes my focus off anything else.


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Pink Diamond

I agree with what Stingray said - that you are probably utilizing the Law of Attraction in this situation. Maybe there is something they like about your appearance.

I think just looking at someone is a fairly natural thing to do and you seem to be conscious of the fact that you do not want your gaze to rest on anyone, and if this is the message you are emitting to the Universe then the Universe in response will give you people to stare at you - being a totally neutral Universe it does not distinguish positive from negative.


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Rani has just said the same thing and I would take her advice about switching your focus.

(26 Mar '10, 12:25) Michaela

I believe the answer has to be within the unified field theory, that being said there are many vibration frequencies and each person has one there is a general proclivity toward harmony. With this harmony this means that I'll use music as an example we'll say one person is vibrating at a frequency of say A now there is another vibrating at a frequency of E and another at C#, these would all be comfortable hanging around together since together they form the A cord. Unless they were aware of this fact they would like each other but not know why.

I believe it is that feeling of harmony or even more than that feeling but that actual harmony of frequency that draws people together.


answered 27 Mar '10, 18:24

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Wade Casaldi

stare back at them and they will be embarrassed...


answered 07 Jun '11, 09:40

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people who stare at other people are sad. i am a married man and haven't done nothing wrong to no one. i remember one time i was shopping with my wife this man was staring at me. He slipped and fell. he hurt himself good. i looked at him and walked away. In my mind i said thats Karma for staring at me.


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Barry Allen ♦♦

Hi sam... you're more than welcome to offer your opinion, but you don't need to use offensive or abusive language. That's not what this site is about.

(14 Jun '11, 02:18) Michaela

Well, my initial thought is what you said, but I chickened out to let you say it. I feel others like you say it better. :)

(14 Jun '11, 04:34) you

I've removed the offensive language from your posting. Please do not use such language on Inward Quest. Thanks.

(14 Jun '11, 10:56) Barry Allen ♦♦
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