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Self-explanatory...I will answer my own question after you folks have posted your answers...Please, have fun!

Love, Jai

asked 10 Jan '10, 22:45

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Do you mean within our own lives, or within history as a whole?

(10 Jan '10, 23:00) LeeAnn 1

If I could turn back time....I'd do nothing differently. Cheap answer but unfortunantly true xx

(16 Dec '12, 06:49) Nikulas

@All- Great answers....and I am saying it almost eighteen months later...I Thought I would open up This question ...your chance for a Necromancer Badge!!! Thanks! Jai

(10 May '13, 15:04) Jaianniah
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I am shocked no one would want to turn back the clock, wow to go back in time and learn in the Egyptian temples to go to the Library of Alexandra still in existence, To see the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and the Colossus of Rhodes! To learn from Jesus first hand in person, to go back and see Jimi Hendrix perform live on stage maybe even jam with him with my guitar, because I know he was that kind of guy that he did let players jam with him. To see Roy Buchanan live in person and maybe jam with him too, to go back and meet and learn from Master Gichen Funakoshi in person! I may see if there was ever an Atlantis, to go back and meet Nicola Tesla and talk about his inventions and learn from him about free energy, The list could go on and on this would be the greatest I am shocked no one would want to go back in time so far. Wow the possibilities are infinite since I could go back billions of years, I get excited thinking of the possibilities.


answered 11 Jan '10, 05:57

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Wade Casaldi

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You do not need to go back in Time for those experiences, you can learn from anybody you want on your next JOURNEY HOME. Love and Light

(11 Jan '10, 20:39) Roy

I love that you saw this in such a positive way.

(19 Feb '11, 17:49) all2gethernow

Thank you yes I am more like "The glass is only half full" guy. I like seeing opportunities and adventure.

(20 Feb '11, 02:22) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Casaldi - Wonderful answer, I am so with you on this. What fun this would be! :)

(15 Dec '12, 23:00) Grace
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I would somehow disable Hitler from coming into power if you are talking about the big view and save millions of lives.

I would see that the north and south achieved an agreement to end slavery and appease both sides as to prevent the American Civil War and all its 600,000-some lost lives. And that's just the beginning! It's fun to imagine having that power. Better yet, I would have prevented slaves from being imported here to start with!

If the question pertains to our own lives only, I would have majored in criminal justice rather than "beer and dating" in college, and thus would have gotten my degree much sooner and saved a lot of heartache and wasted years! But as it was mentioned, most things we regret are actually learning experiences. Still, this is nice to imagine!


answered 11 Jan '10, 14:19

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LeeAnn 1

Boy, LeeAnn remember your thoughts are still going out their to save many lives that is so great and through your thoughts of peace and love now it is possiable that it is saving a few lives not or maybe many for your thoughts are waves of energy pick up and travels all over so maybe your thoughts of peace for mankind will stop a fight, a war, a killing, a torture, a battle human in failing marriage, discrimination somewhere still might be stop, there are so many things just you wanting to be able to do these things for peace and love for the whole human race can really help.

(13 Jan '10, 08:28) flowingwater

There was a time I would probably have loved to turn back time if I could, now I'm not so sure. What I am learning in my 40's, through my own self choice, I wouldn't swap for anything and it is with this growing wisdom that I realise that everything I experienced in the past had to happen for me to get to the person I am becoming today. When we choose a spiritual and self growth journey a lot of things that once seemed important now become inconsequential and what was once a painful past experience now becomes a springboard for an enhanced way of living. Even 10 years ago I probably wouldn't have been ready for this so the more I walk this path , the more I realize that everything is playing out as it should and although there is still a little fear there I am getting excited to be on this journey. So I guess my answer to your question is if I could turn back time I don't think I would.


answered 10 Jan '10, 23:38

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I would like to change places with Osorio the young Goddess From the story the “Scared Chalice” page 13 in the book called The looking Glass What Do You See ? by JD Bundun. Osorio was on a spiritual journey to find the secret to life.

I would of like to change places with Mary also, the mother of Jesus to have the spiritual experience of giving birth to the son of God, or Sarah from the bible, to have the spiritual experience of the miracle of carrying a child in her old age.

There is so much to learn from our past history that is where I would go if I could turn back the hands of time, I would go back into time into the past to see, and learn from our ancestors.


answered 11 Jan '10, 18:22

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Inactive User ♦♦

if am to go back into time, i will simply go back to the day i was born. it was the only day every one held me with much care.


answered 16 Feb '11, 17:41

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I feel for you...Love Jai

(16 Feb '11, 17:44) Jaianniah

I, like Wade, would be all over the time spectrum- BUT!

There was a moment in my past that, if I could change what I did, I would do so.

I was a joyful memeber of my High School Choir, but somehow got it in my head that I was going to go on to pre-med in college. So I dropped out of choir my senior year and took College Chemistry and College Biology- dropping chorus allowed me to take both.

Boy, was I nuts. I missed out on being in Madrigals; I hated Chemistry and actually blew up our ChemLab with Bromine one memorable day...

You think I would have gotten the message when I went off to college and before anything, joined choir...But NO!!! I still was "going to be a doctor" and paid little heed to that voice in my head that said, "But you love, love, love music!"...Yes, I would go back and change that one decision- I think my whole life would have been different if I hadn't made such a dumb mistake...However, all's well that ends well...I get my degree in IDS this fall, and am going on for my Master's.Yeah, I have learned a lot, but you can NEVER re-live High School...unless you are Peggy Sue, that is...

Blessings, Jai


answered 11 Jan '10, 13:04

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Well, I relate everything to computers, science, and technology, so my response will be very sci-fi in nature. (If the pope is still floating around I am sure he will love this one)

If I could go back in time I would create an AI which I would place at the originating moment of time and reality, charged with the purpose of making sure nobody else who could go back in time would be able to go back and muck things up, collapse reality, etc.

My life I would try to resist the urge to change because it is what shaped me, molded me into who and what I am now and who I will be as time goes on.

I wouldn't stop any catastrophes or genocides, except those I would naturally encounter and be able to influence in my own timeline, but I might give that AI the ability to pull people out of their life at the last moment before death and place them somewhere better (or worse) if they were deserving.

And I'd give myself the ability to jump through time to experience and see all of the wonders of the world (even those unsung) similar to Wade's answer. And I'd give this same ability to anyone who was worthy, but who is to decide what is worthy or not.

I'd also probably spend some time creating a few galaxies heavily populated with dense clusters of planets capable of being terraformed, and then live out my (neverending) days living on some Utopian planet with my angels (don't ask) and pass the time exploring all of the wonders creation has to offer, and creating more wonders for others to find and experience along the way. Probably having my AI buddy indexing all of the experiences and wonders, creating a museum where those who wanted to observe but not experience could go to relive the beauty and wonders of creation.


answered 10 May '13, 22:18

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@Snow- I love this answer!!!! Good for you...and go have some fun with those angels....:) Jai

(10 May '13, 22:23) Jaianniah

i would go back and tell my brother i loved him and flat with him and not tell him who i was and live with him and get to know him and drinks with him and stuff like that u guys are thinking things that would alter time like killing hitler thats stupid if you kill hitler that would alter earth and technology we may not be alive the internet would not have been created if the civil war had been prevented america would be over populated by now and no slaves in america would mean probly a good thing actually you wouldnt have such a large crime rate no offence


answered 29 Jul '10, 08:14

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eli 10

I wouldn't change a thing! It had been, still is, an amazing ride, battlescars and precious tears included. It is what makes me who I am.

thank you, namaste


answered 16 Feb '11, 20:33

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yea, I agree.

(16 Dec '12, 06:28) clearheart

Yes, it would be fun to see ancient times ...maybe an ancient times tour where we go from one age to another simply to view first hand who those people were in their daily life-or dinosaurs:)


answered 16 Dec '12, 06:35

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we cannot go back in time, though if clairvoyant the past could be viewed
your question leaves us with thoughts of what could have been done,
and possibly, make us better prepared for future choices

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answered 17 Feb '11, 00:01

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