NOTE: The original question was "How can we manifest something small specifically if the launching of desires is automatic and by not feeling happy all the time?" but I felt it didn't quite express what I wanted to say, so I've edited the question but left the description of the previous question here. Go to the EDIT: section to see the description to this current question.

Based on some of the reality creation ideas found here, Step 1 in manifesting is when the desires are launched. Therefore, the idea is that if you see a red sport car when window shopping and think to yourself it would be nice to have it randomly, the desire is already launched and you do not have to specifically say or think that you really want that red sport car.

Now, maybe you feel like manifesting something small and simpler instead - for instance you would like to manifest a pencil in front of you right now. But if the launching of desires is supposed to be automatic, wouldn't there be a chance that you actually do not really desire that pencil right in front of you even though you said it.. for the item is too small and insignificant compared to the red sport car?

Secondly, for the big red car to manifest, all you need to do is to actually get into the Vortex and feel happy most of the time. But for manifesting the small pencil, even though getting into the Vortex and feeling happy would help, but there should be a simpler and more focused way to manifest the pencil quicker than feeling happy?

I have been trying to edit this question for a while and somehow still can't seem to put what I want to say into words, this is the best I could and hope that all of you would understand what I am trying to say.


1- If I want to manifest something specific and the desiring steps are supposed to be done automatically, is there a chance that I may not be actually launching any desire at all if I am trying to get something small specifically (instead of the desire happening automatically)?

2- Getting into the vortex/Feeling happy all the time does not seem very effective in trying to manifest a small pencil specifically. Is there supposed to be another way for doing such things?


I've finally thought of another way to ask this question in a clearer manner - If getting all your desires in life is just about getting into the Vortex/feeling happy, then how can one try to reverse-engineer manifesting something specific and small?

For instance, if you want to manifest something small like a pencil or movie ticket, you try to feel happy, but the small thing does not manifest, how do you actually go about fixing this? Or are there more specific steps to manifesting something small rather than just feeling happy?

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If the thing you desire is so small/trivial, why do you need to get into the vortex? People of all moods - happy, sad or angry can go and get themselves a pencil from somewhere if they need it, unless you are expecting it to fall out of the sky. But is anyone on this site suggesting this can happen?

(05 Oct '14, 19:11) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty - that's what I am asking. Based on the ideas on this site, feeling happy all the time is the key to manifesting all your desires. But it does not seem as efficient if I want to say manifest something specifically instead. I use something small like a pencil because its supposed to be easier as compared to trying to manifest a job or car, etc.. see this for more information:

(05 Oct '14, 22:21) kakaboo

Maybe you could put yourself in certain situations where you can't just literally go and get a pencil ? Like maybe you are in a shopping mall and don't have any money with you to purchase a pencil, then what exactly is it that you would have to do to get that pencil

(05 Oct '14, 22:23) kakaboo
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Answer to question 1: All desires are equal in pure vibrational terms and in pure vibration you manifest INSTANTANEOUSLY but if your vibration is other than pure (: 100% allowing, non-resistant desire :) then you will experience the vibrational variance as a fluctuation in ease of manifesting.

I also get the feeling that you are equating energy with intensity of emotion i.e. like it's far away or it's big and I must pulllllllll it toward me with intense magnetic desire, and I can understand that you might feel that way due to the illusion of physicality. Actually, the desire is already real and in existence even before you focused on it (: because Ultimate Reality or your Eternal Self is pure consciousness with Infinite Potential containing every conceivable experience save absolute loss of consciousness :) and the only thing delaying the manifestation is the vibrational proximity to it. So what's required for this proximity is a persistent DELICATE AND ALLOWING focus on what is desired whether in terms of the object specifically or anything pleasant in general. The focus required to manifest the car and pencil are the same if your beliefs surrounding the two are the same.

Further, intensity of emotion or desire can be counter productive at times because you might find that your overall alignment is not a match to the intensity, so you might feel uncomfortable and cause delays which can be a nasty loop at times.

Answer to Question 2: Staying focused on feeling good or well-being (: or in the positive zone in general :) is the easiest, most comfortable, effective and efficient path to receiving all our desires. The bottom line actually is the feeling of well-being not the pencil, car, money etc.

You can also add some impetus to your desire by focusing on experiencing your having of the pencil e.g. perhaps imagine writing with the pencil or whatever. Then just go about feeling good as usual. That's about all you can do. Focusing on well-being and feeling good is MANDATORY because when you're in good vibration, your in the zone of all things positive which INCLUDES all of your current desires and also the new ones that pleasantly provocative contrast (: if you're in the bad vibe zone you get negative contrast :) will generate. FEELING GOOD IS ALL IMPORTANT and is the cornerstone of all effectiveness whether for a pencil or a car.

Am I being clear?


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This might help: even if we do everything correctly to manifest a desire, we cannot receive our desire as long as we are in desiring mode. You will naturally desire the thing for as long as it takes, and eventually you drop the pressure or "push" of the desire which puts you in receiving mode. Then you are open to receive it. Nothing can come in when we are sending out. Have to drop the "I want this thing" after you've sent out because the continual the desire because the Universe hears that as "I want this thing but I don't have it" and all it can do is follow your instructions. Therefore, it responds with making sure you continue to want it and not have it! It's doesn't hear your thoughts, only how you feel about not having it. Have to send out the desire and either let it go, get into neutral about it.


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@kakaboo: Sherry's right. Stop it with the techniques, reverse engineering, detailed specs et al. Basically, when you launch a desire it's answered because the state desired always existed and when you desire you focus on it. Now the key is to either stay focused on HAVING it in a relaxed and pleasant way (: if it's a chore or a performance pressure thing that's resistant:), or to just stay as positive as you can in a GENERAL sense because feeling good is the common denominator of all "success".

(06 Oct '14, 15:08) harsha

@kakaboo: About getting to "neutral" (: there is no such thing :), what it means is getting to positive state where the manifesting would be great but you're comfortable or okay (: still positive, not neutral :) with it not manifesting. If you find this hard, then just switch to some other topic - having multiple interests is a great idea here especially when you enjoy the process as with some "hobbies".

(06 Oct '14, 15:10) harsha

@harsha I know where you all are coming from, but I am asking about something different. What some experienced people have said on this site is that if it's a law that always works, then you can always try and "open up" the box to see what's wrong and fix it when it doesn't. I'm just asking how exactly is one supposed to do that , i.e. "open up" the box to see what's wrong and fix it if it's all just about like what you all have said - feeling comfortable, happy, positive, etc

(06 Oct '14, 22:23) kakaboo
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For instance, if you want to manifest something small like a pencil or movie ticket, you try to feel happy, but the small thing does not manifest, how do you actually go about fixing this?

Your question is difficult to answer because it's based on an assumption that isn't accurate.

Yes, we play the game of thinking there really are "Small Things" and "Big Things" for convenience of terminology (even in the tongue-to-top-of-mouth process you referred to in the comments to your question) but it's only you deciding what is "Big" and what is "Small".

There are things you have lots of resistance about (a Big thing) and things you have little resistance about (a Small thing)...and "Big" and "Small" have nothing to do with size.

alt text

To a billionaire, manifesting a new sports car (or even a fleet of them) would feel like a "Small" thing...just order a personal assistant to pop out to a car showroom and bring some cars back. To someone living in poverty, it's probably a "Big" thing...they may have to physically work many years at some job they dislike in order to get the funds.

Things that feel "Small" to you will always manifest quickly because there's little resistance so your question about trying to make it happen becomes a bit irrelevant because if it genuinely feels "Small" to you, it will come easily/effortlessly anyway.

If it doesn't come easily (like manifesting a pencil by just picking it up with your pre-manifested hand), it is - by definition - not a "Small" thing for you.

Look at Abraham's description of how "small" things manifest quickly.


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Hi @Stingray, I get where you are coming from. But putting aside, and just using a car as a "big" thing and a pencil as a "small" thing (as an example) to that particular individual, let's say if the "small" thing does not manifest for that person. What can he try to do in that situation? Because I remembered you have mentioned before that when things don't go right for you, you can "open up the box and check what is wrong and then fix it".

(07 Oct '14, 08:14) kakaboo

What I am trying to understand is how exactly does one "open up the box and check what is wrong and then fix it", if it's just all about feeling good?

(07 Oct '14, 08:14) kakaboo

@kakaboo - The "open up the box" comment must be referring to my comments in How do you remove all doubt, so that manifestation can occur? about my manifesting spreadsheet. That spreadsheet evolved (and continues to evolve) by understandings gained from within the Vortex. In other words, I get Vortex-aligned using the sheet and then that alignment itself inspires the next improvement. The same exact idea applies to any sincere..

(07 Oct '14, 14:03) Stingray

@kakaboo - ...investigation of these manifesting principles. One must get Vortex-aligned first and then the insights and inspirations on how to customize your own "opening of the box" come to you. You can't really think your way there from outside the Vortex because it's not a mental process but an intuitive heart-based one. From that intuitive state, you can bring back ideas and methods that you can translate into words that..

(07 Oct '14, 14:06) Stingray

@kakaboo - ...may or may not be useful to others also but it wasn't an analytical, scientific-style process to get there in the first place. What I'm saying is that in order to open the box, you have to enter a state where there is no box :)

(07 Oct '14, 14:09) Stingray

I would also add something, if you are not able to deliberately manifest 'small' things on demand, pencils, parking spaces etc then I would guess that you have built up some resistance regarding manifestations: "this is a load of garbage", "I bet I don't manifest this pencil". Those sort of resistant thoughts can prevent you manifesting what you desire. As an experiment, ask a friend to suggest a small (less than $10) random item, chat about that item together for a minute then let it go....

(07 Oct '14, 14:53) Yes

.... and then talk about anything else you can off that subject for a while afterwards, go for a coffee, a walk, whatever. This will work pretty fast because you focused, let it go and then kept yourself busy with your friend not thinking about that item. If you do it alone you can launch the intention then cloud it with the resistant thoughts that you've practiced. If you try this with a friend (to distract you so that you truly let it go) you will be manifesting pencils in no time at all.

(07 Oct '14, 15:00) Yes

Once you've done it a few times you will build confidence and get a little rush of excitement (energy flowing) because you will clearly see that you are a deliberate creator, then you can go for the 'big' stuff.

(07 Oct '14, 15:03) Yes
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